Make mine with ketchup and mustard plz

Mmmmmm, hot Dachshund puppies heah! Get your hot puppies heah!

Deleecious [reaching for sauerkraut]

Grass gets me every time…

People, images of pups in grass get me every time. I swears.

Please check out thees ‘Papillon’ pup Willow…


Bon, Caren B. BON!

Real_papillonP.S. REAL Papillon "Guiseppe" sez: "Wot am I? Chopped lee-vares?" (As sent in by Lindze ;)

Special on aisle 7: sleeping puppies in tubs

[heard over microphone] "sleeping pups on aisle seven, next to the bath caulk and bull nose tiles. Get ‘em while they last, limited time only, one per customer"


Load up the cart, Jessica F.! (‘Ivana" pup is dreaming about the ‘I shall leeck you‘ category of this site.)

And now, a pit bull snarfling baby chicks

You know? Why the heck not. Can’t a pit bull lick some chicks if he/she wants to?

I know it’s bad for the pit bull image, but…

Tastes like chick-kons, Amy C….

// UPDATE — and thanks for filming this, TexasGirly1979! //

Smallest of puppitudes

Four miniscule eenches tall, People. Check him out. He’s leading the pack of smallest pups in the Guinness Book…

Tineh Bebeh


Tineh Bebeh!Video of the Bebeh

Way to send this one in, everyone…

I got a date with Richard Branson

Let’s get this thing going. Branson and I are taking this basket around the world. Allll I need to do is attach the enormous Macy’s Day Parade bone-shaped balloon and we’re Audi 5000.

MUSH! [paw up]


Oh dear, the sender-inner’s name is nowhere to be found at the moment, but I shall update post-haste!

Mr. Wrinkles McSmooshersons, Esquire the Third

Ladies, there is not enough Botox in the WORLD to solve mah problems. The name is McSmooshersons. Wrinkles..McSmooshersons.

Try not to soft-kronche my nose roll.


Sway W….You rocketh.


These ‘tocks are over the top.They must be stopped.


Erin M., you know what you have to do.

Burrrrito* pup sez:



* Don’t forget to roll your rrrr’s, Laura E.!

She’s a MANIAC



Right here on the floorrrrr!

Flash pup!

Sherry… I think your "FlashPup" is gonna make it into the ballet…


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