No Scribbles, No!

The_more_youll_coCompletely innocent and alert ready Shalini was walking the beach with her pup Lucy, minding their own business, when Lucy was suddenly "mercilessly attacked by a ravenous, bloodthirsty, vampire puppeh that MAY HAVE BEEN "Scribbles"

[Head shaking in shaming motion]

Thankfully, they were able to get away from this menace to pup-ciety, unharmed, and "with "tocks intact."

Thank God, Shalini.


Let this be a lesson to all ya’ll.

When “Scribbles” attacks!

…It’s not pretty.

Check out his "crazy eyes" while he’s going in for the KILL.


NO, Scribbles! NO!


LOL, Briana S. Serious—L to the O to the L.

“Ruppy Pabbit”

[Pup pops up]



"Blaze" the (bebeh French bulldog) "Ruppy Pabbit" sent in by Martha W.

Arrrrrrrraaagggghhhhhhhlll [Chewbacca sound]

RAAAALLLGR! [Looks skyward]



Julia H.—you should be frozen in carbonite for sending that in.

The More You Know: Sitting on Others


When you sit on a kitteh, however absentmindedly, make sure he can still breathe.

Because, kittehs need air too. [head tilt]

The More You Know. [nodding action with music in the background]


Sure, this photo looks like it was taken in Bangkok 17 years ago, Justin D., but the message is STILL just as valuable today.

Michelle B., great work on the TMYK logo.

Hurry UP Dude

Pup: Dude, I got my eating scarf on and everything. HURRY IT UP with those Snausages [That’s Snausages In a Blanket -Ed.] Do you think I have all night?


Molly W., I never thought you’d like like your dog either. [Shaking head] Don’t make me file this under “Matchingks.”

Folds of fur betwixt your fingers

You can almost FEEEEL the fur! Reach! Reach toward the screen!!!



He looks clean, too. Nice pawsitude, Duncan the pup, and sender-inner Megan M.

Pouting on Caturday

ANOTHER non-cat pouting about "Caturday". I know, I know, it’s tough.But cats NEED one day a week to call their own. Bokay? How about wegive you "Corgtember"? Would that make you feel better?

Hot Dog
, originally uploaded by Octal Khan.

Great submishe, sender-inner Lori W.! ;)

(Sausage shaped) Bed warmer!

Look at this lil’ sausage-shaped Bed warmer. On the clean linens, even.




The redonkulousness continues…

"Lil’ Chuck Norris" the pup (of COURSE that’s his name!) loves to ride bikes, apparently.


L.C.N. is also "super buff" according to the sender-inner Andrea M. Um, Okaaaaaaay [shifty eyes]

Mini-enhance! EHN!


Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice the hilarious look on your face, Mr. Sneaky Bonsai tattoo bicycle dude!


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