NOT listening to me when I tell you to turn left. Is it SO HARD?

You think I’m LYING TO YOU when I tell you how to get to the Kibbleporium!? [eye roll]


Alison G., I think you should listen to Sherman. FOR ONCE

Wookin’ pa nub

Looking for love, this little Dewd has brought you an offering…

Please accept this leaf!


Alex C., I usually don’t accept leafs from strangers, but I’ll do it just this once…

Meanwhile, over on eHarmony…

Name: Mr. McSnuffles
Rap: Listen, Bebeh, [Barry White playing in background] I’m on the lookout for someone juuuuust like you. Someone to eat mah kibbles next to—and I know that kibble-eater is you, Bebeh.



OMG, this is such an online dating profile pic too, Russell A.!

If this puppy was on, this would be his photo

His online dating blurb would totally be; "Ladies, if you’re into water sports, running on the beach, and chewing, give moi a… call [points paw in your direcshe.]


Come on, and I WRONG, Marjorie N.? (The answer is no, BTW)

Then suddenly…

Says Sender-Inner Claire G.; "A woman stopped to visit for a minute with her two 10 week old puppies. They ran around and around and around and then suddenly this happened."


[Shaking head] It happens sometimes, Claire, even under the best of circumstances.

Der tuh der der der

Not a lot goin’ on tuhday. [Yawn] Just haaaangin’ out.


Michelle S., you’re right—placing this vid on endless loop would be a good call.

RCF is starting early today

This is difficult for me to accept… and it kills me to say this… but somebody out there… [gritting teeth] [rrrrgh!] [sigh] …is weirder than me.

I spotted this on YouTube "Director Videos".  Apparently PhotoAnimationGuy has a couple more of these, too, if you want to check them out.

Happy Reality-Casual Friday, peeps!  — T.

Leesten here my friennn…

Please—no "The Good, the Bad and The Adorable" jokes.

I have heard eet before. [lights crusty cigarillo and looks away]


[familiar whistling song heard in background] As soon as I get out of dees hum-drum suburbs, I weel find dee gold coins.

Dee gold coins I WAS DESTEENED TO FIND! No one weel stop me.


I weel earn more than a feestfull of dollars when I find dees treasure. [puff on cigarillo]

Ahn, my beloved town of San Miguel—she calls. For me.


Kate G., I suggest you take his guns away.

THIS JUST IN: A Chihuahua in a rack

Alert reader and trendsetter Renée K. says she just found our site and read the ENTIRE archive in one day. No wonder the chihuahua fell asleep. [rim shot] Oh!


Zzzzzzzzzz ;) Good night, Gus.

WHERE is the Bedazzler!?

You took it again didn’t you.



Return it this INSTANT, Ashley B.H.! And great work on the outfit, photo and text ;)


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