Take…these ridiculous things off

…Or, I shall poop on your bed.

At night.

While you sleep.

And you will roll in eet.

Scratch-free floors, redonkulous Pup

Beth L., Beth L., Beth L. [shaking head] is it really worth eet? [giggle]

It’s a dog-walk-dog-walk-dog world, People

Have you ever heard of "the blind leading the blind" (or in my case, "the blond leading the blond"?)

What is this, People—our dogs have to WALK themselfs now?

Actually, it’s not a bad idea.


J.R.B., you’re a fine Flickr-er and sender-inner. ;)

EXTREME muzzle-pow-sche

EXTREEEEEEEEEME!!! [guitar riff]

Also, please note the TEEENIEST of ear floppage.

Wot a perfect juxtaposishe of teeny and gynormous.


Rockin’, Sharpei Scooby and brave photographer Amy T. ;)

Um…. OK.

Well, I guess you better just…

go on ahead there.


Rule of Cuteness #34: If your tail curls up, it’s cute

"Peewee" pup was adopted to become a full-time companion.

Do you think there was a little sign at the pet adoption place that said: "Best muzzle-pow-sche evar."

I think serhe.


Lindsay G., Thanks for adding ANOTHER tail rule.

We interupt Moosday to bring you this Pirate Pom


Shiver me cardboards!

Avast, ye kibbles! [charges]

Ramming speeeeeeeed!

Remember, Tessa H., take the toilet paper tube off when you’re done, and don’t forget Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19.

Moosday: Another poser

What IS IT with Moosday and all the posers? Look at how ridiculous this is; a paper pup outfit and gallon o’ milk.


[snicker]OK, OK, I gotta give you props for that, Whitney H.

Moosday: um—Fox Terrier or bebe cow?

OK, this is way too confusing, it’s MOOSDAY for CRYING OUT LOUD and so far we haven’t had a single real cow on the site. This is really embarrassing.



Linda P., could you flip him over and see if he makes a ‘moo’ sound? Then we’d know fer sure.

Listen up, Girls, Etiquette Pup Here

Listen Dahlings, [shines nails on black sweater] Tomorrow is officiallyPOST-Memorial Day, and you know what that means—you can wear your whitepaws until Labor Day. And your linen coats too.

Ah-huhn. [Brushes back ears/hair]

Here’s looking at you, Chocola!, originally uploaded by tanakawho.

Polite (but headless) Pup

Pups these days—rarely cross their legs any mo’.

How refreshing.


Too bad about his head, Wendy A. ;)


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