Hmmm. Looks suspiciously like taxidermy.

Listen, Honey. I don’t know where this image came from, or who took it, or what the circumstances are, but those pups should be writhing like crazy, and instead, they’re lyin’ suspiciously still.What’s the deal with the Super Husky spoonin’? [Say in Seinfeld voice]


“Fascinating” [Say in Spock voice]

Isn’t it funny how animals don’t look each other in the eye, really? Maybe only humans do, maybe only humans really recognize each other. It’s like this photo, where the kittehs are "yaahm"ing away on their lollipop, not looking at each other. Same is happening here—the horse and puppeh are all "snort!" and "ew!!!" respectively, and not looking each other in the eye.


That puppeh is totally freaking out man! Thanks to Lori S. ;)


This pup has got to be the most ridiculous thing going—with all those baked on, caked on snow globules in every crevice and paw.


We KNOW he loves snow, Sarah H. Now he could use some pup-sized windshield wipers for snow removal on his doggles.


Ear span: 1.5 feet

"Little chick this is Big Eagle, OVER. We have lift off, OVER."


Position Two: Aerodynamic, landing mode
Ear span: .2 feet

"Little chick this is Big Eagle, OVER. We are in stealth mode, approaching water landing. Our ears are folded, OVER"


Happy landings, "Amadeus" the Dachschund and Sender-Inner Andrea K.

One-a these kids is doin’ his own thing

One-a these kids is not like the others


Tessa S.—you MUST be stopped.

Give me a LARGE break

Will you please check out these McSquirmersons and the look on poor Mom’s face.


Eight writhing, rambunctious pups, competing like crazy! LOL.




Sender-inner Christopher M. claims the "small tidal wave of puppies" fell upon his girlfriend as she approached them with the camera. Oy!

A blond on his arm

Look at his date!

He is sooooooooooooooo lucky!

She’s kinda floppy though.

Whatever, she makes up for it with her looks.


Big Zzzzzzz’s to the sender-inner…

I really need a Playstation.

Or a Wii.


Otherwise, more pillows will be sacrificed to the Boredom Gods.


Rian L., throw him a bone, Man!

Ain’t we lucky we got ‘em

OK, there is only ONE thing you can say when you look at this picture:

[And you have to sing it in a BOOMING, BLACK, WOMAN'S voice]

"Goooooood Tiiiiiiiiiimes!"

Go on, do it. You know those dogs are having a suh-weet time.


Dy-no-MITE!, Elizabeth F.!

What a nerd.

OMG, sleeping on your computer. Holy eight-sided dice, People. Amazing there is no Slashdot up on the screen. I bet this pup is dreaming about calculus. It kinda looks like he’s backstage at MacWorld or something.


Jenny E.—for reals, it looks like a good place to keep warm [insert exploding Dell laptop joke here]