Hurry up with the Slurpees, Mang

Come ON ALREADY [Sigh + paw droopage]

mammoth001, originally uploaded by Zyanthia.

Top notch sender-innering, David S…

What drugs is this Chihuahua on!?

Will someone please explain to me just what in the hayle is going on here?

Some Burning Man still life?

It’s like a Timothy-Leary-80’s-poloshirt-floatation-devices-drug-induced-pool-a-thon! WTF!?


Irina—you just took it to a




When you’re thirsty AND hot…

Try this!

It’s a total time-saver! [Pup runs head under stream, then takes off with helicopter ears.]


Excellent Corgage, Dee C…. ;)

Introducing a new facial feature; the peripheral roll

OK, this might be a pug-only feature, I don’t know, but check it; it’s the FULL, CIRCULAR LOOPED roll that I just wanna put ketchup on and take the TINIEST OF SOFT KRONSCHES!


Goran G., you found the best chub evar on Tricia M.’s Urban!

Shi-cat-su Spa

[All four kitteh paws kneading puppeh furs]

Yes Sir, I think we have some bone-scented massaging oil for you. I shall work it in.


Stacy G., I can almost hear the new wave musak and smell the cucumber water from here.

Speaking of apples…

They also work as puppeh bookends. With or without cozies.

Just sayin’. They don’t tell you that on TLC.


Stephanie H., your coworker’s niece 3-week old Shih tzu/Pekingese puppeh is a delectable morsel.

Sittin’ on dee cowsche

echo_curl1Oh, heylerhe. Come join me on the cowshe, won’t you? 


Nice toe curls, Amy C…;)

Polaroid pup flashback

The year is 1982. Eye of the Tiger is your favorite tune and all youwanna do is phone home until you get a new puppy then you spend therest of summer with your new insta camera [In dolphin shorts and Vans.]


Nice one MO’Neal, King of the Polanoids!

THIS JUST IN: Special Delivery

San Francisco Cuteporter Sparky spotted this ridiculous scene on his way to work today. Can you say; "Special Delivery: Muzzlepowsche!"


Nice work, Bebe Sparky!

Loki’s photo

I like long walks (on dee beeche, with a beeche)

Sniffing ‘tocks, and… hours and hours of gnawing on things…

loki’s pic, originally uploaded by yelahneb.

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