Straight Up Prosh (‘SUP)

People, this pup "Lamont" is just straight up prosh.

You could chew on those ear for hours. Not to mench the Rule #10 in full effect.


Jennifer Z., Lamont should be arrested for exceeding basic prosh levels. Serious.

Life lessons, in puppeh form

1. Diplomacy doesn’t work (when it comes to sharing bones.)

2. When in doubt, whine incessantly!

Works for me, Marissa H.


The C.O. Glossary is constantly growing, evolving, and changing, and taking over the world! [Evil finger tenting]

And now, we must add "THWAPPING!" Please check out this pic for a definition.


Rick and Monkey, over at, only very special words make it into the Cute Overload Glossary. Consider yerselfs genii!

See, you can learn good things from this site

First, your bath, then your feeding.

Stop squirming.

Dexter licking Willa, originally uploaded by Torrie.

This is a quality Babysitting technique—just another public service we provide here at C.O. Excellent sleuthing, Jason B. ;)

How to make a kick-ass Yorkie Sweateuw

Step one:

Follow these INSTRUCTIONES!:


What will it look like on the smallest of Yorks!?

[drum roll]And, the BIG REVEAL….

Thanks to Sweateuw creator Seth P. and Sender-Inner Summer  R. ;)

It’s happening AGAIN

Let’s take a short break from all the 9/11 memorial news, shall we?  ‘Cause here’s a sweet old lady chihuahua (10 is sorta old in dog years) with her new litter!  So tiny… anhhhh… nature triumphs agai–hold on a sec.

…yep, we got skwerls.

(Spotted on by teh Schmoop!)

The Heat is ON [Glenn Frey voice]

After a few hours goat-herding, there’s nothing like sitting in the mini-trough to beat the heat.

Stay cool, my Bruthuhs.


Ericka M.—tubbular!

Caturday is driving this dog insaaaaane!

Slide ‘n’ Run!
Slide ‘n’ Run!
Slide ‘n’ Ruuuunnnn!

Now playin’ on CuteCast, natch, Delinda.

Runaway Pug pulled over…

…this Runaway thought he had successfully escaped the vet’s office.

More at 11.


Pug shot: (mosaic to hide pug’s ID)


Chris H., when pugs go bad, it’s not pretty.

That’s levitation, Homes

[Jetsons hovercraft sound]


Flying, originally uploaded by surlymonkey.

Excellent Sproinging-pointer-outering, Genesis B. ;)


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