Put on a coat before you watch this

Sure it’s cold, but I’m gonna JOOMP into it ANYWAY!


Kat S., my temperature just dropped 10 degrees watching that video


Halp! Halp!

Santa is about to nom my ears OFF!

He’s as crazy as this candy cane motif behind us!!! Hep me Obi-wan!


Kris M. I wish you a Merry Christmas full of poodle snacks

Yeah, thanks but I’m still gonna freeze my ‘tocks off

Agreed, yeah, this fur-rimmed gortex waterproof insulated Mountain Lifejacket is great, but, I’m gonna FREEZE MY ‘TOCKS OFF

[4 Paws up, waving] Hep meh!

Chillin’ on the sofa, originally uploaded by *Kendall*.

Dude, like, Brrrr, it’s cold, like all over the place, right now, huh? Lots of snow. [head tilt]

More Japanese ingenuity: DOG PANNNTS

THIS JUST IN: Alert Cuteporter Jennifer B. gives us the latest evidence of Japan handing our asses to us in teh Cute Depahtment. [shaking fist at sky] Japaneeeeeeeeese!!!!

Two words: Dog Pants.

Dogs. In. Pannnnts. Or should I say overalls? What is this, the ‘Come On Eileen’ video?

The better to POOP ON

I need to get a grip, Jennifer. Look at the cuffs. And tail tailoring.

Let’s get puggular, puggular

I wanna get puggularrrrrrrrrrrr

Let’s get into puggular


Lemme hear your schnozzle talk

Your schnozzle talk

Lemme hear your schnozzle taaalk


Kathy D., let’s get animal, animal!

The Daily Coyote

There’s The Daily Puppy and Daily Kitten, and now there’s the Daily Coyote. Daily Coyote chronicles the life of "Charlie", an orphaned coyote who came to live with a woman named Shreve, and a tomcat named Eli, in a one-room log cabin in Wyoming.


On the blog, read from teh bottom up to get the whole story.


Jaye, wonderful find! :D, and Shreve S., awesome story and photos…

Cuteporter: Put on your doggles, Beezer, we’re goin’ out

Sender-Inner Robert M. sez: "According to the owner, this little dude (his name is Beezer!) has logged ~130,000 miles on the tanks of various motorcycles over the course of the past 9 years, and is still going strong.  Which is more than I’ve logged, and I work at a friggin’ bike shop!"


Get your puppeh runnin’… HEAD OUT ON TH E HIGHWAY!


I wonder if that carrier was especially made for him!? Looks like it, doesn’t it!?


Great submishe and quick thinking with your cameraphone, Robert M.!

If loving you is wrong—I don’t wanna be right

[Sing in Luther Ingram voice]
Your mama and daddy say it’s a shame
It’s a downright disgrace
Long as I got you by my side
I don’t care what your people say


And accompanying music for this post:

What a morally bankrupt submishe, Veg R…

The adventures of Eloise

People, this is Eloise the Boston terrier, and she is soooo ready for her coffee table book of Eloise photos. Check out this massive nostril on nostril action


Hanging with the Underpants Gnomes…


And, eating a prosh felted turkey…


Bird L., nice shots, I think you need an agent…

Pbbbbbffftttthhh! + ear flop

This pup must just be dreaming of being awake saying "Pbbbbbffftttthhh".

Hey, is that an axis of snorgling I see (in the crook of the NECK!!!)

Sleeping Chocolate, originally uploaded by OneMipipippi.

Way to spend all day searching Labradors on Flickr, Karina C. 😛