Caturday Special: Dogwarshing machine

OK, you know cats everywhere are loving this. Rubbing their evil paws together with delight. Introducing a new "Dog washing machine", a 4-minute bath from hell, from, you guessed it, THE FRENCH

Check it out


BTW, do you think it’s possible for a news story on pets to NOT use lame puns? It makes me barking mad.

Nice find, Mary S….

Ticklish squeak toy

I’m not even sure if this puppeh is for reals.

When in doubt, assume Japanese scientists did it.

Where’s the teeck-le, Antonella S.?

Raccoon… dogs!? Ruh roh!

WAIT A MINUTO! Those aren’t dogs… are they?

According to Wikipedia, there is such a thing as a raccoon dog… amazing BUT TRUE

Jcs_nyctereutes_procyonoides_23693, nice photo—I still don’t believe it though.

Oh Noes!!!1

I am but a wide-eyed puppeh, stuck in a don’t-chomp-on-yourself collar!

Still, I shall NIBBLE my way out!

WAITICAN’TBaroooooooooooooo! [crying sounds]


Are you for reals, Elizabeth L.? ‘Cause he is way tooooo kyoot.

Pooooche Powwwche

Check out the guttular regions on this guy. FANTASTEEK!


Mila R., way to send ’em in…


This is totally like that scene in Monty Python’s Holy Grail where the knight is running towards the camera (forever) and then suddenly arrives


[Jaws music]


Someone needs to make a flip book of thees…  //…thanks, Biggy! //


OOOOF! [camera lens smeared with tongue] Nosevember, Bitches!


Danielle W., nice ear flop on the last frame, too… ;)

Boing! Boing! Boing!


The best part is, if it’s rainy and miserable outside, he doesn’t actually need the walkies.  Still, you might want to keep an eye on him around your Roomba.

Seen on the New Scientist Blog last Friday, Scout II the pup-o-tron is the brainchild of James Andrew Smith.
Thirdly, Nosevember is more what you’d call a "guideline" than an actual rule.  ;-)

“Looks like someone took a light saber to yer, uh helmet there”

Pups, once again in their natural environment…I bet there is a mouse dressed up as a storm trooper somewhere…

Nice find, C.S.O.

Is it Nose-vember yet?!

Will you please stop being so impatient? Nose-vember is RIGHT AROUND the corner. Now, enjoy your Halloween. Geeshe.




The nose roll’s connected to the muzzlepowshe roll
The muzzlepowshe roll’s connected to the neck roll
The neck roll’s connected to the chubbular arm roll
The… [exhausted]


Jill L. You’ve got more chubbularness than I know what to DO WITH


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