Like an electric blankie, "Pinch" the pup is there!

Warming the bed of "Noé" kitten and acting as a pseudo-pillow.

Ahn. "Pinch" kinda looks like a "Perfect Pet."


Totally redonk, Crystal G.!

Birdeh please!

Check out this McPuppersons. That parrot is all; "I shall eeeeat you", and the pup is all; "Birdeh pleeeeease."

That boid better step the heck off [neck all in a twist]

Aw ahn!

XOXOX, Ann F.!

It’s coitins!

Er… curtains!

It’s curtains, I tells ya!

(At least that’s what Kolby’s ‘tocks are called…)


Susan S., Tell yer Dad and Kolby-pup "hi" for us… ;)

Par-donn while I schnuzzle your muzzle

This poor bebe duckles, thinks this puppeh is his Mom. The puppeh is all stoked to have a pal, but still a bebeh his own self! Please check out how this duckles schnuzzles some pup muzzle.

Eileen K., I’m not gonna even ax you what your search terms were to find this vid.

This just in: Mondays continue to suuuck! [Singsong]

Let me make this reaaaaaaal easy for you People.

THIS is Friday:


THIS is Monday.


[wiping hands together in a 'done!' motion]

Right, sender-inner Lappix and Brawley-pup?

This puppy is pre-snorgled

Her schnozzle is ALREADY smooshed in from a good, solid snorgling.


Tiny ear flops, shifty eyes and a nose roll—TO GO!


You can practically hear the mini snortles.


Evan A., you’re right— "Pepper" IS a magnet!

// UPDATE — wups!  As some peeps have pointed out, Pepper’s been posted before.  Sorries… we’ve got sooo many pix & posts archived now that it’s gotten difficult to keep track of them all.  See if you can spot Teh Pep in here though… happy RCF! //

USA! USA! USA! USA Tuhday!

Yopuopes_opay_topoodopayWot a treat!

C.O. is linked from USA Today today.

Like all good news outlets, they have an interspecies snorgling feature on this pup NURSING TIGER TRIPLETS (with her own junior pup on the right, there.) With those tiny tiger appetites, you gotta watch out, Girl!


Thanks for the menshons, Mike C.!

I’m comin’ to… gitcha [Say in Jimi Hendrix voice]

Here I come, Bebeh,


Comin’ to…



It's All Over, Johnny

Quick Everyone! put on your +15 tunics for safety!

You too, Andrew F.!

Yes, this meets the stringent requirements…

Espeshe with the ‘Paws up" touch… ;)

Didja get her at a drive-thru? In ‘N’ Out Pups?

One lap pup, to go

You made the grade, Kirsten H.

Mama Don’t Let Yer Babies Grow Up to Be Chocolate

Don’t let ‘em pick guitars
and drive them old trucks
Make ‘em be doctors and lawyers and such


Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be Chocolate
They’ll never stay home
and they’re always alone
even with someone they love

OK OK OK, that’s not true at all, Mike M.