Eat it Warren Beatty

I’m the only Shampoo star here!

Step Aside, SON!


Karissa P., you guessed this shot was ‘CuteOverload worthy’ and You…were… CORRECT! [Ed McMahon voice]

THIS JUST IN: The most optimistic face evar

Look at this face. This pup is ready to take on anyhing—root canals, idiots with ion headlights, botched whale naming contests, you name it, Titou will solve iiiiiiit


See Titou as a side kick in Sender-Inner Paul W.’s MySpace rant!

This is soooo Daily Puppy of us

It’s sooooooooo Daily Puppy to post big, big shots, a bunch of them, of one puppeh. And then marvel in that one puppeh’s greatness.

Behold Molly, Sender-Inner Stephanie J’s sister’s puppeh. First, we have the harness-nommitude topped with ear flop:


Then we have the "Halp!" "ehn ehn ehn" [all paws waving] shot:


Look at this tubbular, stubbular bod, with mini air conditioning tongue.


And, saving the bestest, tiniest of tockages for last, not to mention haunch coordinayshe:



How do I get to CuteOverload again?

[mushing paws into keys]

plap plap PLAP


Chicago Tribune Pet Contest, here is [drum roll] # 530! Nice sleuthing, Cuteporters Daniel and Cynthia H.

Typical. [eye roll]

I love it. Jump over to for thees one.

Bat bat bat. [pause]

Bat bat bat. [pause]



Amanda R., great find…

Run for the border!

I’ve had eet weeth dees cats who theenk dey can be ‘burritos’. Only me, dee Chihuahua, can do eet, with the proper Mexican flavors!

Dey tink dey are qualified to be burritos!? No way, Mang! I weel show dem!!! [rolls over to a tub of mild sauce]


Well, I’m glad we got that straightened out, Anna M.

Put on a coat before you watch this

Sure it’s cold, but I’m gonna JOOMP into it ANYWAY!


Kat S., my temperature just dropped 10 degrees watching that video

Halp! Halp!

Santa is about to nom my ears OFF!

He’s as crazy as this candy cane motif behind us!!! Hep me Obi-wan!


Kris M. I wish you a Merry Christmas full of poodle snacks

Yeah, thanks but I’m still gonna freeze my ‘tocks off

Agreed, yeah, this fur-rimmed gortex waterproof insulated Mountain Lifejacket is great, but, I’m gonna FREEZE MY ‘TOCKS OFF

[4 Paws up, waving] Hep meh!

Chillin’ on the sofa, originally uploaded by *Kendall*.

Dude, like, Brrrr, it’s cold, like all over the place, right now, huh? Lots of snow. [head tilt]

More Japanese ingenuity: DOG PANNNTS

THIS JUST IN: Alert Cuteporter Jennifer B. gives us the latest evidence of Japan handing our asses to us in teh Cute Depahtment. [shaking fist at sky] Japaneeeeeeeeese!!!!

Two words: Dog Pants.

Dogs. In. Pannnnts. Or should I say overalls? What is this, the ‘Come On Eileen’ video?

The better to POOP ON

I need to get a grip, Jennifer. Look at the cuffs. And tail tailoring.


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