Kitty Monkey Dog Bear???

WHAT IN THE!?! For crying out loud, what in the ever-living cross-breeding world is GOING ON HERE!?

kitty monkey dog bear, originally uploaded by Qathi.

WHAT IN THE? Seriously, what is going on?

kitty monkey dog bear, originally uploaded by Qathi.


Wouldja look at those meaty drumsticks!

At least, that’s what Sender-Inner Scott B. said. He asked me to ‘look at those meaty drumsticks’.

Scott. I don’t think that’s approooo—OMG LOOK AT THOSE MEATY DRUMSTICKS!


No, seriously, Scott, you have a problem. [licking lips]

You THOUGHT it was an elephant back here, didn’t you


I knew I got you. I Knew it! You were totally scared, you should’ve seen the look on your face just now.

[disappears back behind cowshe.]

Morty the Elephart, originally uploaded by Andy on Flickr.

Andy, way to scour Flickr-roonie-poonie.

Nyerhe! [Paw over face]

Please get a load of this lil’ Princess Di eye action… Oy vey, that is POTENT.


Nicole B., the green eyes add to the proshness. [head tilt]

P.S. I ACTUALLY did a head tilt while writing the words ‘head tilt’.

You can thank you me later

Check out this Boston Terror-er and Evil Toilet Papères.

He’s all: "I know you’re surprised that such a YOUNG puppeh could protect you from so much evil papères. I"m just way ahead of my own time. You lucked out. [sigh]"


Thanks to Sender-Inner Lisa K. who found this hilarious photo on Flickr by Crozette!

Meanwhile, over at the Hurricane Katrina SPCA Rebuilding

All right People. Let’s get this party started

[whistle blows, digs in]


Here’s more dirt on Sender-Inner Laurie D.’s Hope for Animals and the Louisiana SPCA groundbreaking that happened last year…

Baby Puppeh, You’re the One

[Sing it with me now, to the tune of "Rubber Ducky" by Big Bird on Sesame Street]

"BabyPuppeh, you’re the one…


You make playtime lots of fun!


Baby Puppeh I’m awfully fond of you


Baby Puppeh, joy of joys!


When I squeak you, you make noise


Baby  Puppeh, you’re my very best friend it’s true!"

Popi3_2[As sung by Sender-Inner Fran F.]



Pupbassador – The Video Response!

People, if more of you could do more of this, that would be gwaaaaaaaaaaate. Nice music, great story, just add C.O. photos and you’re headed to Golden Globes Ville with work like this…

Stark Raven Madd, I like how you pronounce "ferrets". Original Pupbassador post here.


Check out these mini Baroos!

They’re all "baroo?" "baroo?" (respectively)



baroo-baroo! see them!?!?

Bonnie T., you do great work, girl. ;)

Less Caturdays in 2008!

2008 is the year for pups.

Down with ‘Caturday’ Ptooey! There will be no more rolling over!

I insist on a ‘Pupsday’ or ‘Dognesday’. ‘Muzzlepowshe Monday’—ANYTHING but Caturday.


Jen F. and Gracie, It’s day three of 2008. And the battle, she is ON!


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