This is how I roll

Look up "Full Body Chub" in the dictionary and you will see this puppeh.

Try not to pour Taco Bell mild sauce all over him and neeble on his rolls.


Must…. soft kronsche! Megan C.

Someone pre-titled their image “Ehn!” for me.

You saved me .02 seconds because that was JUST WHAT I WAS ABOUT to TITLE IT!

First, check out this ‘Tock-tober-tastic "Milk buffet"…


Then, close up on the unbelievable milk-retreiving efforts by this puppeh, he’s all; "Check this, bros" [record-scratching sound]


Excellent capturing, and labeling, Jewel H…

Rule of Cuteness #36: If your eyebrows go up in the center, it’s cute

Eyebrow raising is, pure and simple, instantly cute.

Eyebrow-raising PLUS a head-tilt PLUS a "Baroo?" sound is deadleh.


/• •\

Great find, Albert W.

THIS JUST IN: Matching hel-mutt

Check out this roving puptrol—major trubs!


How does he stay on?

Must be some 3M Chihuahua Seat Adhesive.


Charlene Y., excellent cute-porting.

Uh oh—my Achilles heel—THE POMERANRIAN!!!

People, some of you may know the complete meltdown I suffered upon seeing these Pomeranian pics some time ago.

Those pics packed SUCH A PONCHE, they almost stopped this site in it’s tracks. If I was ever an evil superhero, you could use a Pomeranian as Kryptonite against me… (er, something…)


Check out new Pomeranian caretaker/Sender-Inner Molly M. with her pup Sushi.



Um, actually, the [snort] Tribbles were on episode 15…

…Season: 2, DVD Disc: 4, Air Date: 12.29.1967 and er, Stardate: 4523.3. If you [snort] must know.


Kekoa pup is SUCH a nerd, Serena N. I think you should get her out more.

Pssst. Psst! What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor?

‘make me one with everything!!!’ [snicker]


I can’t believe you made a joke like that, Cheryl E.

People, this is why I love you so moishe

Sender-inner Edwin A. wrote in with only the highest praise for his family’s new puppeh. He goes on to say that the pup’s cutest feature are her feet. (Well, obvy, that falls into Rule #10!)


Then, before I had a chance to brace myself, the best shot ever… MAKING A SANDWEESHE WITH PAWS!


Edwin A., there should be 1 meellion clones of you.


Hey, ruhmember us, the outrageous pups dressed as your fave fast foods? Of course you do!

Because there is NO BETTER dog costume than the faux-legs-front-paws-Mr. Krispy Kreme (at left)


Eat it, Richard H.! (Hey, do you have a costume yet!?

Pup with an Extreme ‘Tude

Like, Oh, My GAWD NO WAY. He said that? What a deck.

Oh, I would NOT listen to Kelly. She is such a betch.


Gag me with a spooon, Imvae! Tubular pic.


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