Meanwhile, over on Tatooine

Sky LukePupper has his first visit to the beach.

[Obligatory Chewbacca yell]



[I think I just saw a sand kernel fly into his schnozzle]

Excellent puppy chronicling, Erik J. ;)

Soooo tie-tie + tail nubbins

Weh, I am a Francyche Bull dog puppeh. [Sigh]

No mattères how many of zuh bon bons you try and tempt moi weeth, I shall stay like dees. [mini snores and gut heaves]


[Nods off again] Leslie F., I suggest you usher Monsieur back eento beds.

Remember when you asked “who would buy these things?”





(Model pose) Cute Overload eXtreme Close Up (That’s what ‘COXCU’ stands for, Sydni H.):


Eeep! What are you DOINGKS (besides entertaining us),  Christine Y.!?

Partying like it’s Maltese ’99

You think kittehs can party like it’s Maltese 99?

Caturday? I got ‘chur Caturday right HEAH

Just try and chug Dulce de Leche like a Maltese, Bitches!


Sender-Inner Abbey E. and pup “Mr. Higgins” go WILD!

Carpool’s here!

[Handing you lunchpail and jacket]

Have a good day, Hon.


Working on a Caturday, Jean-Sebastien I.?

Shake it off, Puppeh

This pup has got to shake it off.

Can’t blame heem. (Everybaddy just bounce, bounce.)

Patreek W., not only are you the best Salonist, but the best Sender-Inner…

Miss March and “Yoda” the pup

"Overload of Cute, this calendar will be" [Say in Yoda voice]


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Lauren E., what a super prosh puppulence.

Welcome to Cute Overload, People

OK, OK< I don’t usually post Peeps with their petz, but something about this pic made me think; ‘Oh, what nice Girls, I shall post their picture!’ Because you know what, People, the site is all about you.

And me. Well mostly me.

AND YOU!!! You.


Thanks for the puppage, Emily W., he sure is prosh!!! I bet you ate his ears after this pic was taken.

Wedding guest thinks of nothing but open bar

OMG. Get a load of Porkchop. He was sooo rude during the ceremony.


C.O.X.C.U.: Porkchop is all "Taco Bell’s Canon in D, Whatevs"


Thaddeus and Di, nice, er, guests you invited there.

This vid needs to be remade with the Jaws soundtrack and Chewbacca yell at the end

Call me a video-directing genius, because that’s what this video needs.

[Holding hands up in Directorial debut position] Panic—then Chewbacca yell. Yes, that’s what this video needs.

Serious. With those changes, it’ll be like the next Prairie Dog video thing, believe me.

AAAAAAAAHHHHH! What is under the cubbers!?!?! HALP! Isabel C.!

// UPDATE — thank you, Dramatic Prairie Dog! //


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