There is something about this puppeh—he seems to have all the best puppeh features. He’s all friendly, wandering the neighborhood happeh, smiley. He’s like a Pupbassador for pups all over.


He’s all "Welcome to Pupsville, I’m your Pupbassador, High Commissioner Mr. McFluffles."


"Our consul representatives focus on diplomatic relationships with kittehs and ferrets…"




Katherine K., nice cuteporting.

Corgi Clog

Check out this little Corgi dam action sponging up the warm waters, soaking into paw pads ‘n’ stuff. Sthoooo comfortuhbuhlssss.


Cherise V. and pup "Cola", I think you should light some candles and add bonbons to the mix here.

Williamsburg Collie & Sheltie Tour Services

Ready for a tour of eighteenth-century life in Revolutionary America!? Grab a wig and hop on—first stop; the James Geddy House. Biscuits provided.


Ginny C., nice cuteporting…

Soooo… thirsties….

According to Sender-Inner A.P.C., Sailor the pup (nice name) is most comfortable in "any water she can find" including but not limited to large dog bowls for some Slurppity actshons!


Good thing she has that ear for a rudder.

Will you please get a load of these eyelashes

First of all, there is some ridiculous tongue/ear/schnozzle action going on here, and SECOND, you must get a load of these soft, white eyelashes. Puhlease.



Way! [pushing you against the wall]


Lauren S., if you could please make me a sweater out of Spencer’s fallen lashes, I’d be really grateful.

New Years Resolution #1: Do NOT put up with puppies

This kitteh is all—"I have had eet with thees puppies! I denounce all puppehs in 2008!" [warning meow]

Brownlze, quality find. Especially that one puppeh stepping on the other puppeh’s head all nonchalantly.

You set the NeverLost right?

Set it to go to Inspiration Point!

Vaminos! [Chihuahuas peel out]


Jenni S., nice jaw-dropping material you got there.

The redonkulousness continues… [with sound track]

I am STHUCH a STHUCKER for the great lof affairrr between… Lucky and Tasha!

9Poppy, You find the best YouTubage. Stherious.

Delivered… too… many… prezzies… so… tie-tie

Must…. deliver… mo’ prezzzies…But first… moste… nap…a…roo….


Sender Inner Eric N. says Lolly the Puppitude has her own Blizzogg over at Super Gaijin!

Can’t we all just get along?

Love how the cat "wears" the rat… and the cat cleeeeeeans the dog. Ahhnng. [head tilt]

Johanna S., a very Holiday-esque find…


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