Find the tiny paw in this pic

Where, oh, where could it be?

Hmmm…. small paw… small paw…OMG THERE IT IS!


Hard to see with the glistening schnozzle action, Mary R.

Dinner bell baroo?



Or was that just your martini bell your puppeh heard, Phoebe N.?

And now, the Never-before-attempted: UPSIDE-DOWN-REVERSE-CLOSE-UP!


Stop looking at me like that

This Yorkie bebeh is licking his chops, looking at you like you’re a a GIANT HAMBURGLER!


Nawm, nawm nawm, Julia J.


Drive-by sand piling, Tattooine-style

This pup was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Prolly a victim of a sudden sand piling.

Who let that tail have some breathing access?! Redonk.


Aaron H. You let that tail poke out, di-int you?

Nearly swallowed by dee cowshe

According to her distracted babysitters, Little Layla the pup was left on top of the couch. When the sitters returned, she had sunk in a bit…

[Head tilt] Ahnn.


POOR LAYLA, I’LL HELP YOU!!! (Thanks, Tracy V. ;)

Sing it with me now…

Happy Birthday to you,
"Miles" just turned two,
We made him a super smelly cake…


And everyone else WANTS A PIECE OMG!!!


Um, Genesis B., 1. What did you put in that "cake" and 2. Who invited the schnauzer!?

Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout Willis

I know, I know, that was a hackneyed sitcom saying from Diff’rent Strokes. What the heck else am I supposed to say after that Bun of Death sucked the soul right out of me?


Courtney B., Scout is really sweet, and I’m sorry she had to go after that bun. Someone had to do it.

This is how I roll

Look up "Full Body Chub" in the dictionary and you will see this puppeh.

Try not to pour Taco Bell mild sauce all over him and neeble on his rolls.


Must…. soft kronsche! Megan C.

Someone pre-titled their image “Ehn!” for me.

You saved me .02 seconds because that was JUST WHAT I WAS ABOUT to TITLE IT!

First, check out this ‘Tock-tober-tastic "Milk buffet"…


Then, close up on the unbelievable milk-retreiving efforts by this puppeh, he’s all; "Check this, bros" [record-scratching sound]


Excellent capturing, and labeling, Jewel H…

Rule of Cuteness #36: If your eyebrows go up in the center, it’s cute

Eyebrow raising is, pure and simple, instantly cute.

Eyebrow-raising PLUS a head-tilt PLUS a "Baroo?" sound is deadleh.


/• •\

Great find, Albert W.


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