Welcome, Baybee…

Tonight ees the night, that Romeo cooks for you, non?

‘Zare, make yourself comfortuhbuhls… ahn? [cracks open wine, pours extremely large bowl for you]

Now, I serve zuh Scooby snacks, zen we eat zuh T-Bone aven Béarnaise…


Ssshhhhhh [covering mouth with paw] Sssh, Andrea K.


Chihuahua ordered to perfection

[Speaking into drive-thru window speaker]

Um, I’ll take the beady eyes/stuffed animal combo…


…with finger monches


Oh, and paws up for dessert. Thannnnnnnnnks.


Drive to the next window, Eva H. Bone Appetit!

Charlie, Chloe. Chloe, Charlie.

The Daily Coyote, friend of Teh Qte™, recently reported PUPPIES.  And now SOMEbody’s getting a new BABY SISTER:


(sniffing ensues)


Yay Spring!  It does make me wonder where Eli stands on all of this, though.

We’ve seen Charlie with Eli before.  Many thanks, Shreve!

Overwhelmed…BY LOF!

Come here you delicious WHITE FLUFFBALL, COME HERE I SAY!

[muzzle muzzle muzzle]


Sender Inner Teajay and photographer Marley, what a romannnnntic pic.

Happy Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day. Go make your Mom pancakes.


Rule #7 RIDES AGAIN, Maria L.

I’ll just fill up muh bowl muhself

[Grabs hose with muzzlepowshe] Ehn!

bulldog pup with garden hose

La tempuratura, she is JUST RIGHT! [dips paw]



Yep, still splashable.

splashing in the water dish

GeriLynn H., if you put a little water on your pup, it’ll smooth those wrinkles right OUT.

The day the lamb moved in

For six weeks, this behbeh lamb had to live inside the house ’cause he had a broke leggle. Check out the disdain from this pup;


And helpful licking action from this pup LOL:


Meanwhile, the cat moved into the barn (can’t blame him):


Thanks for chronicling all this action, K. Snyder 😉

Ya’ll are lookin’ good in yer HAMSTER Ts!

People! You are wearing the HECK outta your hamster t-shoits! Check out Sender-Inner Lisa C. here.



Got a pic of you in your ham T? SEND ‘EM IN!

“Wrinkular”, pronounced like “nuclear” as said by President Bush

Wrinkular \WRINK-U-lar\, adjective
1. A furrowed brow that usually accompanies a"baroo?"
2. Coruscations of chub folds."The puppeh’s wrinkular chest and muzzlepowshe area MUST BE TOUCHED."

Wrinkulessnessess \WRINK-u-less-ness-ess\


Rosey, originally uploaded by waggingtailsofhoboken


EXCELLENT glossary addition, Cait R.! Wrinkulicious image, Sender-Inner Lori W.!

Blond pole dancer <-heh

People, some photos on the Internets have that certain "je ne sais quoi." Visuals stick in your mind forever and are harder to shake than a tick. This is one of those photos. You’re all "What the!?" then you just go with it.

This photo has been submitted a beellion times and is now finally posted. No, I have no idea where it comes from our HOW this puppeh got up there, no more than how we know ceiling cat got to be where he is. Just go with, OK, People?


Oh Bamboo puppeh—WTF? Thanks for the submishe, A.R.F. (not making those initials up)