THIS JUST IN: More puppeh tortures

People, you must stop the madness. This ‘Balancing a treat on a Puppeh’ must STOP. Think of the pups, People.


[Sigh] Yes Tessa the Puppeh, you must balance a cookie before eating it. That’s just how things work around here.

Oh, this is really going too far

The PURE TORTURE CONTINUES over at Sender-Inner Marc and Gabrielle’s house. They SPECIFICALLY wanted to "push it further" and show that their puppeh can withstand UNBELIEVEABLE amounts of pure torture.

Are you happy now guys?


[Shaking head] I’m sorry, Zahne puppeh. They know not what they DO.

The torture CONTINUES

It’s an EPIDEMIC, People. Of epic proportions. These patient puppulars are doing their BEST not to rip apart the cameraman. Kudos, lil’ pups. Koo-dohs.


And now the ‘Tempting Fate’ pic:


Excellent torture, Christalynn D. That is if you’re still alive by the time this pic is posted.

The most cruel person ever did this

Check this hilariousness… You can almost see the nose quiveringks! Baroooooo! [whimpering sound]

Gracias Troy E. ;)!!!


Get a load of this Spring puppitude.

She’s all getting her "I’m-Martha-Stewart-and-I-planted-my-bulbs-on-time-and-you-didn’t" look going.


Tamsen C., you are as REDONK as that BOW in Gypsy’s hair.


It’s OK, It’s OK lil’ Puppeh. Once you realize it’s actually YOU that’s running the place, there’ll be no need to whimpères.

Hannah B., nice submeeeeeeshons! [singsong]

Taking a knobbular behbeh under his wing…

The Daily Mail is reporting that this Boxer has adopted this abandonned behbeh goat: "Billy the boxer has become the constant companion of the 12-day old kidcalled Lilly. He sleeps with the goat, licks her clean, and protectsher from any dangers at Pennywell Farm wildlife centre atBuckfastleigh, near Totnes, Devon." More photos…


What is UP with all the CuteNews coming from the UK Daily Mail? Are they competing with the Japanese now or WHAT? Nice sumbishe, Dave D. and Ida N. ;)

Hamster with nads of steel

Brave Hamster: I know your schnozzle is as big as my head, but I call the shots around here.


That, my friends, is one brave ham.


Karen, Cocoa and Momo, I’m sure you have adventure stories to tell us about in the comments…

People, you are ridiculous

You heard me. Ruh-donk-u-lous. Carrying your behbeh pugs around WalMart for innocent Cuteporters to snap phone pictures and squeal. I mean, that is a BABY ONESIE for crying out loud.


Stop the madness, Mary B.

Beckoning Beacon Belleh

This just in from Daily Puppeh. This belleh is UNSTOPPABLE. It is like a BEACON, aimed at you, magnetizing your entire BEING to come towards the light, snorgleable poochiness action. I just saw your nose hit the screen.


Tabbeh, we have reached new bellular levels.


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