Unbelievable amounts of redonkulousness

Remember when we had that vid last year of the horse dancing? Well, it’s Canine Freestyle time, People. Not so much ‘Cute’ but ‘OVERLOAD’. Get out the popcorn.

Of course ‘Achy Breaky heart’ was the next canine freestyle song selected [shifty eyes in disbelief]



We’ll put it in the recipe later. Just hold on to him for now…

3, originally uploaded by a.m.cross.

I’m just a skosh shy…

Just a skosh.

But if you put your face near my schnozzle, I WILL SLOBBER ALL OVER YOU!

Shy Girl, originally uploaded by Doxiementary.

Excellent find, Scott C. Princess Di eyes and everything.

Fennixed! Fennixed again!

Um, disproportionate ear size was the first clue that this “puppeh” was very unushe…


I think we’ve been duped by a Fennec fox. Karen, you almost got me.

This is what this corgi thinks of Caturday

Harumph. Kittehs get their ONE day of the week, that is RIDICULOUS. I shall pout the entire time!


Maurice A., there should be a weekly Corgi-day or Pupnesday at least.

Unclear on the concept



What a perfect Friday post. I don’t even want to KNOW how this whole thing got started.


Sender-Inner Kat stole these photos from "Anilsa’s Myspace". Obvy, Anilsa has SOME ‘SPLAINING TO DO

I cant bark but I can SNORT

Um, Bark? Nyerhe.

Snort-roll-snort? OH YES

A video that showed up next to a video that Ant sent in!

Why yes, those are my ‘tocks, why?

You have a pro-layme wit dees? [Looks back]


More delectabuhl photos here. Found by Melanie S., photos by Prosephone!

I swear I am not making this up

Says Sender-Inner Jon V., "I’m always skeptical of pictures that look "set-up", but I promise that this happened without my assistance. My wife had some "strapless bra pads" sitting "adhesive-side-up" on a chair. My dog sat down on the chair with perfect alignment to her natural ‘tocks. When she stood up, they were adhered and we got her to move around for the picture…"


Would I make this up!?
No, I swear, I would not.

Just dooooin’ mah job

Nope—nope [waving paw] no thanks are needed.

Just saaaavin’ you from evil toilet papères once again…it can’t hurt ANYONE now.


We’re forever indebted, Panda and Teajay.


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