The Telltale Quaking Paw

The music, the licking, the QUAKING PAW

This is overwhelming [vapors]

Kitten Loves PuppyWatch the top videos of the week here

Kendra P., we usually have a ‘no nads’ policy on C.O. because they’re DiStRaCtInGk, but we’ll make an exception this ONE TIME.

Anerable stubbular beaglette steps

This puppeh OWNS your SOUL.

One teeny new step at a TIME.


run, originally uploaded by Prozic.

And now, slightly closer-pants:

my first baby steps, originally uploaded by Prozic.



Lisa N., it will be a shame when I GNAW THAT PUPPEH’S EARS OFF NAWM NAWM NAWM

I hope you have an enormous vase.

Freshly bloomed pugs. They smell so fragrant this time o’ year. [head tilt]

Get your clippers out, Lisa S. This may take a while.

You’re making us late for bingo

Now grab the station wagon keys and let’s go—Momma’s feelin’ LUCKY TONIGHT!


Um, I think you better do what she says, Curlz71.

Wait—Easter is OVER!?

[Peering out over face-periphery chub roll] I could have SWORN Easter was still happening!!!


Now I am TOTALLY stuck with these Peeps. [Opens package and begins monsching]


Sigh, Matt from Urban Pug, save teh ears for next year…

First… tentative… steps?

…er, rolls…

…brought to you by Casa deFeliz ;)

Corgis make excellent bunnehs


The Easter Kids, originally uploaded by mphoenix.

Puppeh slurp overload

The unrelenting tongue action!

The furious jujitsu paw action!

It’s complete SLURP OVERLOAD!

Joe C., this puppeh is under arrest for excessive SNORFING

We interupt this Caturday…

…to bring you this prosh pup face / paw / furry eyebrow / edible ear flap combo.


Amy D., I almost forgot—nice teeny paw pads in the lower left, and soft muzzlepowshe.

Snorfable Morsel

Oh, Heylerhe, little MorselPants! I shall eat you now.

Bokeh, originally uploaded by Óli..

Oh, Heylerhe, little MorselPants! I shall eat you now.


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