I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed

[Dad] Sons?


[Sons] Yes Dad? (polite paw posishe)


[Dad] Did you pee on the pee pads like I told you?


[Sons, shifty eyed] um Yes, Dad


[Dad] Do you want to revise that answer?


Madeleine S., they are innocent until proven soooooo guilty

What? I do ALL my video shoots in the bathroom

Wrinkles McWhinersons is all get me down, I gots me some bidet water to slurp!

Thanks for the bonus yipping action, Cass.

These Boots Were Made For Stalking…

… and that’s just what they’ll do / One of these days these boots are gonna whap you on the nose (whap whap whap whap whap!) and then tear through the living room (neeeeeaarrrrggghhhhhhmmmmm!!) and then climb up the drapes (wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!) and then knock the planter off the kitchen counter (crash! whoopsie!) and then totally declare war on your tail (yaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrr!) and then whap you on the nose some more (whap-ity whap!) and then fall asleep (honk-shuuuuuuuuu!).

A little closer ... closer ... cloooooserrrr

Cowgirl UP, Judy O!

Get me the oxygen tank STAT

Questions for you:

1. Could this pup be MORE prosh? [Answer: Nyerhe!]
2. Can’t you practically FEEL the mini-snorting schnozzle on your face? [Answer: yeees!]
3. Did you hit your screen reaching for that teeny Tailio Iglesias? [Answer: Gone to emergency room to fix broken fingers]

PeekaBoo!!!, originally uploaded by JodieBean.

Help me Obi Wan, You’re my only hope! [repeat]

Hep! Hep meh!

[Zzzzz movie crackles and fades]

Obi Wan Kenobi, originally uploaded by JodieBean.

These are not the puppies you’re looking for, Mary W.!

C.O. Travel Tips!

When traveling in the north of France, be sure to visit the village of Bain de Puce, home to the Monks of the Order of St. Dogustine. Members of The Order, which is world-renowned for producing the finest gourmet kibble, are sworn to a strict code of conduct, including no barking, no chasing cars, and not doing that thing with your leg.

Utbay atscay areyay illstay airfay amegay

Did you bring back some kibble, Joanna M.?

[This hoopy frood clearly knows where his towel is. – Ed.]

I will go to Beijing—I WILL GO TO BEIJING!

and I shall win the gold


[legs shudder in sleep] Ehn!


Your pup already looks half-panda, so he’ll fit right in, Lauren M.! ;)

THIS JUST IN: Iowa pet rescutes

Man, Iowa is having a TOUGH time. The people, pets, everything. It is rough.

Thankfully, the Humane Society is on the scene, heroically saving pets from precarious situations, providing safety, shelter and reuniting folks with their ani-pals…


[Dog is all ‘Baroo!?!’]


[Kitties are all Pfffffffft!-pffffft!]


Get an emergency plan together for your pets! Donate here to Humane Society Flood Fund!

Know Your Exotic Sleep Disorders!

Although widely believed to be purely physiological in nature, researchers now think that there may be a psychological element to the extremely rare condition of decanarcolepsy, the sudden tendency to fall asleep when confronted with today’s date.


Our thanks to C.O. research associate Miranda H. for her important contri … cont-trib … *ZZZZZZZZZ*


Pomeranians have the KEEN ability to grab me by the Achilles Heel of Cuteness™ and never let go! [It’s all thanks to this series of photos from back in the day, I am forever weakened in their presence]

So am I to believe now, that Poms have even more evil prowess up their sleeves!?

Check out the leg ‘pant’ fluff/teeny feet combo. It’s unhandle-able.

Pouncing Pom, originally uploaded by klocean.

Nancy T., TOUCHÉ!


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