Dumpling on the tennis court

Dumpling, Honey, did you warm up for the game?

IMG_1793, originally uploaded by bm0226.

Yes, I mean, did you do your stretches?

IMG_1799, originally uploaded by bm0226.

OK, good. ‘Cause we’re playing the Underhills at the club today, and if we lose, we have to pay their club fees for a month, Darling! And you know Daddy wouldn’t like that.

IMG_1436, originally uploaded by bm0226.

It’s your serve, Lori W.!

// Sorry to be a ballhog, Lori, but I’ll take that serve… – Ed. //

I am NOT leaving the house like this

Oh, I am a mess. I shall require 2 more hours of make-up, hairextensions, extra lashes—the WORKS. Chop chop. [claps paws together]

Sleepy Milou, originally uploaded by xoMissi.

I said chop chop, Lori W.!!!

This woman is sitting outside on the dirt with 17 puppies on her lap

At FIRST, you think this woman is sitting outside wearing stuffed animal pants. But then…


Puppy pile, originally uploaded by Metropolis Music.


THIS JUST IN: Pom Crew Cut @ Woofstock

What a suhweet summer cut. Apparently, this lil’ guy’s owner was all sporting a super tough-look too. Prolly had the Pom floof shaved to keep his dignity.


Those are some serious paws up, Alexia B.






OK, OK, Sheena B., you win. I’ll play!


[Smothers puppeh in ketchup and starts to nom]

Um, I think I’m going to warm him up on the grill for a little longer.

Cutest hot dog, originally uploaded by il D@Vi.

Ew, Cha D.! I can’t believe you did that! I hope there are no grill marks.

(What kind of dog?  This kind of dog!)

1982 Love Story

Writes Sender-Inner Heather F.: "Poppy the pup was a rescue dog from the RSPCA in England. The kitten is called Motley and also needed a home. It was a match made in heaven as Poppy had had puppies not long before we took her in and Motley was a permanent kitten his entire life. Poppy would feed Motley as well as putting up with all his games and more indignities than a dog should ever have to face from a fluff ball."

Ahn. [head tilt]


Heather and Brian F., This photo was taken the year "Let’s Get Physical" went to #1. How about that.

Could you remove your buttocks from my face?

Pup #1: I’d appreciate it if you removed your ‘tocks from my cheek area.
Pup #2: Those aren’t pillows!
Pup #3: My neck is stuck in a crick now, thanks a WHOLE lot
Pup #4: I look like I have two tails


Margie, Gretel, Geni and Helen L., good luck with that napping posishe.

Tiny (hopeful) Escapee!

I may be teeny, but I am crafty, and I WILL get out.

[looks in two directions at once with googly eyes]

I think I see opportunity!

Lilly’s escape, originally uploaded by corlisspt.

Corliss T., Lilly looks a skosh dangerous. Just a skosh though.

Jack Russell or Slug?

Um, slug. definitely mostly slug.


At least he’s still part puppeh. Prolly gonna leave a slimey trail tho, Kathey K.


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