Corgis make excellent bunnehs


The Easter Kids, originally uploaded by mphoenix.

Puppeh slurp overload

The unrelenting tongue action!

The furious jujitsu paw action!

It’s complete SLURP OVERLOAD!

Joe C., this puppeh is under arrest for excessive SNORFING

We interupt this Caturday…

…to bring you this prosh pup face / paw / furry eyebrow / edible ear flap combo.


Amy D., I almost forgot—nice teeny paw pads in the lower left, and soft muzzlepowshe.

Snorfable Morsel

Oh, Heylerhe, little MorselPants! I shall eat you now.

Bokeh, originally uploaded by Óli..

Oh, Heylerhe, little MorselPants! I shall eat you now.

Mr. Chomps

First of all, "Mr. Chomps" is the best pup name evar.

Second, Mr. Chomps has a hilarious bowl-cut haircut pup equivalent.


Kim B. Señor Chompersons is rokkin’ that bowl cut.

Rufus: Where Are You Going to Sit?

Nice view?  Check.  Comfy bed?  Check.  Sunbeam?  Check.  Banky?  Double check!


Ahn, look at lil’ Roofles. <3 to Sparky!

Juuuuuuuuuuuust restin’ my eyes

Er. [snoring makes kibble attach to nostril on inhale]

Looks like he’s just RESTIN’ THOSE PAWS TOO, Lindsay J.!

Ah, nostalgia

Pull! [Tennis ball shoots thru air]

Love – All, Puppeh has the next serve

Hey Arlo R., go Paly Vikes!

Shake and Bake legs

Sender-Inner Lucio R. says; "Our dog Ciro has legs that look like breaded chicken drumsticks. We like to nibble on those nummers. Shake and bake."

Shaken und zuh bakin

Well of course, Lucio, makes perfect sense.


Schnozzles + Sausage bodies!

Schnozzles + Sausage bodies!

Schnozzles + Sausage bodies!

Annie M., completely and totally anerable!


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