SOLID Daily Puppeh Ass-Kicking

I regret to inform the readers of this site that the Daily Puppeh just gave us a SOLID ass kickin’ in the Cute depahtment. Get a load of the evidence [hides face in SHAME]


Oh nice, next, some "Arrrrgnng arnnng arnng" stick-chewing action. Just great.


Puhlease, check out this "Petting-por-favor!" request:


Followed by a Nap-attack:


And last, but NOT LEAST; Ye Olde Blankie-Pull.


Yes, we’ve been TAKEN TO SCHOOL, Elizabeth C.

HALP!!! Halp meh!

This puppeh is trying to snorgle my ass and I SERIOUSLY CANNOT DEAL


Wendy P., you, my friend, are ruh-donk. Hear me? RUH-DONK.

THIS JUST IN: Purse puppeh

Thought you’d want to know.

A Puppeh-Purse-Combo.


Lissa R., after your eighteen billion sub-mee-shons, you finally made it. [clinking glasses]

SKÖGE Ikea area rug

Check out this mini-floor rug. Comes in large, small and Prosh.


[Laughing in Swedish accent] Casey G., I think "SKÖGE" is better than "Caesar" for a name.

The Telltale Quaking Paw

The music, the licking, the QUAKING PAW

This is overwhelming [vapors]

Kitten Loves PuppyWatch the top videos of the week here

Kendra P., we usually have a ‘no nads’ policy on C.O. because they’re DiStRaCtInGk, but we’ll make an exception this ONE TIME.

Anerable stubbular beaglette steps

This puppeh OWNS your SOUL.

One teeny new step at a TIME.


run, originally uploaded by Prozic.

And now, slightly closer-pants:

my first baby steps, originally uploaded by Prozic.



Lisa N., it will be a shame when I GNAW THAT PUPPEH’S EARS OFF NAWM NAWM NAWM

I hope you have an enormous vase.

Freshly bloomed pugs. They smell so fragrant this time o’ year. [head tilt]

Get your clippers out, Lisa S. This may take a while.

You’re making us late for bingo

Now grab the station wagon keys and let’s go—Momma’s feelin’ LUCKY TONIGHT!


Um, I think you better do what she says, Curlz71.

Wait—Easter is OVER!?

[Peering out over face-periphery chub roll] I could have SWORN Easter was still happening!!!


Now I am TOTALLY stuck with these Peeps. [Opens package and begins monsching]


Sigh, Matt from Urban Pug, save teh ears for next year…

First… tentative… steps?

…er, rolls…

…brought to you by Casa deFeliz ;)