Klamath Falls, 1963

OK, so me and my friend Danny get to go camping, except Danny’s mom said that Danny’s sister Marlys had to come too, and my mom made me take my brother Ralph and said we couldn’t hike fast on account of he has asthma and stuff.

And Marlys had this big crush on me, but of course she pretended she didn't.

So we were in the forest, and Marlys said she was pretty sure that this is where Old Man Morris lives, who’s supposed to be this scary old guy with a hook for a hand who cooks little kids and eats ‘em.  And I said "cut it out, Marlys, that’s just a ghost story."

But we stuck together anyway, just to be safe.

"Is not," says Marlys.  "Jimmy Beaverton saw him when he took a short cut home from Jamboree last summer.  There was this wheezy voice saying ‘My, you’re a tasty thing, aren’t ya?’ and that’s when he saw him."

"Oh, Jimmy Beaverton eats boogers and thinks Howdy Doody is real," I tell her.  "What does he know?"  And she says "Fine — you’re so smart, let’s see you walk down there by yourself."

                    um, OK...

So now I have to do it or I’ll look stupid.  And then the forest gets really quiet, and the birds stop singing all at once, and all I can hear is the snow crunch under my feet.  And then I stop, and I hear something … wheezing.

( I'm *not* a tasty thing, I'm *not* a tasty thing... )

So Marlys screams at me and Danny screams at Marlys and Ralphie just screams at everybody, and we all run back to camp the whole way without stopping.  Anyway, it turns out the wheezing was just because Ralphie couldn’t find his inhaler.

But we never went back there anyway, just to be safe.

Photos from Jennifer T. (with an assist from Alexis M. & Sarah F.S.)

No More Scary Movies For You, Dad

"It’s the same story every time we watch a Freddy or Jason movie:  You always say ‘I’m a big boy now, I can handle it,’ and by the time the picture’s over, you end up whimpering in my bed."

But I *swear* I can hear a chainsaw in the next room!

Looks like someone could use this handy How To Survive A Slasher Movie guide, JC.

You’re know they’re done…

When their ears pop out!

Ding! [Oven timer sound]


Sender-Inner Anastasia K. sez Pup Ruby is home with her (and her big brother Herbie!) She also sez: "There is so much corgi cute-itude in this house right now we’re all getting sick to our stomachs!" Roight!

My dance card. Is full.



Later that night AFTER A FEW DRINKIE POOS:


Sender-Inner Cynthia Q. of California sez: "Hello Hello!!! His name’s BoBo and we thought it’d be cute to put him in a girly bathing suit with a frilly bottom." I’ll pay for the shrink bills, Cynthia.

Aim high, Baby.

Aim High.


There is pretty moshe nothing more that can be said except:



I’m SURE you can come up with another caption, Megan W. I mean, WHAT IS THAT GERMAN SHEPARD THINKING!?

“We want your dog to hold their head high in what they are wearing even if it has a pom pom on it”

Those nutjobs over at Etsy are at it again! Get a load of these hats!

"If you live somewhere cold and windy and your dog’s ears turn into little icicles on the walk, this is the hat you’ve been waiting for…"


"This is our most practical hat and is completely adjustable for the best fit so it will stay on for a long walk. It’s very soft and comfy."


Via Etsy, via Foundshit.com, via Katy Perry’s Vanity Fair article.

A Tribute to Mr. Khan

Unfortunately, a horrible propane accident claimed the life of Martha Stewart’s baby Chow Chow "Genghis Khan" and other pups yesterday. More details are here at Martha’s blog.

Here is a muzzlepowshe and paw tribute follows. Mr. Khan at 9 weeks:


Rare purple tongue sighting:


Prosh paws:


General bear-like demeanor:


Poor thing!



You’ve got to be kidding me.




Gina A., youreally need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Bad dream BAD DREAM!!!


Via Failblog!

My Private Torment

"I’ve tried to quit, honestly, I have.  Twelve-step programs, hypnosis, patches, pills, ointments, you name it.  But then I’ll be out with the boys at a party, and someone starts passing around a… a… chicken, and it starts all over again."


You’re such an enabler, Kathleen C.


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