WHAT! It’s comforting!!!

Yeah, it’s my security bulldog SO WHAT


Stop making fun of him, Kezia S. and Kris W.!

High Five.



Down low, Tisha G. Too slow.

Friday Haiku: I Think One of Us Is in the Wrong Bathroom

Perplexed puppy-dog
Flipping out over Flipper
Dolphin-safe haiku


(random squealing and clicking), Maria N.

The Fool. He Suspects Nothing.

Just look at him.  The genial, glad-handing imbecile.  At the bed with the paper every morning, by the door with the slippers every night.  Even now, the little toady waits at his usual place, on top of the large “X” conveniently drawn on the sidewalk.  Yessss, keep waiting… That’s a good boy…


From a collection of cute photobombs, since we’re on the subject (some NSFW)

GusGus wants to try Life.

GusGus tries professional modeling. Does not like.


GusGus tries truck driving. Does not like.


GusGus tries vegetarianism. Does NOT like.


GusGus gets advice from nice Grandpa Truck Driver Dog Chester.


GusGus is happy to be a puppy for now.


GusGus and Chester photographed and captioned by sisters Carol and Leah S.

Lamest. Whack-A-Mole. Ever.

I mean, there’s just the one hole, and they don’t even let you use a mallet!  Seriously, what’s up with that?

Ready for his Xtreme Close-Up

Pup “Brody” is ready for his close-up.

He powdered his schnozzle and everything. Check it: [roll music]


Brian V. has many, many more glorious shots over at Flickr-oonie-poonie

Ladies and Gentlemen, “Pinto Bean, Esquire

“Wow” you say. “Pinto Bean looks like a pretty small pup.”

“But, how small could he be?”




Lydia F. (i that is your real name) Thank you for the Rule #2 definish.

Cavalcade of Vaguely Unsettling Facial Expressions!

Figure 1: The “what are you doing with that chainsaw, Reverend?”

Daisy and things 012

Figure 2: The “ghost story at summer camp”


Figure 3: The “Silence of the Lambs”


Photos by Jessica C., Siberian Husky puppy Belfi by Ritmó, and Eddie and Ginger F.

C.O. Summer Vacation Travel Tips!

No visit to scenic Yellowstone National Park is complete without a stop at the “Old Floof-ful” geyser, so nicknamed because it erupts like clockwork every six hours, which coincidentally is also when Old Floof-ful gets out for meals and walkies.

Let's just say that my tummy ain't the only thing rumbling around here.

Uh, better stand back, Carmen G.


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