Let’s Stick Together

“Om-peh-ih-ive? Uch? Ee’re ogh uh eash iggle ict om-peh-ih-ive!”

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On the Road Again

“Oh, yah, retirement’s been good to Larry’n me so far, no complaints. We just got back from visiting my sister in Arizona — oh, it’s so hot down there, don’cha know, don’t know how they stand it. Anyways, we’re gunna swing east before we head home, ’cause Larry wants to visit the World’s Largest Hydrant out’n Oklahoma.”


“These pups have an RV to match their owners!” notes Ark Portable Power.

But I’m Already In Bed!

Seriously, if you think the cage is so wonderful, you sleep in there!

Meanwhile, on the Dogville Airport Shuttle…

“(Ugh, it’s like a sardine can in here, and of course every one of these guys will need to stop at a different terminal before I get off. And could that guy up front mouthing off about the Packers game be any louder? *sniff* Oh, for crying out loud, who had the breakfast burrito?!)”

Treat - Imgur

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It’s Not What You’re Thinking

Unless you’re thinking my friend here has developed a severe case of Species Identity Disorder and now thinks he’s a Shetland Pony and insists I ride him around the room all day. Then it is what you’re thinking.


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Mail Call!

This kind and dutiful old dog knows how to please Mr. Postman — by carrying the mail from the curb to the house. (And if any checkup reminders from the vet’s office happen to get lost in the bushes… well, these things just happen.)

Advanced Human Hand Gestures, Lesson One

Having mastered single-person gestures such as the peace sign, the thumbs-up, and the “it’s up there in the exact middle of the ceiling” gesture, you are now ready for two-person gestures, such as the celebratory high-five.

To begin, face your partner and raise your paw so that it is about even with your face. This serves as the invitation to the high-five gesture. Your partner should then return the gesture and strike your paw with light to moderate force.


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This Is Everybody’s Monday Everywhere

You come in to work, you have your coffee, you spend a couple of minutes looking at Teh Qte, and then you get down to work. And that’s when everything goes wrong.

Mystical Creature: Wolf Elf

Stats: Strength, 5; Magic, 15; Intellect, 3; Cuteness, 74 + 20 x saving roll

Abilities: Squirrel Chase +6, Tail Chase +2, Soulful Eyes +9

When Wolf Elf is in play, all characters must roll 2 x 20 to determine “Dawww” effect. Characters under the “Dawww” spell are reduced to infantile blubbering for remainder of turn. Wolf Elf may be countered by playing Enchanted Stick of Fetching.


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Bored of the Rings

You know, the rings just aren’t my event. I’m more of a floor exercise kind of guy.


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