Daaaad, you’re such a dork

Why do you do this every year? You’re scaring our friends.

Way to blow your kids’ cool rep, Milton

I like the new girl but she’s a little cold

Don’t get me wrong, she’s hot and all, but—

Kinda inflexible, Jamie H.

Kronche Squared

Longtime Cuteologists are familiar with Rule of Cuteness #35: If you try to eat your own appendage, it’s cute.

Less well-known is its corollary: If someone else is eating a different appendage at the same time, it’s ultra-cute.

No need to buy them chew toys, Cindilla T.

Home for the Holidays

Christine K. spotted this gem over at Awkward Family Pet Photos.

¡Ay, Cur Rhumba!

Día tras día, Conchita bailaba frente al espejo. Ella espera con todo su corazón para realizar su sueño: Ser un bailarín en el programa televisivo “El Sábado Gigante.” *

* Translation: Day after day, Conchita danced in front of the mirror. She hoped with all her heart to realize her dream: To be a backup dancer on the television program “The Saturday of the Extreme Largeness.”

They look like seals after a while

These pups are cutting high grooming costs by cleaning up AU NATUREL!

I love how they slide AND try and eat the snow, Susy P.

A New Wrinkle

What makes us pugs so cute? It’s the wrinkles. I have more loose skin on my neck than most dogs have on their whole bodies. I’m wrinkled everywhere…

… and I do mean everywhere.

Phillie looks so concerned, Emily E.

Let’s check in on: Boo!

Oh! He’s awake!


Wait, he IS awake!

Fooled me again.

Epic pup Boo has a sweet FaceBook page. But you already knew that.

Sweet Dreams

Someone is sleeping and smiling!

COXCUSANDR! [Cute Overload XTreme Close-Up Smile and Ninety Degree Rotayshe]

Puppilicious, Sender-Inner Madeline W. Photo of Sadie by Lydia.

Aliens! They’re Everywhere!

Caught one trying to melt into the walls! I’ll grab his antenna so he can’t escape!


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