True Blue Baroo™

In big trubs? Sittin‘ in the hot seat? True Blue Baroo™ instantly restores all warmandfuzzyjuju! Just point and aim the lasers and whoosh, no more stink eye death rays from your loved ones!

Disclaimer: Effectiveness not guaranteed against yeems.

OMG, is this even legal, Luna? Photos by Arwenita, sent to us by Pequenia A.

Puppies Are the New Porn!

Fluffy animals are ruining the economy! Wall Street wheeler-dealers are hooked on YouTube videos of pandas suckling orphaned llamas! Cute Overload is the new Perez Hilton! Mauve is the new black! Asparagus is the new peanut butter! Read the shocking details at Slate (last three paragraphs)!

Michael S. knew this already.

Oof! Grr! Yay, I Did It!

Oh, sure — you and I go up and down steps all the time. But when you’re a chubby padded puppy, it’s a major milestone in life.

Live From the Bulldog Swing Races!

Well, it’s been a thrilling contest so far, race fans, with the favorite, Smoosh My Moosh, running neck-and-neck with the longshot, Playground Beef. And it’s anybody’s race as these two intense, determined competitors come down to the wire, taking and retaking the lead, neither one giving any ground…

You Have Been Randomly Selected

Puplishers Clearing House is pleased to send you an official pup! Because you could be our next Big Winner to receive 1 Million Pups a year for life!

Please see Stefanie C. for official de-tails.

Corgi Saturday Night Jailbreak!

Come on out! It’s CATURDAY NIIIIGHT!

Nice spy cam, Victoria B.

And Cutest Zoo Baby Goes To… [opens envelope]

Kasi the baby Cheet-cheet is the winner of  Cutest Zoo Baby. While he’s at it, Kasi should also win runner up for an Interspecies Snorgling award due to fraternizin’ with this lab puppy named Mtani.

Apparently, zoos often bring in puppehs to befriend orphaned cheetahs, because the two species get along surprisingly well.

Ahgnnng. [Gurgling sound]

Pom’s Pretty Port-a-Cotty

There once was a pretty chamber pot,
And a pommie puppy who really thought,
That its worth was more than piddly squat.

Ami looks a little flushed, Niina R.

50 bonus points for a 7-litter word!

Hmmmm, ok, (arranges litter tiles on rack), I got G-O-L-D-E-N-S.

Goldens is too a word!

Mama Golden, Belle, scored a bingo, Amy J. !

You Talkin’ to Me?

“You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? You talkin’ to me? Then who the heck else are you talkin’ to? You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only one here. Who the heck do you think you’re talking to?”

Thanks to Robert De Niro and Phil “Ant” Pi from AQFL.


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