Soaking Up Labor Day

The pool is closed already but that did not deter this pup!

After a few laps it may be empty.

Next, Delilah would like to cool off with a shake, Cathryn V.

We Found the Problem with Your A/C

Yep, turns out you had a puppy blocking your vent. That’s also the source of that flapping sound you’ve been hearing.

What a Ripoff!

I eat all the way to the bottom, and there isn’t even a plastic toy!

Man, I hate when that happens, Elyas B.

The Chew Toy Was My Idea

Yeah, I was just getting tired of him nibbling on me, waking up with bite marks, you know how it is. So I figure, he gets what he wants, and I get some rest.

It’s Freckles and Tommy, from Lucy L.!

I Can’t Get Comfortabuhls!

I know you mean well, Gravity, but I really want to sleep this way! So cut it out!

Is There a Point to this “Dog Whisperer”?

Is… is he supposed to be talking? His lips are moving, but I can barely hear him! I don’t get… what exactly is this about? Could somebody turn up the sound?

Hussha fruzzsha whushha fruh, Tommy R.

Where Are They Now?

Captured on the red carpet by a paparazzi camera – but which elusive Hollywood has-been is it?

Fabulous Dahling, Michele B.

Hippie Puppies

Ya gotta meet the Rainbow pups, man.

Lessee, we got Astral Granola, Ziggy Blue, Chakra Breeze, Dharma Deva, and Paisley Shrooms. And there’s Patchouli River, Joplin Dream, Skye Dancer, Ripple Destiny, Flower Moonbeam, Kerouac Morning, Luna Dance, and Doobie Dude, yeeaaahhh.

Freaky cool, Maureen K.,

Loyal to the End

Pup “Hawkeye” paid his last respects to fallen Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson, killed August 6. So very, very sad.

Via Dogster.

Just Looking for a Silver Lining, Here…

Look, I’m cool with the whole cone thing. Medically necessary, keeps me disciplined, yadda yadda — I get it. I’m just saying, as long as I have to wear this, why not pour a little kibble in here? That too much to ask?

Would it kill ya, Joshua R.?


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