Some Days, Even Kibble Don’t Cut It

Maybe it’s the humidity, or maybe my inability to resolve the mind/body schism at the core of Cartesian dualism, but I’ve been so listless lately. Not even my impressive display of Rule 47 splayed haunch action lights my fire anymore.

It’s just a phase, Marti Z.

With a Bod Like This, Who Needs Hair?

Tough guys don’t go to barber shops. They go for the hedge clippers at the hardware store.

He is dog, hear him roar, Monica Mc.!

Flurricane Warning!

Increasing cyclonic bands of showers and an unstable warm front indicate this is the perfect puppistorm!

Be prepared for the devastating eye wall.

Thanks for wetting our whistle, Will L. See more of the unseen!

Talk About an Orange Crush

Could somebody get Slurpy McSlurpersons here a straw? Maybe an orange peeler? Actually, one of those electric juicers would be useful…

Carmaggedon Outta Here!

From Long Beach up to Lancaster
No creature that’s alive
Knows not the dire disaster
That awaits the 405.

This weekend, in Los Ahn-ga-lees
A vital freeway closes
And brings the region to its knees
With gridlock, one supposes.

The thought of driving where you like
Will seem absurd and risible.
So Angelinos, ride a bike
Even if it’s just invisible.

Photos by Flickr users (from top): allygirl520, JDACD133H

Ego Petting

Imitation is the cutest form of flattery in the Mutt-ual Admiration Society.

Another case of identity theft by Cali and Nick J.

Them Rocks Is Wily, Ah Tells Ya

Rock fishing ain’t for the feeble of mind, no sir. Takes patience, a keen eye, and the ability to stand on your head in shallow water. But the worst part is when you get’em on land — the little rascals’ll scamper right back into the drink ‘afore you can even get out your fliet knife.

We Don’t Usually Feature a Puppy’s Junk on Cute Overload

But in this case, we’re going ALL OUT:

Pema Y., it’s a good thing that Google ad showed up as a cover-up.

You! Lying on the Grass!


Boston puppulence via Izismile

True Blue Baroo™

In big trubs? Sittin‘ in the hot seat? True Blue Baroo™ instantly restores all warmandfuzzyjuju! Just point and aim the lasers and whoosh, no more stink eye death rays from your loved ones!

Disclaimer: Effectiveness not guaranteed against yeems.

OMG, is this even legal, Luna? Photos by Arwenita, sent to us by Pequenia A.


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