Must be a Jimmy Chew shoe

Remember, always thoroughly chew your food. It’s better for your digestive system.

Chanel’s never too busy to chew each bite at least 34 times. She is adored by Roberto Macfie (photo) and Brent Baldwin (sender-inner).


This background TOTALLY distracts from my cuteness.

Can you walk me over to the grass or something?!

T-bone smile- he got explored… I guess coz he’s so darn cute by Eyesplash.

LOLpug = Little Old Lady Pug

Honeychild where’s your fashion sense?! I have NO PEARLS to clutch!!!

This outfit don’t make a lick o’ sense! How can I go to the revival without my pearls?!

Presenting Lucy and Tank! Bless their pea-pickin’ li’l hearts, Cara.

Just gotta pick up a few things at Target


I hear that Missoni sale was out of control, Emily J.

You Too Can Have a Flat Stomach in Seconds

Finally, the secret to quickly and effectively getting the firm, flat stomach you’ve always wanted.

Simply lie face down!

Photo by Noah P., who says, “Dahlia is a shelter pup (we think chihuahua and dachshund mix—check her stubby cute legs!).”

Thuh lasht leaf of Autumn!

You can shtart Chrishmush shopping nao!

Winston is the cutest leaf-peeper evar, Jess R.!

Spitting Image

Aw, look. See, he has my nose.

Winston’s such a proud pawpaw, JoJo R. But don’t let him pawtty train Bobby.

Even More Drams

Get ready for more drama, People. [shaking head]

Dramatic Chipmunk started it:

Then the Surprise Kittens were all ‘nah-ahn’;

Then Cupcake Dog was all ‘way’:

Meanwhile, this ham was all:

And now, piling on is… HUSKY DRAMA!

The addition of Juno the soul-stealing Husky brought to you by Hope K.

Soooo (Scroll down) Comfortabuhls…

Will you please check out this redonk scene (involving a silly, silly Pomeranian, natch) that looks soooo tie-tie-comfortabuhls. I wanna get one of these little houses for my own self:


High Noon at the CO Corral

OMG, it’s the Side-Eye Kid.

I want you outta town by sundown.

Circle the waggins, Truman! Yee-ha, Erin M.