Not Such a Hot Idea

Based on this video, Gus seems like a real “have it all” dog, the kind who doesn’t like being forced into arbitrary choices — such as between the cool kiddie pool and the air conditioned house. Let us know how that works out for ya, Gus.

Dynamic Duo

Quick! To the Dogmobile! You can‘t get away from us this time, Catwoman!

Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Milo! (chihuahua) Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na,  Rusty! (chi-corgi, “chorgi”)
Your back yard is safe, Annie.

Ding! Order up!

OK, who ordered the baroo plate special? Here you go, hon. (say in suth’n accent) Enjoy!

Ya’ll come back real soon, Libby and Sarah K.

Beat the Heat with a Slush Puppeh

Chill your pulse points on this polar pooch!

Safer than romping with 5-year olds in the sprinkler.

Snow pup close-up!

Ahh, the dog days of …winter, Dakota B.

Like Pointy Windows to the Soul

Ah yes, your eyes may glance up coyly, as if to say “Automobile excursion? I shall certainly give it my fullest consideration while weighing my options for the afternoon’s entertainment,” but the ears — they’ll give you away every time.

Gidget is playing Rule 28 like a piano, Matt H.

When Your Rrruff’s Not Enuff

Strut your tuff stuff!

This is Weasel, a 4 week old “Morkie” (Maltese/Yorkie). Photo by Kira M.

This Kitten’s Premises Protected By

Doggler Security.

Providing 24 hour ultrasonic mobile perimeter protection. No snorgles for you!

This is Devil, who is a rescue pup, caring for his new rescue kitten. Might a sausage deactivate him, Krystal G.?

I’d Like a Soft Taco…

…extra large, black beans, jalapeño peppers, hold the guacamole…

Freertago, Lauren G.? (you may need to say it out loud.)

CO: Come for the Commodey

Stay for the comments!

Commiserations, Scooby. Compliments, Jackie C.

I always sleep in burlap sheets

Nighty-Night, People.

Ed’s Joint showcased these pup-Zzz.


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