Misa Minnie, You’re the One

You make praying, sitting pretty, rolling over, playing dead, sitting, knocking things down, waving hello, weaving, licking, pushing, shopping, closing the door, going around, even being sad so much fun. Remember Misa Minnie playing patty-cake? Huffington Post says Misa Minnie can do two dozen tricks!

Fave Frame:

Via YorkieTube.

Flashback Friday

Toto and Dorothy. The early years.

Study of a small girl with a prize Scottish (Skye or Cairn) Terrier, c. 1935. Photo by Sam Hood, State Library of New South Wales.

Help Me, Fanboys, You’re My Only Hope

With the recent announcement of a “story group” to determine what is and is not official Star Wars canon, fans fear this may be the end for lesser characters who won’t make the cut, such as Jedi mystic Augie “Ben” Doggie.

Brandi E. writes: “This is my Standard Schnauzer (schnozzle), Rimski. We like to play Star Wars after bath time. These are not the droids you are looking for.”

It May Be Winter But Get Ready To Melt

Hollywood Hounds is not only a pet boutique and spa; they have been doing pet adoptions and rescues since 2007. Three months ago they took in an abandoned pair like no other whose forever home is now none other than Hollywood Hounds. Jacqueline Borum is captivating and inspiring as she tells the story.
Fave Quotes:

“They were found together. They are pretty much inseparable. The Dachshund absolutely loves this kitten, which has some health issues obviously.”

“We’ve had bonds between animals. I don’t know we’ve ever seen anything like this. It’s pretty special.”

“Every time Idgie goes out she gets a smooch. Someone’s constantly babying Ruth.”

“They pretty much share everything.”

“We’re making up for lost time for anything that they may have lacked.” “Now they’ve got about 14 Mommies here.”

Thanks to all the peeps who sent this in! Including, “I dare you to watch these two and not get teary.” -Phred’s Mom. And, “I’m sure you’ve gotten this one a bunch by now. . . but just in case. OMG THOSE LEGS!” -Nick D. More on this story from Huffington Post.

It’s Just You and Me Kid

You’re adorable, you smell great and you can climb trees, but how good are you at pathological loyalty?

“Took this photo where my boyfriend goes horseback riding. The dog’s name is Lone Star and the kitty just follows her around like a little puppy. It’s a barn kitty but the sweetest cat I’ve every seen. Just wants to snuggle any animal that will let her/him.” -Tammy P.

A Little Daddy-Puppy Time

Hey! Kids! Wanna play? C’mon. Do ya? How about you? Wanna? Huh? Wanna? Wanna chase? Wanna wrestle? Wanna go get ice cream? Wanna? Huh? Wanna?

Via Dog Heirs and YouTube.

Deth By Stuffies

It is no use to fight it.

Good bye nice people.

“Here is my main man Phillip, aka Philpers, Dr. Phil, chillin’ whilst wearing his hoodie. And a pom I know named Farf. You can see more of Farf and Phil at Small Animal Talk.” -Anne F.

Draw Me Like One of Your French Poodles

… wearing only this sleepy, contented smile.


Thanks, Schnozzola

You give my life direction.

“This is Noodle enjoying a September afternoon on the deck.” -Ryan Y.

Your Tail Says, “Yes!” But Your Ears Say, “Nyerhe.”

If you don’t know what we’re talking about, check this out. Rule of Cuteness #33.

Via YouTube.


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