Meanwhile, at the Knights of the Illuminati Reception Hall…

After suffering endless renditions of “The Hokey Pokey” during the Gowen/Geter wedding reception, the young Gowen triplets attempt to start a group yawn.

Forget About Puppeh’s First Steps

Today, this is Ralphie’s first baroo. Tomorrow, who knows?

“I have been a fan for many people years and dog’s years. I submit to you my newly-acquired puppy, Ralphie, who was kind enough to show my camera his very first baroo.” -Donna.

Oh Thank Heaven

For weimie puppies seven!

Is seven a leetle too much to take all at once? Sorry, let’s try two at a time.

Still overboard? How about one at a time?

Can you handle one sleppeh + belleh + floppeh puppeh?

How about just sleppeh?

Hope the smoosh face isn’t overdoing it.

If you’ve made it this far then a sprinkle of flowers on top should be no problem!

“Some photos of some weimaraner puppies.” Photographer, Cindilla T.

Get On Your Feet

You can’t look at this pup and stay in your seat. Something about him makes you want to move it, move it!

This is Tuna and you have to visit him at Tuna Melts My Heart. Go, go, go!

Fuzzyology 101

We consider ourselves expert Fuzzyologists. We are fearless squee-ers of Fuzzyology. Today we welcome some familiar distinguished guests of honor.  Let’s get right to our first guest.

And our next squee-er at the podium has a long list of fuzzy credentials.

Next, here he is, the alpaca, who shows us how to be fuzzy headed.

And now, please give it up for, fuzzy ducklings everywhere!

Finally, we are proud to welcome our very latest and greatest fuzzy newcomer!

“When I take my cat, Max, to the vet, the people there always gasp at his beauty. A picture is attached for proof. He looks like Farrah Fawcett, don’t you think?” -Ridley J.
“Romeo” – Josh Norem, The Furrtographer.
“10 ducklings! quackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquackquack.” -xoPeter.
“I visited a children’s farm in The Netherlands, where I live. We call it a ‘kinderboerderij’ by the way. I came across this beautiful, fluffy, cuddly Alpaca!” -Julia H.
Vivi, the Merino Guinea Pig via Healthy Pets. -Anna C.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

My name is Penny and I do not approve of this w-w-w-eather.

“Thank you for posting Penny’s cuteness on Cute Overload! She was super excited (as were we!). Lil Penny wanted to let you know that she survived the Polar Vortex, but this winter snow just keeps on coming! She will be in hibernation until Spring…in her human’s coat! -Jenny.

Wow, They Put In a New Pool!

Jeepers, this is so much bigger than the old one! Now I’ll be able to do the dog paddle, and the backstroke, and…



Cuteness Up the Yin-Yang

Here we see Rule of Cuteness #46 (Sleeping in a yin-yang position is cute) in action, demonstrating that when you’re with a soft friend, there’s always enough pillow to go ’round.

Via Cute Emergency.

We’re All So Proud

When Uncle Heshie was selected as the face of the park’s “Would It Kill You to Pick Up After Your Pet, Were You Raised In a Barn or What?” campaign, it was a feather in our cap, I can tell you.

“This is my pug, Minos. Hope he’s cute enough!” Affirmative, Vanessa L.

This Pup Will Make Your Day Better

Or make your heart melt a little. Or make you squeal with delight. Or make you want to boop its nose. Or make you want to throw the ball.

“Meet little Maeby Fünke!! She is the cutest little, runt Jack Russell Terrier ever!” -Meagan S.


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