The Right Stuff

Go ahead. (doing best T-day turkey imitation) I loff stuffing! (opens mouf)

“We have a gallery of cute animal photos.” -Rob A. of WQIK radio!

A Message From Your Carpool Alliance

Steve is a claims adjuster. His neighbor Rex guards a junk yard. Every workday, this unlikely duo spare the air by commuting together. If they can do it, so can you! Carpool today!

Via RocketNews24 and Andrew Y.

Food Googlie Eyes

Io the Corgi Haz Dem! Do Youz Tooz?

“Io stares lovingly at a chicken.” Via Corgis Begging for Stuff

Will Buddy Ride the Triple Twisty Slide?

Buddy knows the key elements to a great playground experience is corgi-tude, fast corgi-pantaloons and a… TRIPLE TWISTY SLIDE?

Via YouTube

Well, This Toesday Sucks

No, really.

“This is 1 year old Puka the sheltie and 6 month old Kinikai the Maine coon. Kinkai suckles Puka’s feet every night & morning in bed and it tickles!” -Jzathey.

Lemme Just Sneak This Outta Here

Nothin’ to see here. Ehn, ehn, ehhn! OK that wasn’t very sneaky.

“Too cute pup trying to get his stuffed toy thru the doggy door!” -Ellen G. Via YouTube

This Nosevember Post Brought To You By Close-Up!

Let’s see some big smiles!

Look, Ma, no cavities!

Tingling fresh!

Makes moufs happy!

Smile, that’s the style!

“Greyhounds totally rule Nosevember!! Our girl Honey is not shy when it comes to stealing our furniture for her power-naps.” -Audrey H.
“Kit, the Doxie, has a got a great nose AND smile, don’t you think?” -Jo B.
“This is our whippet, Nessa. She has the most lovely nose and sleeps with her mouth half open.” -Pam.
“Nosevember Cavalier” -Celine C.
“A close up of the very ornery Ellie.” -Carrie D.

Git Along Li’l Dogie Noses

Woopee tee tiny yi yo…





“In recognition of Nosevember, my Boston terrier, Rupert. His nose is rather small. But it’s still cute. And in the wintertime, it’s usually the only thing peeking out from under whatever blanket he’s wrapped up in.” -Rachael H.
“My dog Buddy, who I lost last month to kidney failure. He was a sweet little boy who lived a year after his diagnosis.” -Yumiko T.
“This is our 12 week old English Bulldog, Bucky. Had to get a pic of her little schnozzle while she was sleeping, as she moves around too much when she’s awake!” -Lex S.
“I submit for your consideration: Mr. Darcy.” -Gabby W.
“This is Pip!” -Roxann S.

Flashback Friday

Tower, this is pupster, ready for take off.

13 Whacko the cockatoo and Cobber the dog
“Whacko” the sulphur crested cockatoo, and “Cobber” the dog, taken on June 24, 1943. Camp mascots of No. 1 Camp, Tatura Internment Group, Australia: Victoria, Tatura.
Photographer James Tait. Australian War Memorial collection. Kiwitan’s Parrot blog

Now it’s Time to Relax, Com-pleat-ly

Tie-tie pup wanted to become one with the pillow, but this is a bit much.

Via The Bark Post -Smedley