So I Assume All of the Other Superhero Costumes Were Rented, Then?

By day, mild-mannered Wiley leads a seemingly normal life…

But whenever Wiley’s ultrasonic ears sense injustice and danger…

He transforms into his crime-fighting alter ego, Breadman!

See more Wiley at Critter Camp! Thanks, Beth R.!

C.O. Laundry Tips

Remember to separate puppies and toddlers before washing. Both tend to run like crazy, and will blend into each other if washed together.

Via Reddit.

I Had That Dream Again

First, this nice lady gives me a dog biscuit, and then another and another, and then I’m covered on dog biscuits and I can’t move. What does it mean?


“Something that I stumbled upon today. Looks like Oscar has it made!” says Nicole F.

Turbo Toebeans

Showroom quality, supercharged, four on the floor! Blowing all the other toebeans off. The. Road!

“Some very cute pics of my Australian shepherd, Fly. Full name C-me Fly Away Home. She is four. She has one blue eye and the funniest sleeping positions. I was able to capture all four feet and toes at once!” -Claire S.

Live from the International Slapfighting Semifinals!

… and as we begin round two, it’s clear that the American, Cliff McBleargh, is simply no match for the superior skill and aggressiveness of reigning champion Jacques Blacque of East Pugistan…

Via Reddit.

Hey, Here Comes Someone…

Just act natural!

(cracking up laughing)

Are they gone?

Whew. Good job being casual and inconspicuous, Indi. Very convincing. (pats on head)

“Harlow and his old friend Sage are minor internet celebrities with almost 100,000 people following them on Instagram. Since they began sharing their pics, a new friend has been added to the household — Indi the Dachshund. The new pup seems to fit in just fine…” -Emily.

Mysteries of the Exotic Unknown!

Reachable only via a 13-day trek through scorching deserts, leech-infested swamps, blustery snow-capped mountain peaks, and the produce section of the Hog Wallow, Arkansas, Wal-Mart, the remote paradise of Whaddi-Doodah is home to the amazing Giant Hounds of the Hebrides, used chiefly for transportation.

Photo from Mashable via Christi Addison.

Rain! Did you just…?!

Oops, pardon. Did you hear something? Oops, pardon. There’s some mistake. Oops, pardon. Sumthin’ smells fishy. Oops, pardon. Enough already! Oops, pardon.

Via YouTube. More stinkin’ cute Rain (w/Rogue & Ruger) on Facebook.

Lotta Noses Volume II: Black Friday Edition

Are you looking for some great tips before you head out? We got a few. Ten tips to be exact. Not to be totally obvious on Black Friday, but this is CO and it is Nosevember!










“Our super chill tuxedo named Porter, who is sacked out on The Mister’s shoulder. He sleeps through anything (including my high-pitched cooing while I take the picture).” -Minna M.
“Does this tongue make my nose look big?” -Karen S.
“Close-up of my Flemish Giant, Flopper, taken by my friend, Amy at Check out those whiskers!” ~Joanne M.
“Duncan, our rescued Irish Wolfhound Mix, saying Happy Nosevember everyone. Duncan loves Nosevember ’cause he’s got a nose for turkey,
sweet potatoes, pumpkin…he gobbles them up! Thanks for keeping up the cute!” -Michele D.
“Nush.” -Alexis M.
“12 week old Ellie, the black lab.” -Madeline P.
“Mr. Biscuit for your Nosevember viewing pleasure. Sadly he left us a year ago at the young age of 5. This wonderful photo sums him up to a ‘t’. Thanks so much for all the cuteness!” -Celeste H.
“My Nosevember bunny, Gracen. She likes to to butt my arm with her nose when she wants a treat!I love your site!” -Melissa C.
“My mom’s poodle, Patti LaBelle.” -Lauren S. 
“My Pomeranian, Izzy. Her tongue has a mind of its own, as you can see. My girlfriend and I adopted her a year ago from a wonderful rescue here in Brooklyn called Waggytail Rescue. Photos by Charlie Gigante More photos of Izzy can be found @

The Right Stuff

Go ahead. (doing best T-day turkey imitation) I loff stuffing! (opens mouf)

“We have a gallery of cute animal photos.” -Rob A. of WQIK radio!