Pugliest Christmas Sweater

Grandma says it brings out my eyes.

“Daryl the Pug!” -Samantha P.

Mr. Darcy’s All Wet

I declare! Perhaps, if one would be so inclined, one would believe Mr. Darcy very recently jumped into a lake,

Or, heaven forbid, his marriage proposal in the rain hath been rebuffed?

“Mr. Darcy’s bath time!” -Gabriella W.

One Look

and your whole day will go to the dogs. Your productivity level is falling already! (singsong)

Springer Spaniel, Millie, via Reddit.

Oh Well, Two Out of Three

For some dogs, everything is a fetch toy… but one dog says “snow way.”

Via Reddit.

Guess Who Has a Crush on Milo! (singsong)

We’re not supposed to tell, but we’ll give you a hint…


Remember not to tell.



Via Milo Meets World and Anita C.

Night, Cap

Honestly, I don’t understand my hoomins sometimes. My mommy brings home this cozy dog bed, and my daddy keeps putting it on his head.

Wrong hat? I take a seven and a half, Amy.

Toebeans A Go-Go

Kitty toebeans extraordinario.

Puppeh workin’ the toebean mojo.

Otter toebeans like fo’ sho.

Turtle toebeans in slo-mo.

“My snowshoe kitty, Quinn’s little speckled toe beans. We adopted her on Sunday from the Kentucky Humane Society & I’m just so in love with her already. I’m sure she’d love to be on your website in celebration of her adoption!” -Mariah R.
“Frida.” -Natalie.
“Otters.” -Chris W.
“Our golden retriever, Dax, on her very first day at home with us. I think the paw really adds something, don’t you?” -Gina G.

Stunt School for Dogs

Think you’ve got what it takes to succeed in the rough-and-tumble world of movie stunts? Enroll today!

So this is what joy looks like, Wendy M.

Mad Bombers

It’s the Yorki-ness monster…

You never know what lurks beneath a Corgi…

I love the puppy dogs, I love the photo bombs, bomb dee yada, bomb dee yada…

Various, via Mashable.

Quaker Instant Corgi!

Start your morning with a pick-me-up — a piping hot cup of corgi pup! Also available in lemon beagle and chipotle chihuahua.

Via Reddit.