Puppy Bowl XI: Game ON

Today is the day for Puppy Bowl XI! It’s Team RUFF vs. Team FLUFF for ALL the marbles dog biscuits! Kickoff is set for today at 3pm PT/6pm ET on Animal Planet.

First: The Pre-Game Show:

And let’s not forget Halftime, with none other than Katty Furry:

Behind The Scenes At Puppeh Bowl XI

The Big Game isn’t until Sunday, (not THAT Big Game, THIS one) but we have a preview of what goes on behind the scenes, thanks to Paul L. of Brooklyn. (He attended the taping back in October; everything he saw and videoed was embargoed until yesterday. Spoiler- you’ll learn who the MVP is! Ready? 21–57–92–114–Hike! Woof!)

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Puppy Bowl XI: Coming February 1st!

The first day of next month features some big football game but the Niners aren’t in it so who cares Puppy Bowl XI on Animal Planet! It’s Team RUFF vs. Team FLUFF for ALL the marbles dog biscuits! Take a look at this Puppy Bowl XI Preview, watch the players getting ready sleeping in the locker room with this live cam, and you can check out the team rosters here!

Let’s Go Bowling

Four big Bowl Games today, featuring Kittehs, Puppehs, Fish, annnnd…some Broncos and Seahawks. We’ll concentrate on the first three. Over at the Hallmark Channel, they’re presenting their first ever Kitten Bowl.

It’s in association with North Shore Animal League America.

All kittens participating in the competition are guaranteed furr-ever homes…

…through Hallmark Channel’s partnership with NSALA. Gametime: 12/11C.

And then next up, on Animal Planet- Puppy Bowl returns for its tenth consecutive year with an all-star, all-adorable cast that’s ready to mix it up on the grand gridiron of Animal Planet Stadium. Gametime: 3 PM E/P, on Animal Planet, natch! (More here.)

And finally, on NatGeo WILD, you get..the Fish Bowl. Four hours of…a goldfish swimming in its bowl. From 6-10p ET.

We Congrat-Choo-Late The Ravens

124bTwo Big Games on Sunday, the Supah Bowl, and the Puppeh Bowl! We’d like to congrat-choo-late the Baltimore Ravens and Marta, the MVP of the Puppeh Bowl.

[At least the PB didn’t have a power outage for over half an hour! -Ed]
Get a wrap of all the Puppeh Bowl Newz over here.

Sootball of Love® image from Jaxson S.

Puppy Bowl IX: Game On

The Biggest Game On All Fours Is Back! Puppy Bowl IX. Kickoff is 3pm ET/PT on Animal Planet.

[As they say, check your local listings. -Ed]

Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Animal Planet

Animal Planet
Photos : Animal Planet/Keith Barraclough.

Puppeh Bowl IX- This Sunday!

There’s some big ol’ Football Game on Sunday. Been in all da papes.

No, not this one. We’re talkin’ Puppy Bowl IX– New And Improved This Year, featuring…ready? Hedgehog Cheerleaders. In-Game tweets by Meep The Bird. (Geddit?)


Important stuff from the Animal Planet press release: “All of the animals featured in Puppy Bowl IX come from shelters and rescue organizations across the United States and even Puerto Rico.”


“This year’s starting lineup includes puppies from Wayside Waifs Animal Rescue (Missouri), spcaLA (California),”


“…Tails of Love Animal Rescue (New York), Pitter Patter Animal Rescue (Wisconsin)…”


“…and Big Fluffy Dog Rescue (Massachusetts).”


“Viewers who are interested in adopting a pet in their area should visit Petfinder.com, which has helped more than 20 million pets find their fur-ever homes.”



Photos by Animal Planet.

THIS JUST IN: Puppy Bowl Livecam!

The big game is one week away! No, silly, not the one with the throwing and the tackling and the wardrobe malfunctions — we mean Puppy Bowl! And Animal Planet has turned on a live feed of the Puppy Bowl locker room! Let’s take a look:

Let’s cut to the FaveFrame™!

Hmm, not much to see at the moment, no sign of… wait, what’s this?