They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors!



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The Next Time I Say Let’s Watch HBO All Night-

- just don’t pay attention, OK? Today is gonna be a KILLER.

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Anybody Up For Some Chow?

Amazing video here, folks! Usually when you call your pupster to dinner, they come zooming in, right? Not these guys! Take a look at the Most Polite Puppehs Ever!

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And That’s A Wrap For Crufts

Saturday, we reported on the goings-on across the pond at the Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham, England. It ended yesterday with these stylish puppehs in attendance!

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Mike Gets A Puppeh Named Tobias

This is what Sundays were made for. (Well, Bundays were made for Bunnehs, but that’s a whole different thing.) Little puppehs bouncing to perky music, through the grass, all floppy and stumbly. Bet when you roll Tobias over and snorf his belleh, he smells good. Anyway, Mike just got Tobias! Look at Little T go!

Mike, send Tobias over to C.O. HQ so we can test this theory. We’ll pay for his first-class airfare.

We’re not kidding.

TO to the resqte here. “Top Of The World” from Imagine Dragons.

“No Better Cure Than A Fluffy Little Animal”

43be87dc110c1a3960fc5c78e54fd60a_largeCheck it out, People! Got this one from Eric R. “My wife and I have produced a film titled Sit Stay Ride about sidecar dogs and hoped you might enjoy the preview. We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign for funds to finish and distribute the film.”

Sit Stay Ride follows a number of sidecar-riding duos, trios, and foursomes as they travel together– sharing the experience of being out and about on a machine as unique as it’s passengers. It’s a delightful and inspiring documentary film about motorcyclists and their beloved canine co-pilots.

[That's Fernand and Albert the Beagles in the photo, cruising through San Francisco. -Ed.]

Daisy And Cooper Go To McDonalds

Daisy (L) gets the ice cream noms first. I wonder……why?

Artisanally (that IS a word, WordPress, so quit trying to correct it) crafted on the iPhone of Carrie S.

Anyone Up For Some Jiggly Paw Noms?

Got ‘em right here, thanks to Cuteporter Lauren (“I think he’s doing a puppeh dance in his dreams”) C. in the You Kay.

From Imgur.

Starting To Get Just A LITTLE Frustrated

[I've got my chew thing, that's not the issue. HOW in the WORLD do I get through this door? If I look pathetic enough, maybe the lazy hoomin will get his lazy ass off the recliner and, uh, OPEN THE DOOR FOR ME.]

Tallulah The Yorkster as seen on Thank God For Dogs.

Yeah, Those Are Panda Puppies

The owner of these puppies in Yancheng, Jiangsu, China says six little guys were born last month and half of them looked just like…PANDAS. This story was originally seen on the trusty RocketNews24 but we went further, over to ChinaNews.com- and got this most helpful report. (Photos originated there too.) This should explain everything. Maybe.

“Yancheng three puppies Resembling panda Meng turned everyone. [Lead] black eye, black ears, chubby physique, occasionally eat leaves, you see not the giant pandas, which are less than a month newborn puppies. Recently, Jiangsu Yancheng resembles a panda’s three dogs became a star, their sprouting state attracted residents.”