Battle Of Wills

This hoomin decided to dress up his puppeh in a ridiculous pink polka-dot outfit, to wear on a walk.


Guess who caved?


THIS JUST IN: National Dog Show Action!

We’ve got some highlights of the National Dog Show in Oaks, PA.! It was held on November 16th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, and the National Broadcasting Company showed the event today. Yahoo News has the deets thusly. An American Foxhound named Jewel won Best In Show.







Little Gravy With Your Turkey, Tuko?

[Yes, and how about some cranberries! And..stuffing! And...punkin pie- with whipped cream!]

“This is our white German Shepherd,Tuko. He loves turkey so much, that he doesn’t even care if it’s fake! Keep up the cute work!” -Anne M.

Happy Hanukkah

To our little friends out there celebrating the holiday!

From Assist from Pyrit.

Now, WHO Needs A Towel?

Paw-tographer Sophie Gamand created this great photos of puppehs after a bath. Meanwhile, in the hovers, the puppehs themselves daydream about being ANYwhere else.

On My Modern Met, French photographer Gamand expressed surprise at the reaction some people had to the photos.

Some people thought the doggehs were being abused! [Good grief. It's a bath. -Ed]

The whole point of the photos was to show what lengths hoomins go to, to groom their pets.

The shoot was done in a groomer’s facility.

Says Gamand in the Met article, “I want others to see dogs for what they are: more than just animals. Our bond is so strong and unique that they really have a special place in the human lifestyle.”

Also: “I don’t try to attribute human qualities to dogs. I try to capture the ones that I believe are already there.”





Spotted by Cuteporter Marla C.

TIME: The 11 Most Influential Animals Of 2013

TIME Magazine has come out with their list of the 11 Most Influential Animals of 2013. Now, how they put gross cicadas on there instead of, say, Maru? Or BUB? Even Brother Cream? Whatever. Here are a few of the folks on the unranked list.

Bowser the Oklahoma puppeh:

The Olinguito:

Olinguito - the newly discovered mammal
Sunny Obama:

Therapy Doggehs:


Dog climbs Everest

Grumpy Cat and Chris P. Bacon:

A Message From Lil’ BUB And Friends

Four Interwebs animal stars are putting their, er, star paw-er behind an important issue – the ending of killing in our nation’s animal shelters- with PSAs on Instagram.

Best Friends Animal Society has teamed up with Lil BUB, Tuna, Nala and Ginny to spread the word about adoption and their mission to Save Them All.

As adopted pets themselves, Lil BUB, Tuna, Nala and Ginny want you to know that U can’t buy a best friend, but you can adopt one.

We Could Be Heroes

Some sad numbers to ponder: today, on average, one in four doggehs die of cancer. For kittehs, it’s one in eight. These numbers are unacceptable. Looks like Canada has taken the initiative here- watch the video and then click here to learn how you can help! (PS- wait ’til the very end to see who the producer of the video is!)

Good Friday Morning, Bentley!

Anything we can bring you? Waffles, Snausages™, maybe a NOM OR TWO ON THOSE DEADLY EARS -N- TOE BEANS?? Good grief, and what about the belleh lurking JUST below those covers. Attention all CO Peeps: We Are NOW on Snorgle Alert!

“Just a little wave to say hello and good morning!” – Hannah M., sent from her iPhone.

Hold STILL, Tally!

Luke The Tabby is just USING Tally the Beagle Mix. “Best scratching post ever,” says Luke.

From Josh N. A bunch more L & T videos here.