To Pop…Or NOT To Pop…

that was the question. So the BBC show QI gave the audience bubble wrap. And they were told to pop it depending on how cute the image on the screen was! Here we go:

“I think many of us are very guilty of this” says KT, who sent this to us via her BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the O2 network.

[Note: With this post, we are bringing out a new tag- British Humor Humour. It's the right thing to do. -Ed]

The Kingsley POV

(Sounds like a PBS show, right?)

Anyway- some folks are NOT happy about all the snow. There are those who are! Like Trousers and these guyz.

And then there’s Kingsley, who REALLY AND TRULY loves snow.

We Dug it.

Let’s Check In At The C.O. Weather Center (Updated!)

We asked y’all to send in a photo of your little critter dealing with the snowy frigid weather. Let’s take a look! (Several from Illinois, BTW.)

First up is Meridith The Corgi, who we first saw getting snow-stuck here. Meri has been bizzy. (Bounding through snow must be hard when you’re so stubby!)

And now to our submitters!

“This is Barkley, enjoying his first snow. He is originally from California but is doing quite well in Montana (with the help of some fashionable cold-weather gear.) -Jamie I.


Logan is a sweetheart that is waiting for his furr-ever home at Save-A-Pet in Grayslake, IL. where the temp right now is a chilling -12 degrees (real feel -42 degrees.) I was out in the snow with him yesterday for some playtime and photos.” -Sandra P. [More photos here. -Ed]

unnamed (1)

“This is Bisco, our Pembroke Corgi named. We live in Indiana and are experiencing the “Polar Vortex.” We don’t typically put Bisco in clothes, but felt we had to for his safety in this windchill of -30 degrees. Video by Ryan K. Photo by me, Alyssa L.”


“Here’s The Notorious FIG again…she’s a little chilly in the -8 temps. Wind chill here in St. Louis is -33!” -Greer B.

“This is how my sister protects her sweetheart rotty, Bandit, from the -17 wind chills this morning in Deerfield, IL. (Hey, it’s warming up in the Chicago area.) Bandit sports socks to the utmost Cute Degree!” -Jeanne R.

“This is a photo of my two dogs Nina (L) and Tito, before our morning walk in the NYC Polar Vortex. Tito spent 3/4 of the walk inside my coat, despite his hoodie sweatshirt, 3-legged fleece jammies, camo coat, pompom hat, and booties. Nina didn’t want to come inside and she only had on a hoodie & a coat.” -Katherine N.

“I am an avid fan of your site and would love to submit this video of Kima, my Corgi romping in snow that was way too deep for her little body! She loves the snow and we have a hard time telling her she can’t stay out and play in when the temperatures were so far below zero here in the Chicago area. BTW, it gets PERFECT around 0:37.” -Kerri M.

Ten-SHUN! (Please)

They want some ATTENTION from their hoomin, and they want it STAT!

Video 1 of Piper from Donna B. Video 2 of Tyrion The Pom submitted by Concord Barb N Paul.

Dogs Who LOVE Snow

We saw Trousers yesterday- the T-Man is clearly in his element when it comes to snow. Now, here are a lotta puppehs who feel exactly the same way, and aren’t afraid to show it! WHO wants a little snow? WHO’s a knucklehead? THAT’s right, YOU are!

Submitted by Erin M.

Mon Chérie, U Come Seet With Me, No?

(Say in fake Frenchy accent:) [We put some Chris Botti on the stereo and pop open a Dog Pérignon Rosé Vintage 1959, OK? Tres' expensive but you are worth eet, ma leetle flower.]

Toby, from Sarah L.

No Bizness Like Snow Bizness

Bentley The French Bulldog has a problem- he can’t get to his Frisbee. So Chase The Goldie decides to help. After all- what are friends for?

Sent in by Sam P.

Holiday Windows Update!

IMG_8682The Macy’s Holiday Windows event is still going strong at their San Francisco Union Square store. Stephanie H. of the SF SPCA updated us today: “We’ve adopted 258 cats and 41 dogs for a total of 299 as of this morning. Last year’s total was 287 for the entire event!” You can adopt at the temporary adoption center on the 1st floor. Holiday Windows runs through Sunday, 1/5. Stop by, or watch ‘em live right here.

Photo from Litter Did You

Have We….Met Before?

On board a Disney cruise ship, a Service Puppeh happens to meet Pluto, the famous Disney character. The Service Puppeh is not too sure what to make of all this!

Seen on The Buzzster, and posted on YT by Nicholas F.

Friday Haiku: Happy Holly-Daze

Small furry puppehs
All dressed up in Christmas stuff
They did not want to






Le Creditos~

1.) Photograph of Bentley by Kathleen P.
2.) Miko from Kate.
3.) Jackie by Paul C.
4.) Theodore Edward von Bearenstein (aka Teddy) -Sara L.
5.) From Reddit.
6.) Lucy & Leo from Erin E.