Tennis Ball Rescue Pups In Action!

If for some reason your tennis ball lands in the pool- no problem! Just call the Tennis Ball Rescue Pups! Your Wilson 3 might be a little soggy (with some slobber) but at least you’ll get it back! They guarantee 100% results- call now!

From Boing Boing.

The Best Thing About A Leaf Pile?

-When you can jump into it many times, yet not have to rake ‘em back up!

Watch Stella The Lab dive bomb (over and over) into this pile of leaves. The YT video says her curious way of flopping down is “just how she cools down on the grass.”

From BuzzFeed Videos.

Pumpkin Posers

This is actually a Gang O’ Five Squirrels—they all picked out Puppeh costumes for Halloween. Pretty good job, I’d say. Photo from Lisa B.


OK, Now Say “Cheese”

Who needs to haul the kids down to the Sears™ Portrait Studio when you can get the hoomin to take the shot for free?





As seen on The, from Annemieke L.

OK, Let’s BLOW This Pop Stand

[She’s gonna plop you in your kennel box. Don’t WORRY. As soon as she leaves, I’ll slip in and blow nudge the lock. You and me, pal. Got it?]

Throwback Thursday: 09/25/2008: Take Us To Your Leader

We have come to your planet in search of Kittehs!

[Red flying saucer lands]

Take us to your Leader or ye shall perish!

We might take a nap before you take us to your leader…

So that we may appear refreshed when we finally met him or her.

Zzzzzzzzzzz. [Mission collapses.]

Well, nice try I guess, Tanya C.

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]

Puppeh Posters

People, take a look. Artist Lili Chen has created these doggeh drawings grouped by country. Head over to My Modern Met to learn how you can buy these!

doggiedrawings10 (1)







GoPro + Doxies = Perfection

Recipe For Fun:

1) Buy a GoPro Camera.

2) Head out to the backyard with a bunch of crazed Doxie Pups.

3) Goad ‘em into chasing you around while you stick the camera in their face.

4) Upload the video to YouTube so Mashable can run it and Cute Overload can, uh, borrow it.

Bunday Evening: Rule Of Cuteness #09

They do love to cuddle. - ImgurAnd that’s a wrap for the week here at Cute Overload. We’ll be back tomorrow morning with a lot more Cute! Meanwhile, cuddle up with this pile of Cute from Reddit. And remember Rule of Cuteness #09: “Piles of a cute thing jack up a cuteness rating exponentially.”

Puppehs Learning Stuff For The First Time

Remember your first time? At…everything? Chances are you don’t, ’cause you were too young, and YouTube wasn’t invented yet so your parents couldn’t shoot it online to embarrass you with later on.


These little knuckleheads are learning about The Important Stuff In Life, and we get to follow along! Sha-ZAM!

From Teri C.


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