Easter BunDay: Henry Sez….

[And here I thought PEEPS came in little packages???]

“Cute picture of Henry and our baby chick, taken by me, Maggie. Happy Easter! :) thanks, Maggie.”

Why Pay Those High Groomer Prices?

Just stop by your local hardware store and pick up one of those utility scrub brushes, and you (and your puppeh) are good to go! Agnes has NO problem with this.

“Thirteen week week old English Bulldog puppy Agnes loves the utility brush we got at the store.” -Nikolaj K.

You’ve Got Junk Mail (Oh No U Don’t)

C.O. has featured mail in several posts: Figaro checking his email…Baron vs. Bubbles…there’s Squee Mail..and Chain Mail.

Which brings us to Calvin.

(You didn’t really want that CD you won on eBay, did you?)

(Who by this account, is a mellow dude.)

Laughter c/o the Squid.

Now U Guys, Remember….

….before we have our dinner, we have to say Grace. Go ahead.

From Mail Online, spotted by Smedley.

This Is Called “Pushing The Puppeh Envelope”

Mr. McGoatersons is gonna see JUST how far he can (literally) push the puppeh, to get a reaction.

From Triple V.

Vancouver BC PD Needs Your Help!

(Well, actually, they need the help of elementary school kids in Vancouver. Which, ah, narrows down the audience of this post considerably. But it’s a Cute Video, so what the heck, eh?)

From Connie C.

Time 2 Go Seep Seep K?

[OK I'll just climb in my box right now and -klunk-.]

Spotted by Kristin R. on the Animal Rescue Site FB.

Anyone Want A Belly Rub? Anybody? Bueller?

[Wendell: I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO. Did I said I DO enough times?]


Dude, Where’s My Treat? (Part II)

Back by pupular demand, we get part II in this series by Jose Ahonen! (Here’s Part I if you missed it.)

From T.O.

Animuhls. With Stuffies.

It’s been a long day. Hassled by the cat/dog, same ol’-same ol’ in the chow bowl, mebbe had to go outside to do your bizness in the rain, just a total write-off today. So who can you turn to for comfort?

Your favorite stuffie, of course.








Yes, from the Tumblr site Animals With Stuffed Animals.


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