So THAT’S How They Do The Doggy Paddle

This clip kinda has an “Underwater Puppies” vibe to it, right? According to the video, it’s the trailer for the BBC series “Pets- Wild at Heart” showing Wednesday 21st January (why, that’s today!) at 8pm on BBC1. (I’d check yer local listings as they say.)


Does This Jacket Make My Butt Look Big?

[I don’t really need to be wearing this, you know. I got all this fur and stuff.]

“I took this picture of my Aussiedoodle puppy Dash looking concerned in his new jacket,” writes Anne L. “The store didn’t seem to have any Doggie Spanx available to, ah, smooth his lines. Admittedly, this would be appropriate for ‘Tocktober, but maybe the snow makes it a January gem?”


Time For A Little T.S.C. (Too. Stinkin.’ Cute.)

Mihai Francu has put together a great compilation of Cute Puppeh Videos. It would be a better world if we all just stopped what we were doing and watched it right now. (Speakers up for this, too.)

These Puppehs Pick The Ducks

The first ever college football national championship game is tonight, with the Oregon Ducks taking on the Ohio State Buckeyes in Arlington, Texas. Though the game has yet to be played, these guys have already chosen Oregon as the winner.

Well, that makes sense.

After all- what’s Cuter, a Bebeh Duck or a…Buckeye?

Mom Dad Taxi XXXVIII: This Is NOT Miami Beach!

picdump-1271-15“Ma, you said we were going to FLORIDA for Christmas break! I flunked geography this quarter- whoops did I just say that out loud- but I KNOW this is NOT Miami Beach.” (DP&F.)

Merry Mahalo, Mahina! (AKA Beans)


“I humbly submit a picture of Mahina (aka Beans,) my West Highland Terrier. She loves jerkies, going for rides, and snuggling with her favorite blankie. She and her hoomins would love it if she made it onto C.O.! Merry Christmas from Hawaii!!” -Leah Y.

24 Hours Of Christmas Cute….continues!

Guess Who’s Ready 4 Christmas?

Puppehs and Christmas go together like Kris and Kringle!









The Raiders Of The Lost Bark

Indiana Bones needs to keep the Bark Of The Covenant from the clutches of the Nazis kittehs. Will Indy MAKE it in TIME?

Gabe The Reindeer?

IMG_20141211_155615Christmas Eve is getting closer- soon Santa will hitch up his Reindeer team to his sleigh to begin his worldwide present delivery. As of this writing, it’s not certain that Gabe The Border Collie will be with them. “I think Gabe is getting a little tired of the holiday season and all these Christmas pictures,” reports Gabe’s Human, Sam.

“Below, he’s with his friend Zenya.”


Happy holidays and thank you for considering to feature Gabe!


The Fab Five

20141215_174454[We gotta bust outta this place. But how? That Cat is always sitting in the living room- we’ll never make it, I tell ya!!]

“Britney’s Seven-week old Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies!” From Joe.


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