What I’d Really Like To Know Is–

How in the WORLD did they plop down in order like that?


Yorkie With Candy Cane Leg Warmers (And More!)

The big question is, which one of these little goofballs is gonna have too much egg nog at the company Christmas party?






(From The Feed of the Buzz.)

Friday Haiku: Gertie

IMG_0128Christmas is coming
Less than three weeks to go now
So wrap your puppehs

“This is Gertie, she’s a big fan of Christmas!” -Bailey C.

ResQte Of The Week: Buckle Up, People

This one will get ‘cha RIGHT HERE. Click the video to learn about Monica and Chandler.

Deets on these guys:

Got an email from Annie H. of Rescue From The Hart. (FB is here.) We’ll let her tell the tale tail:

“These two cuties are still looking for a forever home! We have partnered with Hands Paws Hearts.org (Los Angeles County area- Studio City) to help find that perfect family.”

♬ Puppeh, You Can Drive My Car ♫….

This fellow’s having all sorts of fun with his Bumblin’, Stumblin’ ‘Tocks floppin’ all over this kiddeh car!

The Littlest Reindeers

IMG_5771“This is Duncan (left – 8 years old) and Misty (right – 2 years old,), and let’s just say neither of them were overly impressed with my idea for a Cute Christmas photo op. Photo by me, Karen M.”

THEY Got Turkey—WE Get Spaghetti?

[Oh, well—might as well make the best of it! Ready…set…GO!]


“Hey Honey? You Gonna Rake The Leaves?”

output_BCw7IT“I can’t find the wheel barrow! Once I do, I’ll take care of it!”

(Sprocket the Cairnwich and George the Bichon, c/o Ingrid H.)

Has Anyone Else Thought Of This?

What a great idea. No more pesky ears in your soup!

As seen here, from Vajda B.

Nineteen Puppehs (And Counting?)

There are puppeh litters…and then there are PUPPEH LITTERS. Check out this story about Snowy The Great Dane! WHTM’s Debra Pinkerton is ON THE SCENE in York Haven, PA.

That’s Duke, the dad, below at left.

The Terry family is going to keep one-

The other 18 are up for sale.




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