Who Are Those Guys?

[Mebbe we’d better go check ’em out, whadya’ think?] (*Note: Lots of CBS* going on in here. -Ed.]

(*Curious Butt Sniffing.)


Congrats to the Women’s USA Soccer Team for winning the World Cup, beating Japan yesterday 5-2! Here, have some puppehs.

“Hey Toto- Can I Use Snoopy Now?”

fav5It doesn’t look like Toto has ANY intention of sharing Snoopy. “Toto (Cairn,) Snoopy (Beagle,) and Scout (Pyrenees.) Have a Happy, Happy 4th!,” says Jessica E.

Bebeh Goats…With Bows

And if that wasn’t enough, you’ve got bebeh chicks and fuzzy pups and..could it be? It IS! A BEBEH MUNTJAC! Well, that’s it for me today. Bye. (Klunk.)

Maureen P. found ’em here.

Cat Dog House On The Kings Alert!

smileypupsJCHOTK is not JUST for kittehs, you know. They’ve got quite a few little knuckleheads on hand- like THESE guys! Jess Lessard took these photos and fills us in. “The Cat House on the Kings is OVERFLOWING with puppies.”

“While primarily a cat sanctuary, the Cat House time and again opens its doors and hearts to rescuing dogs.”

“Here are just a few that are in the care of the shelter at the moment and will be up for adoption soon!”





Congrats To The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team!

They defeated Germany today 2-0 and will play the winner of tomorrow’s Japan/England match on Sunday for the Women’s World Cup title!

It’s Halfway To Christmas Day!

m_PJur31(Besides BUNDAY, of course.) Earlier this week, St. Nick and his gang posed for this team photo. Right now, Santa is by the pool sipping a cold drink with a little umbrella in it, working out the December 24th flight plan on his iPad. But before you know it, you’ll hear the pitter-patter of little hooves paws on your rooftop! Ho, Ho, HO..Believe!


It’s Caturday night and there’s not a Cat in sight. What’s not to love? Order up a pizza on the speed dial, and punch up some Netflix action!


First photo and second photo from Imgur.

SOMEONE Gets To Go “Work-Work” Tomorrow…

Bringing your dog to work tomorrow? We’d love to see a photo and maybe use it here on C.O.! Make the photo as sharp and clear as you can with that smartphone with all those megapixels in it – then click here!



Photos from 9 Gag by way of Andrew Y.

Some of you might try taking your CAT to work–which is fine by us! (Cole & Marmalade approve as well.)

Milo & Sarah

We’re gonna GUESS that is Milo on the left, but can’t really be too sure. Here’s the obligatory InstaGram, and either way, don’t forget This Rule, #07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.

Thanks Marla C. of Austiiiin, Texas Y’all.


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