Q: What’s White, Squirmy, & Runs Around?

A: THESE guys!!!


I Think We Know Who The Chief Is Around Here

Just one more day left in July, and then the Dog Days roll into August. Chiefie doesn’t seem to mind at all. Sender-Inner Kate R.’s comments are in the hovers.

Chiefie awake in chair

Chiefie side eye

Chiefie in chair

Chiefie Paws Up

Meet Buttonz: The Shichon Craze Continues

This is the fourth set of Shichon photos we’ve received in the last week, and second for today! I must confess I’d never seen nor heard of a Shichon before. But now that I have, I desperately want one. Like Buttonz right here.

photo 2

“This is Buttonz, my Shichon puppy. Pix were taken by mom, Felicia M.”

photo 5

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

Stair Masters

Once you get the hang of ’em, it’s alllll downhill from there, little guys. Get a buddy to help you, k?

Chilling Out In Haifa, Israel

“Dear C.O., here at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology we have the best students. Please meet the new batch of future seeing eye dogs for the blind that are being trained by the best and brightest future engineers! It’s a really neat volunteer program that places pups in loving homes of students whose job it is to love and train them to be good pups. Since we are in the Middle East and all, it’s getting pretty hot this summer. Check out these pups keeping cool! Photo credits to all the amazing students volunteering with these adorable pups! Meet Sansa (above) and Ugi (below.)” -Natalie M.


Headline THIS: Gary, You’re A Butthead

[*UPDATE 1:05pm PT: Gayle FTW! Our next Headline THIS on Monday will feature the new 2016 C.O. Calendar as the prize! -Ed.]

A perfect Headline THIS if there ever was one- image thanks to Arne who found it on Cutestuff.co. Write up your fave header and we’ll post our favorite at 1pm PT. Hopefully.

Ice Cream. Without The Guilt.

Ever wanted to just chow down on a bowl of ice cream and NOT worry about the calories, fat grams, blah blah blah? Mashable invited a group of famous pups to snack on treats and dog-safe ice cream, including Chloe Kardoggian, Chloe the Mini Frenchie, Lester, Remi, Sir Palmer Cartney, Latte and Maddie.

Some Cats (And A Puppeh) From The Cat House!

You can always count on two things- the CHOTK will do their darndest to help kittehs and puppehs in need..and Jess Lessard (or Kim Barker*) will be there to take SUPER PIX of ’em.

5 jess 11
“The last one is a bonus, in case you need a Pirate Kitty for “Arrrrrgust” in a few weeks,” says Harvie Ruth S.

9 jess 41 2 eye color

5 jess 14

6 Jess OH 26

9 Jess 28

9 Jess 32

9 Jess 34_1

9 Jess 35

9 Jess 17
[*Note: Coming Thursday! -Ed.]

Titanic Great Dane Tug-O-War!

You’ve got THIRTEEN Great Dane Puppehs engaged in an epic Tug-O-War. Who’s gonna win? YOU do! You get to watch the video right now!

Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls #1

Wait..you already did. (Yes, #2 is coming shortly.) Arne saw it here.