Don’t Throw Away That Old Toothbrush!

Put it to good use with some BELLEH RUBS!!

Welcome Home, Pal!

Here’s a TERRIFIC video of several puppehs arriving to their new home for the very first time!

Mahalo, Little Dude!

[That’s a great Hawaiian shirt you’ve got there, pal- why doncha’ come…back..HERE…and LET ME GET A…CLOSER..LOOK! (tugs frantically @ :30.)

Work It, WORK IT

8.375x5.5 Dogs on CatwalkBay Area Peeps! The San Francisco SPCA invites you to the inaugural Dogs on the Catwalk cocktail party and fashion show. The festivities take place in one week! Friday, May 29th, 5pm ’til 10pm at their Mission Campus (201 Alabama Street.) Krista M. says “These parties help bring people to the shelter who might not otherwise visit. Every time we host an event like this, countless homeless animals find new loving families. Adoption fees will be waived that night at both our Mission and Pacific Heights Adoption Centers! The free adoptions will continue on Saturday and Sunday, May 30th and 31st.”

[*Note: The party is free- but RSVP is required. -Ed.]

Lick. Sniff? Butt Wiggle! Bounce. Stumble. Repeat.

Look at Hattie The Westie, living large in the U.K. with her brother and sister. Again, we don’t know who is who- they should have little football jerseys, right? But they DO (most likely) have that Fresh Puppeh Smell.

(Imagines a quick Hattie Snorgle:) Ahhhhhhh.



ResQte Of The Week III: Cocker Spaniels!

Cocker-Spaniel-Puppies-027You might remember last month, an Australian photographer by the name of Patrick Jones sent us some outstanding shots from RSPCA New South Wales. Now he’s back with another set– and this time, it’s ALL Cocker Spaniels! Winston, Dexter, Lincoln, Fanta, Floss, Finni and Fena.

No, we don’t know who is who. Not that it matters- they’re all ADORBS.








Visit “El Pupito” For Cinco De Mayo!

Best Margaritas ever!!!

How To Throw Your Pal Under The Bus

Two words: Stone cold.


It’s Not Personal, Sonny- It’s Strictly Business


“Aloha from Hawaii!,” writes Jen. “We have been huge fans of your site for years. In good times and bad times when I just need a smile, I head right over to C.O. Here’s my baby boy…my Shorty Bulldog, Don Vito Corleone.”


“He’s having play time in the back of my truck. We don’t need to drive anywhere, just knowing he got to be in the magical human contraption is enough to keep him happy. He can chill back here for hours and refuses to get out. We would love to be featured on your page if we make the cut!” -♡ Jen and Vito.

[*Note: And see, we thought The Godfather was a cat person. Whatta we know? Huh? Now go on, get OUTTA heah. -Ed.]


“Wet Nose Wednesday”

That was the title of the email Carol sent to us- now, we’ve already got “Wombat Wednesday” booked- but maybe we can toss in a Wet Nose on Wednesdays- if someone sends us one, of course. After all—remember Rule of Cuteness #13: “Juicy” Eyes And Noses Are Cute. This is Belle, BTW.

We think.



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