“Wet Nose Wednesday”

That was the title of the email Carol sent to us- now, we’ve already got “Wombat Wednesday” booked- but maybe we can toss in a Wet Nose on Wednesdays- if someone sends us one, of course. After all—remember Rule of Cuteness #13: “Juicy” Eyes And Noses Are Cute. This is Belle, BTW.

We think.


♬ Lean On Me ♫

Lean on me, when you’re not strong…and I’ll be your friend.
I’ll help you carry on. For, it won’t be long…’til I’m gonna need…somebody to lean on.

Baby don't worry I am your friend - Imgur

ResQtes Of The Week (Wednesday Sydney Edition)

tumblr_nkw4sobOzt1up2b4zo2_r1_1280Yesterday we received an email from Patrick J., and he sent us a PROSH PHOTO of Bouncer. He also asked us, quite reasonably, to link to his blog.

Portraits Of An Animal Shelter.” Well, well. “The faces and stories of animals that pass through the doors of a Sydney animal shelter.” (RSPCA New South Wales.)

Oh, I THINK we can manage that. Take a look at THESE if you please…starting with Spock (above.) (Names of each critter are in the hovers.)



















Is This Space Taken?

[It isn’t? Fantastic. Let me just slide down here and join you!]

From Paul & Barb.

St. Maarten ResQte ACTION!

MelodyMelvin[*Note: Can’t wait ’til Thursday’s ResQte of the Week. Going up Monday 14:00. -Ed.]

“Attached is a photo of Melvin and Melody, siblings that were rescued on the small island of St. Maarten. I have been taking pictures of the rescue dogs to raise awareness as the government provides no funding for animal shelters, and on a 25 square mile island, there are literally thousands of homeless dogs. Any attention being brought to www.sxmpaws.com would appreciated sooooo much!” -Nelson F.



Bring a little of the QTE Caribbean to your desktop with this PROSH WALLPAPER. NO worries, mon- jus’ click to save!

April Melody And Melvin

Maybe A New Rule?

image1“If your tongue is hanging out in the breeze…that’s cute.” And Jack here would be the reason for that Rule. Notice a small critter on the far right side of the photo- that turns out to be Penny, the little Yorkie Snorfer who was here just last week!

Thanks be to Jenny C.

Flashback Friday: 1927 Police Lineup

HEC/34500/34539a.tif“OK m’am- take your time. Don’t worry, they can’t see you- only you can see them. One-way glass, y’see. Give each suspect a good, long look. Which of ’em snatched your purse?”

(“Washington, D.C., 1927. ‘NO CAPTION (puppies).’ Where’s Harry Frees when you need him? Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. ” –Shorpster.)

What Did The Bunny Bring You?

Did you get a….BASKET FULL O’ PUPPEHS??

Our Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon continues…

Prosh Pups Pick NCAA Champs

Early this week, Jimmy Fallon brought a passel o’ Prosh Pups onto the show to predict who’d win today’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four games in Indy: Kentucky/Wisconsin and Michigan State/Duke. (He did this earlier in the year for college football.) Let’s goooooo to the videotape!


An ELEVEN HOUR Sleeping Puppeh Pile

That’s right. This video is eleven honkin’ hours long. So start it now, and tonight close to midnight, it’ll still be playing! (Pro Tip: maximize the screen and leave it up on the PC as a Puppeh Video Screensaver.)

(Boing!!! Boing!!!)


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