C.O. CRIME SCENE: WHO Killed Lamb Chop?

imageTHIS JUST IN: Police have very little to go on in the sudden, unexpected death of “Lamb Chop.” Here’s the last known photo of Lamb Chop, (above) with a companion known only as “Chloe.” Police were called to the scene after reports of loud TV audio, reportedly Shari Lewis Show reruns. Chloe denies any involvement. More on this as the story develops.

image (1)
(“My dog Chloe got an awesome lamp chop toy from her auntie Wendy. Chloe immediately fell in love, until lamp chop was brutally murdered….love is tough!” -Namiko.)

Ollie And The Hedgehog

We couldn’t hold this one ’til Flashback Friday! Ollie The Puppeh meets a new friend, who…doesn’t LOOK quite like the others puppehs he knows! Who IS this spiky guy??

Puppehs. Pigs. Paradise. Home Depot.

Almost exactly two years ago, we showed you Puppehs ‘N’ Pigs in the Bahamas…absolutely the place where you wanna go to get away from it all. (Think Beach Boys- “Kokomo.”)

Well, the guys (Tig & Sparky Bobo) are back. Not nearly as glamorous a location, nope. No palm trees, no drinks with the little umbrellas, no sand, no cool tropical breezes. Just…concrete. Watch where yer steerin’ there, Sparky….and you guys buckle up. (No animals were harmed in this shopping trip.)

Videos from Catherine C.

Hey, Who Wants To Go For Some Soft Serve?

Dogs in carDoesn’t anyone want to ride shotgun up here? Well, whatever- but put on your seatbelts! TCBY or DQ, what’s it gonna be, guys?


Basil Going Boat-Boat

Basil, buddy. Remember going out in the water? You LOVED going out on your boat-boat. But you gotta wear your vest, dude. Those are the rules!

(Boing! Boing!)

This IS The Droid You’re Looking For

Yesterday we told ya about the new BB-8 Star Wars Droidthe entire Interwebs lost its mind over it. And so of course, Puppehs were the first to try it out. #ForceFriday.

Why Are My Feet Moving?

[I don’t DO windows. This HAS to be the work of the Cat.]


UPDATE: Will this version run in the UK?

OMGPonies!!1!!!1 (+ Matchingks!)

Matching - ImgurOne of these, though, is not like the others. (Reddit/Imgur.)

“Oh, THAT Felt Like A 4.0!”

Lookit these little guys! Earlier today at 6:49am- and not too far away from my house- the SF Bay Area had a nice little 4.0 quake. And these guys felt it in Alameda, a small island west of Oakland! (Notice how they jump up before the rattle!)

(KPIX Channel 5.)

Dude, Where’s My Treat? (Part III/GoPro Edition)

Magician/Mentalist Jose Ahonen has been featured on C.O. several times, but it’s been awhile! Now he and his four legged friends are up to their usual tricks!

(Boing! Boing!)


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