If You’re Not A UConn Huskies Fan..

…you will be after watching this pair of Christmas videos!

And let’s not forget the blooper reel!

“There are 22 dogs in this video all trying to act like UConn’s husky mascots. The UConn video team (me, Bret E., and Angie R.) all helped film and I produced the video. Enjoy! :)” -Elizabeth C.


Christmas Family Foto

“From left to right, Shrimp, BunBun and Rudy wish you a Merry Christmas!” -Natalie W.

The Lights Are Up…and I’M Down

[You spend the entire afternoon untangling Christmas lights and tell me how you like it. Plus, I got sniffles. Why don’t we just toss ’em out and buy a few more sets? Like $2.50 a box at Target? Now I’m taking a nap. I’ll expect dinner promptly at five, Rickster.]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“I am honored to present for your consideration this photo of 5-month-old Blue. The puppy woke up this morning with a case of the sniffles. Love love love Cute OL.” -Rick S.

“♬Green Acres Is The Place To Be…♫”

….faaaarm livin’ is the life, you see!

Land, spreadin’ out so far and wide-

Keep your kittehs just give us another ride!

~ ~ ~

“Mr. Biscuit (far left) gets Orwellian (Huh? -B.) and takes over a farm outside of Portland, OR. with his Oregon Tails pack! Toonces has nuthin’ on this lot! (Photo: Cole Lasher.)” -Greg G.

Nosevember: Ciao Bella!

“Our new adoptee, Bella, wants to join her sibling, Kit the Doxie, in the hallowed halls of the Nosevember gallery. It’s not easy getting a clear shot of her; every part of her, including each individual hair, is constantly in motion when photos are being taken and true clarity remains elusive.” -Jo B.

Garnet And Jade

Nopers- we have no idea who is who. Does it matter? Nopers. They’re both amazing.

“Little Garnet and her sister Jade! They are Golden Retriever/English Golden Retriever puppies.”

(“Photographed by Penny.” -From Rusty & Jen.)


Arvo needs his teddy bear before bedtime. Failure is NOT an option here.

Kinda reminds us of this alltime fave, too:

It’s Time To Fall Back!

Don’t forget to set the clocks back one hour tonight! (Image via Shutterstock.)

ResQte Of The Week (Toesday/Halloweeny Edition)

As far as I’m concerned..there is NOTHING better for Halloween (even better than Brach’s Pumpkins) than a continual stream of Rescued Puppehs popping out of a plastic pumpkin. NOTHING.

They’re at Second Chances Rescue in Norco, California.

Tompkins Square Halloween Parade

522954_329462660484535_136797246_nGame ON in NYC! The 25th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade is underway in New York City! (Here’s where it is.) No rain in the forecast, either. No need to pre-register, just show up! (They request a $5 donation to enter the park -all proceeds raised go directly back to Friends of First Run, who maintain the TSDR year-round.)

Here are some photos (from the Tompkins Facebook page) of past events.