Prosh Pups Pick NCAA Champs

Early this week, Jimmy Fallon brought a passel o’ Prosh Pups onto the show to predict who’d win today’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four games in Indy: Kentucky/Wisconsin and Michigan State/Duke. (He did this earlier in the year for college football.) Let’s goooooo to the videotape!


An ELEVEN HOUR Sleeping Puppeh Pile

That’s right. This video is eleven honkin’ hours long. So start it now, and tonight close to midnight, it’ll still be playing! (Pro Tip: maximize the screen and leave it up on the PC as a Puppeh Video Screensaver.)

(Boing!!! Boing!!!)

Ever Have One Of THOSE Days?

The weekend is still an eternity’s only Toesday. Feel like the whole world is ganging up on you? Wish you could just GET AWAY? Yup, it’s like that.

From Jennifer A.

Seven Adorable Puppeh Facts

Or, as we say here at C.O.: “Totes Adorbs.”

National Puppeh Day Is Today!

That’s what they tell us! Can’t think of a better way to celebrate than with a……gang of GOLDIES! Who’s WITH me?? #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.

TGIF St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Ok, it’s not Friday. We always do a GIF on Friday’s at 5pm PT, but we have these photos for today, so we’re just moving things up a few days, right? “Doug the Scottie & Dexter the Westie looking good in green,” writes Colby F.




“Are Ya Feelin’ Irish…Well, ARE YA? PUP?”

St. Patrick’s and Dirty Harry- makes perfect sense. In some alternate universe.

“I think i have a cute photo, punk (Clint Eastwood voice,)” writes Irina G. “Here it is: “Participating pets, left to right: forever-foster Sheltie Tobey, Resident Chihuahua Minnie, Resident Chihuahua Ben, and Visiting Cairn Terrier Little Ben.”


How To Make A Kitteh Sammich

Just add two sleepy Dalmatians and then smoosh together. Ketchup or Mustard optional.

YAY For Pi(e) Day!

Today is March 14th, AKA 03/14 AKA 3.14 AKA…Pi (π). (Geek bonus: 03/14/15 @ 9:26:53 represents the first ten digits of Pi. This will not happen again in our lifetime.) And these puppehs want THEIR slice of the Pi. So to speak.



Pumpkin pie colored dog try 1


And of course, there’s always the…….Cow Pi. from Cow Tromboner Derek Klingenberg.

Photos from Dogster. Cow video discovered by Andrew Y on BuzzFeed.

The Dogs Of Instagram™ (Plus Artsy Stuff)

@thiswildidea__880Interesting series of photos here by artist Valerie Susoloparova. She makes these illustrations of famous Net Doggehs, then adds a real item and takes the photo! (That’s Maddie above, from @thiswildidea.)





Who took what AKA Le Creditos:

Photo 2: Danidlm.

Photo 3: Harlow & Sage.

Photo 4: Honeyb_doodle.

Photo 5: Maru The Shiba Inu.

Photo 6: Dazeofdukeandsully.

(Once more, we bow to The Panda.)


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