RIP 2 Giant George

Sad news to report on a Saturday, folks- Giant George has passed away. He died on the 17th, according to his Facebook page.

Guinness recognized him in 2010 as the Tallest Doggeh Evah.

He could get up to 7′ 3″ on his hind legs!

He was 43″ tall from paws to shoulders.

Georgie ate 110 pounds of dog food per month.

And he even slept in his own queen-size bed.

Photos from Mail Online, with additional info from

CO Welcomes The Real Dogbert

1380279924477 Well, actually not the real Dogbert…but close! This puppeh is Snickers, and the hoomin taking up valuable space in the photos happens to be his owner, Dilbert creator Scott Adams. We asked Scott to try and take a “selfie” of himself and Snickers, but…he failed at that. So his assistant took these shots. (Failure? Scott’s got a new book out on that, BTW!)

“I have a treat in my fingers here. That’s why Snickers looks so intense,” Scott says.

Snickers on Scott's arm
PS Nice punkin costume, Snickers!

Doggone It!

They had 8,000 submissions for the Kennel Club’s annual Dog Photographer of the Year Competition- here are some of the top entries!

First Place, “Puppy” category, by Simon Reynolds.

Runner Up, “Puppies” category, by Rhian White.

First Place, “Man’s Best Friend” category, by Roger Sjolstad.

Runner Up, “Man’s Best Friend” category, by Claudia Tolini.

First Place, “I Love Dogs Because” category, by nine year old Katie Davies.

Runner Up, “I Love Dogs Because” category, by 14-year-old Miriam Jiagbogu.

Runner Up, “I Love Dogs Because” category, by Abbie Lee.

First Place, “Dogs At Play” category, by Richard Shore.



Serious Heath Ledger/Joker vibe going on here. Think that header has been used before but so whut, it’s too perfect. Let’s get the 411 on this Slobberknocker RIGHT NOW.

“This is Holly, a valley bulldog (bulldog/boxer cross) owned by my boyfriend’s parents. When she lies upside down her jowls flop over and it looks hilarious. We took a picture of it and flipped it upside down. It looks like she is very happy!” -Nerhys H.


The Force™ IS With Arnold

Now does Arnie The Shih Tzu look like an Ewok™, or what?

From Alissa B. Ewok™ dictionary here. The Force™ and Ewoks™ from Lucasfilm©.

THIS JUST IN: No Trains Tomorrow, Lil’ Guy

Oh nose- BART is back on strike in the Bay Area, starting tonight at midnight PT. No worries for this fellow though–his hoomin surely drives chauffeurs him wherever he wants to go! (And who knew BART trains had such stubbular paws?)

Photo by SF Giants.

The Odd Couple

Which is Felix and which is Oscar?

“This is Panther and his boxer buddy, Early. They work at the cuddle factory!” -Jenny R.

POLL: R U A Kitteh Friend…Or A Puppeh Friend?

There’s one way to find out. Take this test. Play these videos. Then take our poll!

Puppeh via Reddit. George the Cat, from Cuteporter Jen.

Zoomin’ Zinzinnati Wiener Dogs! (Updated!)

They take Oktoberfest VERY seriously in Cincinnati Zinzinnati. Witness the 7th annual Running Of The Wiener Dogs on Fountain Square. Mitzi was the winner of Friday’s event. (UPDATED: Now with video, thanx Gryt.)






Photos by Leigh Taylor for Thanks to Claire S.

Sally, Peaches, And The Curious Case Of The Costco Dog Food Bag

This video looks like Trouble with a Capital T. “Sally, the rescued poodle, and Peaches, the rescued poodle wanna-be, discover the fun of a giant dog food bag.” -Jackie C.


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