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I Went Down To Schwab’s Pharmacy To Get Discovered..

…then they told me it closed 30 years ago. NOW how am I gonna hit the big time? I don’t WANNA do reality TV. U like my ‘Come Hither‘ look?

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Ever Had To Sleep In The Doghouse?

Now, would ya rather stay here…or a Holiday Inn?* Thought so. Presenting the Dog Bark Park Inn (aka Sweet Willy.) Now, if you find yourself in a certain little corner of the world called Cottonwood, Idaho- check out this two-room Bed N Breakfast shaped like, well, a beagle!









Dog Bark Park
Photos 1-4 from Dog Bark Park Inn, 5-9 by Alan Levine.

*Not that there’s anything WRONG with Holiday Inns.

The Bar Is OPEN

…but it looks like there could be a wait of up to 15 minutes or so. We’ll seat you just as soon as we can! In the meantime, feel free to browse our gift shoppe.

“Hi, my name is Julia. Attached is a picture of a fresh chocolate lab litter – my Aunt Gywnne posted this to her Instagram account with the caption, ‘The dilemma lays in choosing one.'”

[Yes, that would be a problem. -Ed]

Toto And Friends

What’s bettah that one puppeh with Pink Tongue Action? Well, three of ‘em of course!!

“Here’s Toto again (named after the movie, not the band ;-),) with her best friends, Girly Girl (weenie dog) and Shelby (schnauzer.) They love having sleepovers where they can shred toys, eat wet food (their favorite,) and bark at the pit bull pups (through the fence) next door.” -Jessica H.

Ruh Roh, I Ruff U!

Cuteporter Maria found Abby on The Reddit, and added “Sweet fancy maple syrup, I loves me some talkin’ doggehs.” Which is funny all by itself. Note the SQUIRREL! moment @ :37.

Parallel Barking

“This is our Shih Tzu named Bao Bao. She got a brand new car from grandma Ximena for Thanksgiving! Talk about spoiled! (To clarify, the car was actually a present for a 2 yr. old nephew but Bao Bao ‘test-drove’ it first!)” -Cuteporter Tonia W.



OK, The Intertubes Can Go To Sleep Now


From the DF&P FB.

U Might Not Be Able To Handle This

You know how, when you see a sleepy little puppeh..and he’s just waking up, and he kinda rolls over, and has that warm little puppeh smell, and the belleh is warm, and there’s some BLINK BLINK BLINK stuff, and then he rolls over and cuffs his nose, you know like they do. Max adorbs and stuff?

All that is just a WARM-UP…for what happens at 1:13.

Ray Charles Is Boston Strong!

263298_392831327497184_514430417_nThis is Ray Charles. He was born blind back in December, but Yahoo! Sports says the disability hasn’t slowed Ray Ray down one bit, nossir. It seems Ray was adopted by a Boston family, and now there’s a online petition to have Ray drop the puck at an upcoming Boston Bruins hockey game. (Click the image at left for Ray’s Facebookster.) GO RAY! BOSTON STRONG!



This video doesn’t bring much new to the table, but we’re adding it simply so you can hear this HIGHLY-caffeinated British news announcer.

And this Facebook video from yesterday shows Ray has no problem getting around!

Photo 1: Faux Sports Twitter.
Photo 2: Yahoo! Sports.
Second video & Pawnail: Ray’s FB.