National Dog Show Action!

From the C.O. Mailbag, Clare C. writes thusly: “Hello C.O. Your site cheers me through my workdays! I was lucky enough to attend the Philadelphia Dog Show today. It’s a great show because you can meet the dogs when they are not in the ring! (Cuteness TSUNAMI!) Of course I took tons of pictures, but I have two that might be share-worthy because they seem to meet your rigorous C.O. guidelines.”

* “Attached please find a LOVELY spaniel (above, sorry I did not get his/her proper name) relaxing before going in to the ring. Clearly a candidate for Nosevember.”

* “Also, please see this Mastiff-ish guy (below) throwing some Serious Side-Eye.”



And That’s Gonna Wrap It Up For The Week

Time to hit the hay, and we leave you now (oh, just for a few hours, don’t stress) with Willow and her binky.


Bindi’s Mellow On A Bunday Evening

(Will you PUH-LEAZE check out those soulful blue eyes!) “Ms. Bindi asked me to send you an email, since she lacks the opposable thumbs to send one herself-‘I love looking at Cute Overload with my mom!’ Thanks for the Nosevember consideration, love your site!” -Viny F.

Chorkie Nosevember Action

Well, well, well. We got Double Nosevember Dudes here, don’t we! (OK, a Dude and a Dude-ette.) Take ‘er away, Silke B.

“My Chorkie Sputnik made his Cute Overload debut in July, but since it’s Nosevember I have some new Nose-pics for you!” [Nose..picks? -Ed.]

“Sputnik just turned 8 and loves to sleep in. A few weeks ago he was woken up way too early by the neighbour’s kitten who was playing on our kitchen roof. On top of that his little lady Pushinka (below) couldn’t stop whining about the Kitteh. Poor Sputnik just wanted to get some sleep!” -Silke, Sputnik & Pushinka.


Maymo Vs. The Robot

Like there’s any suspense here as to who’s gonna win this battle. Penny arrives at the very end.

His Name Is…Um, What?

Monica A. tells us “This is my brother’s dog, Kaka, who was named that because he looked like a little brown poop when he was little.” Oh. That explains it. (And let’s not forget Rule of Cuteness #99: Peeping tongues are cute.)

Maybe One Of The Best Puppeh Names EVER

This… Mudslide.

“My ResQte dog Mudslide is terribly pleased with her new Starbarks toy. Don’t worry, it’s decaf…and ‘fetch-roasted.’ :).” -Annie B.


“This is ‘Maya.’ She is a ‘Kleiner Münsterländer‘-lady. About the time she turned 2 years old, a spot grew on her nose. Beside that it is harmless, it’s very cute and unique! Maya lives in Germany, in the beautiful city of Cologne.” -Florencia P.

JoeJoe The Puppeh Sitter

From the “C.O. Can’t Even Fathom This” Department: According to the YT video, “the mother of the puppies was unable to care for them so JoeJoe watched over them until they were old enough to go to forever homes.”

So what we’re talking about is..A CAPYBARA PUPPEH SITTER. Say that out loud, then press the video button. #DED.

From Andrew Y., who is tasked with finding an officially licensed Maru plush figure. Don’t think it’s gonna happen.

Looks Like SOMEone Is A Little Ty-Ty

Have you ever…and I DO mean EVER…seen a better set of ears than Peaches has? The absolute answer is NO WAY. Get more of Peaches here and here.


Thanks to Kelly N.