Holiday Windows Update!

IMG_8682The Macy’s Holiday Windows event is still going strong at their San Francisco Union Square store. Stephanie H. of the SF SPCA updated us today: “We’ve adopted 258 cats and 41 dogs for a total of 299 as of this morning. Last year’s total was 287 for the entire event!” You can adopt at the temporary adoption center on the 1st floor. Holiday Windows runs through Sunday, 1/5. Stop by, or watch ‘em live right here.

Photo from Litter Did You

Have We….Met Before?

On board a Disney cruise ship, a Service Puppeh happens to meet Pluto, the famous Disney character. The Service Puppeh is not too sure what to make of all this!

Seen on The Buzzster, and posted on YT by Nicholas F.

Friday Haiku: Happy Holly-Daze

Small furry puppehs
All dressed up in Christmas stuff
They did not want to






Le Creditos~

1.) Photograph of Bentley by Kathleen P.
2.) Miko from Kate.
3.) Jackie by Paul C.
4.) Theodore Edward von Bearenstein (aka Teddy) -Sara L.
5.) From Reddit.
6.) Lucy & Leo from Erin E.

Wanna Be My BFF?

Do ya huh? Do ya huh? Do Ya Huh? Well, SAY SOMETHING!

From Susan M.

Let’s Puppeh-Cize, Everybody!

Puppehs have different ways of getting their exercise. Take Tyson, for example. He goes for a total BLAST-OFF GONZO aerobic power workout kinda thing. Watch him go thru his warmup:

Then, we have Misty (nickname “Bug” or “Misty Bug.”) Misty seems to prefer a passive exercise mode. Which is fine- we’re not judging. Lindsay tells us “At least twice a day my boyfriend calls out, ‘Time to drag the dog around!’ He proceeds to drag our dog all over the apartment. She loves it and wags her tail the whole time. We think it’s like a back scratch/massage for her.”

This stubbular Husky Puppeh likes to play tennis. Kinda.

And this puppeh clearly likes the pool, but isn’t so sure what to do after getting in the water.

Le Creditos~
1. Tyson video submitted by Susan M.
2. Misty video from Lindsay.
3. Husky video found on Twitter….somewhere. It went zooming by in Tweetdeck. Didn’t catch it. Sorry.
4. Discovered on The Digg.

The Holiday Furrtographer Files

The always prolific Furrtographer (finally decided he needs his own tag) checks in with some Holiday-Themed QTE. Take it away, Mr. Norem:

“This is Checkers (the black & white) and Star (the tabby) from Saving Grace Rescue.”

SGR_12_1_2013 (33)-X2

SGR_12_1_2013 (31)-X3
“And this is Stockton from Saving Grace Rescue, and an adorable dog named Higgins who lives in San Francisco.”

SGR_12_1_2013 (32)-X3

“And here we have a couple of guys from Animal Care And Control, San Francisco. The black cat is Samantha and the puppy has a name but I forgot it.”

FUR_7930 (Medium)

FUR_8458 (Medium)

Who Wears The Pet Pants In Your Family?

Judging from this video, it’s probably not your puppeh.

The Boyz Are Back In Town: Hatch And Nico

Sounds like the title of your usual Hollywood buddy cop movie. But no, remember this post from the beginning of the year? Well, the boyz are back in town. They hail from, um, JAPAN, and they’re here to take over. And they can have me. Now. (Instagram right here.)









As originally seen @ BuzzFeed.

Battle Of Wills

This hoomin decided to dress up his puppeh in a ridiculous pink polka-dot outfit, to wear on a walk.


Guess who caved?


THIS JUST IN: National Dog Show Action!

We’ve got some highlights of the National Dog Show in Oaks, PA.! It was held on November 16th at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, and the National Broadcasting Company showed the event today. Yahoo News has the deets thusly. An American Foxhound named Jewel won Best In Show.








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