Take a look at that BACKWARDS OVER THE SHOULDER SIDE-EYE stuff. Good grief. What’s the story here, Army K.? “Hello, this is Fritz, my ridiculously cute and sweet 4.5 month old Schnoodle ResQte puppy, and he’s the best. :D.”

Well,that settles that.




Martin Taylor: The Sequel

I think I dislike going to the tire place almost as much as going to the dentist. Don’t know why- I just do. I’m sure they’re all very nice people- but I just don’t like doing it. Maybe that’s because I don’t have a wingman like Martin Taylor here. (First seen in April of 2014.) “Keeping his Dad company at the tire place,” reports Jackie R.

Goldie Side-Eye Action!

As they say on Imgur, “Bebeh, it’s COLD outside.”