Take a look at that BACKWARDS OVER THE SHOULDER SIDE-EYE stuff. Good grief. What’s the story here, Army K.? “Hello, this is Fritz, my ridiculously cute and sweet 4.5 month old Schnoodle ResQte puppy, and he’s the best. :D.”

Well,that settles that.




Nice Heffalump, Olive!

“Olive loves her new pink elephant!” -Submitted by Robin S.

OK, We Need A Name Here

…but NOT for the Puppeh- for the Stuffy! Or, the, er, “Stuffeh.” “Draco the dog got a stuffed cat that is in need of a name. Draco’s owner is asking Cute Overload readers to make some suggestions. You can go formal like “Mr. Fluffypants the 3rd” or abstract like “Frizzle” but Draco and his owner need your help with a name suggestion. (Note: Mr. Fluffypants III and Frizzle are not actually being considered as names.) -Kelley S. of Orlando, FL.

Lucy Is On Fleek

“My little scruff monster Lucy has seriously been upping her Cute Game lately. Her Cute is on Fleek, as I believe the kids are saying these days. Hope you share her pics, we are huge fans in our family. Thanks, Rachel L.”