Stuck In Reverse?

Cuteporter Glenna M. sent this video in- “Not my video, but very cute!” We couldn’t agree more!

Charles R. posted this video of Lila on the Tubes.


If This Isn’t Ewok Proshness…

…ah don’t know what ees! This is actually Java the Shih Tzu, who just turned 12!

From Angela in PDX.

Poll: If You Owned Finn, You Would….

People, take a peeper peek here if you would be so kind.

He’s…perfect. PERFECT-O. This is Finn, a male chihuahua mix- the second Finn in two days BTW- (Finns to the left, Finns to the right?) and he’s ready for snorgling.

If you owned Finn…(and Meredith A. gets the lucky nod here) what would you do? Time for a Poll!


OK, So Mebbe I DID Use Too Much Gel

We get submissions from all ovah the world! Let’s see what the mailbag has for us today. [Peers through Gmail.] Ah, yes. New Zealand! Take it away, Emma.

“I have a rather floofy looking Affenpinscher called Frank. I attached a pic of him with his usual Einstein-esque hair-do so you can see what a handsome young man he is. I hope you like, and thanks for brightening every day! Yours, Emma (and Frank,) Wellington, New Zealand.”