PITA (Puppeh Is Totally Awesome)

Well, that’s his name and it makes total sense, don’t you think?



Oh, C’mon Hoomin! Pucker UP!

[And why does everyone say I look ‘Derpy?’ I always look this way!!]


“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Glasses?”

“Aren’t they in the living room? I coulda sworn I saw them in there. Look again.”

Springin’ Forward With Side-Eye

shutterstock_80152774Don’t forget to Spring your clocks ahead one hour tonight before you go to bed (if this applies to where you live)- Daylight Savings Time begins at 2am Sunday. Photo from Shutterstock.

Bird Dog?

Something tells me that this little guy isn’t ready to be a bird dog. Leave the hunting to the big guys for now, fella.

One Good Cone Deserves Another

Stanley totally agrees with that. Since he’s got a cone to wear, he’d like one to SLURP, too. “This is Stanley Goobrick. He is a pure bred pug- so you know he loves his cones! He’s on Instagram, of course.” – Lily T.


Griffin’s Sleppy Beans

gianttoebeans“This is Griffin. A friend of mine brought him home Friday night and I went over to meet him and take a few pics and of course snorgle with him as much as possible! I thought everyone on C.O. might need to meet him as well!” -Tammy L.



It’s Toesday TOBY Day!

image1Sarah L. tells us, “This is Toby and his pawsies (and his extra long eyelashes!!) #WhatASnorgler

Yes, This Is Just What It Looks Like

A Cute Little Yorkie is detailing a Bun’s VW Beetle convertible. What- you’ve never seen this before?


You’ll Not See Nothing Like The Mighty Finn

IMG_3273“The Mighty Finn with Security Bunny. First time away from home and staying with Uncle Levi, who sent this photo. Thanks!” -Paula H.


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