Who’s A Better Teacher?

Let’s see who teaches going down the stairs better. On one paw hand, The Parent Puppeh patiently waits while their Mighty Little Wiggling Ball O’ Squeak h-h-h-h-hesitates down the stairs.

And then you have…the Parent Kitteh.

From VVV.

Game ON

Today are the big AFC and NFC title games in the NFL, with the winners going to the Super Bowl. May the best teams win!

[Hold on that last part. Total bias disclaimer here: C.O. Global HQ is in Silicon Valley, where the new Niners stadium is going up. Ahem. Anyway. -Ed]

First up, the Niners. Sender-inner Christina V. explains: “Gulliver (Leonberger pup) and Sadie are ready for the game..”

“…although they’d probably cheer for whoever has cheeseburgers.”

“Leo the cat got in on the action too.”

“Bring on the tailgate parties and halftime shows…as long as there are bacon cheeseburgers and nachos.”

The San Francisco Zoo has a black rhino named Boone, named for Niner lineman Alex Boone. Through today, Alex has graciously agreed to donate his proceeds from TheRhino75 gear to the San Francisco Zoo. Photo by May Woon.

BooneBox.May Woon
Meanwhile…up the coast:

“Everyone in Seattle is getting geared up for the game this afternoon, including the Seattle Aquarium who named their hermit crab after Marshawn Lynch…hence ‘Marshawn Pinch.’ Oh, and go HAWKS.” -Trina E.

Check a live view of MP right here.

Of course, Marshawn is on Facebook..

…and Twitter.








Photos of MP + otter from the Seattle Aquarium- remainder from the Woodland Park Zoo.

WHO’s A Big Goggie? WHO Is?

Remember this story from June of last year? A fellow named Josh drove up from Florida to Atlanta to get a Goldie Puppeh, and we asked for suggestions for a name. Well, he picked one!

“Needless to say, after getting my puppy I was consumed by that for a few months so I apologize I never followed up. I ended up naming him Enzo, after Enzo Ferrari because I am a car nut! He’s my first dog…I could have never imagined how much work it was going to be! Anyway, I just put this video online of him and thought you might enjoy it.” -Josh.

And just think, he coulda named him Yugo, Kia, or Hyundai! Needless to say…Enzo has grown. Exponentially.




‘Scuse Me Sir, May I Have A Snorgle PLEASE!

This CuddleMonster Puppeh is named Phoebe, and she is paws-itively relentless.

Discovered by Shelly C.: “Politest Pup ever? Ask permission to snuggle?? STOP EET!”

But wait! As they say on TV. “There’s more!”

Blaze, U Wanna Go In The Kennel?

Blaze states his reply in no uncertain terms.

From 22Words.

Let’s Go Dogsledding, Everybody!

Not that Iditarod stuff, though. So what if the hoomin wipes out? Just keep going! IN A JAUNTY RED COAT, TOO!

A video posted by Cute Win Fail, spotted on Dogheirs.com by Susan M.

Kermit, Could U Get That, Please?

Ah, the snooze bar. When the alarm goes off, just whack the top of the clock for another ten minutes of sleepy time. If you’re too groggy to find the alarm clock, no prob. Kermit here will do it for ya!

Spotted on Gawker.

Little Toby’s Big Adventure

Tabitha Ormaechea was in her car at a Spokane stoplight, when she was rear-ended. She got out of the car to speak to the other driver..but the other driver was speechless.

SOMEbody is getting grounded.

Video and Vine spotted on USA Today.

“Honey, Where’d My McNuggets® Go?” (Updated!)

“Oh, I warmed them up in the toaster oven- aren’t they right there?”

Aha!, thinks Lucy.

As seen on VVV.com. McNuggets® is a registered trademark of McDonalds Corp.

Maybe Lucy watched this clip for inspiration? Thanx to Susan M.

Pippa The Puppeh

“Meet Pippa, she likes to flaunt her Smooshy Face and pose for the camera. She’s quite vain, she’s so cute and she knows it! She likes to eat our socks off our feet and shake her curly tail! She will do anything for Carrots and Peanut butter! :) -Melissa B., Katy, TX.”