How To Ruin KC’s Day

[ZZZZZZZZZ.....huh? What? (Sigh.) Daytime. OK. I can do this. Get up, stretch, alienate the cat, have breakfast.]

And then let’s go check the weather…….ah, rats.

Door Bigger
“Hi Cute Overload! Thank you for all the funny captions and storeez that make every day so much brighter. You see all the “leetle things” on days when everything seems so big…keep up the uplifting work! Here is my foster doggeh KC, who absolutely detests getting her paws wet.”

“You Bought Me A Kitteh!!!!”

[OMG ROFLMAO! This is the bestest thing ever!!!!]

Kip the Dog meets new family member Lizzie the Cat, as seen on DP&F.

How The Heck Are Ya, Hadley? 2014-08-12 10-57-09Ladies & Gentlemen, we’d like to present to you….the one and only Hadley Sawyer. 2014-08-12 11-00-15 (1)
The rundown on HS, according to her (of course) own Instagram: “I am a Maltese/Shih Tzu living in LA. I love to play, snuggle and eat. Oh- I’m good at fetching too! I was born on April 24th.” 2014-08-12 11-03-49 2014-08-12 11-05-19 2014-08-12 11-08-22
From Sender-Inner Claire C.


This little guy is REALLY getting his fierce on. Must be the Shark Week thing.

Pisuke von Peabody, the intrepid hero (pronounced PEACE-kay.) My nearly 5 pound hero deftly saved the whole family from the “scary scary” birthday present my son received. Our hero!!”

Let’s Play “Spot The Puppeh”

unnamedSee if you can find the puppeh somewhere in this photograph! (This is Artek, from Jenna R.)

Toesday Tickle Toes

unnamed“Someone told me to submit Henry Oliver (half Maltese and half Shih Tzu) to you! Please pardon any typos and the brevity as this was sent from my iPhone on the fly!” -Gina.

Harley: Born To Rock

photoLittle Harley gettin’ his JAMS on at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, c/o Sender-Inner Erik S.

Levitating Weiners

Yep, that’s what the header says. Remember Magician & Mentalist Jose Ahonen? He’s back, and he’s floatin’ hot dogs for fun. Check it out:

It’s YOUR Day Today, Mae Mae!

I absolutely admit I am a Morkie Person. LOOK at this little lady. Would you like to come over to MY house? (Say yes!)

“This is Mae Mae my 3 month old Morkie puppy. She likes playing with her big brother Max and Ferris and….chewing on people’s flesh.” – Kiera C.

C.O. Raises The QTE Bar Higher Than It’s EVER Been

If this one doesn’t make your head ‘splode, pardner….nuthin’ will.

From Susan S.


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