“Sweaty Betty”

Good grief, look who’s here. None other than Betty The Bug AKA Sweaty Betty and Bee-Tee (As in BT phone home.)

“My husband and I got Betty at the very end of Tocktober last year when she was a wee pup. She wasn’t an easy one to photograph but luckily over the past year we have managed a good collection of photos of her,” writes Carole.

“Betty is a sweet but mischievous little devil and we can’t believe its been almost a year with her in our lives. We love her to pieces and hope you do too!”



“Hey Honey? Did U See My Little Quad Copter?”

“It’s sitting right there on the kitchen table, isn’t it?”

Double Baroo

Very difficult to pull this one off, but Max comes through. He Baroos to the left, then deftly executes a Reverse Baroo to the right. Tens from all the judges. (From Arne.)

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The Story Of Sufferpup

I’m still not convinced this little guy isn’t some sort of Mini Bear, but anyway..check out this story of two guys who were on a hiking trip in the U.S. Southwest. They called it the “Sufferfest,” because the trip obviously would not be easy.

And look who they came across.


Would You Mind Getting That?

[Kinda doin’ my BIZNESS in here.] – Barley The Terrier, from Kelly D.

Everyone Yell “STELLA” On 3, OK? 1..2..

Jennifer D. writes, “We wanted to share ‘Stella’ with you! Stella is a 4 month old Mini Dachshund Dapple, Long Hair. She has a BIG personality! As you can see Stella loves the grass, automatic sprinklers and her little blue mesh ball. We adopted her at 8 weeks and she’s learning the kayak with out family!”

“These pictures were taken by her mom Jeri on her phone. I hope they pass the Cute Overload qualifications! Thank you for your time and consideration!”


Workin’ Late AGAIN #SusieTheBoston

An email in earlier today from Danielle M.: “Hi! My daughter messaged me this photo of her dog, Susie, a Boston terrier, with the caption, “Trying to get her TPS reports done. Someone has a case of the Mondays.” Hope you enjoy! (My daughter’s name is Charlotte M. and she’s a first grade teacher for the City of Norfolk.”

Headline THIS!

[*UPDATE: 1:02pm PT: Thanks to YummyPocky and everyone else who wrote in! -Ed.]

And one more Headline THIS before we head into the weekend. (This is Piper, totally relaxed.) Send in your best headline and we’ll post the best header around 1pm PT! Thanks to Joe for the photo.

You’re Caught Being Bad- What Do U Do?

Take out the witness, that’s what you do.

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Penny For Your Thoughts…

I’d love for the last post of the night to always be about a sleppy puppeh or kitteh, you know? (Like this time last night.) Puts you in the right frame of mind to zonk right out. Like this little girl! “This is Penny. She’s a 9 week old Australian Labradoodle. Although there are multiple cushy dog beds around our home, she chose to nap on my son’s rubber boot. Awwwwww.” -Lori.