Gimme Sheltie

IMG_2830These photos are SO good, you can practically SMELL THAT NEW PUPPEH SMELL. Lean over, bury your schnozz in that fur- AHHHHH. Puppeh Huffing.

“I brought home a new Sheltie Puppy at the end of January. He’s named ‘Dread Pirate Roberts Robbie’ and absolutely 100% heart meltingly cute,” says Jocelyn C.

“He’s explored various parties, a bar, two hardware stores, and lots of parking lots at this point. He loves to fetch and tug and lick faces.”

“His big sister has been featured on the site before, and I think it’s time for him to get a chance to shine!”

“All pics are from my iPhone and I’ve probably submitted too many, but I just can’t help myself!”


One More For #NationalPuppehDay

What could be better than grabbing your favorite stuffed pal and headin’ to the pool for a nap? Not much, I’d guess. #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.


NOT A Fan Of Today

20150322_204413You’d think that CATS would be the only ones that wouldn’t care for #NATIONALPUPPYDAY. Nope, says Susan H. “This is my Malti-Poo, Murphy. I woke him up to wish him Happy
National Puppy Day, and got this response (photo by me.)”


You Can KEEP Your Tennis Ball!

[I’D rather play fetch with these, er, binoculars! Yeah, that’s it! What do they do, anyways?] #NATIONALPUPPYDAY

National Puppeh Day: How A Lazy Goldie Plays Fetch

Why do all the work if the hoomin will do it for you, right? #NATIONALPUPPYDAY

Lazy Goldie playing fetch. - Imgur
Spotted by Arne.

A Portrait In Puppy Perfection

SONY DSCWhen I saw the featured photo, the first thing I though of was “Boo has grown up” or perhaps “Teddy Bear?” Ah, wrong on BOTH counts. Meet Rosie, perfect for #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.

hello puppy
Gina C. says, “Her cuteness reminds me of a red panda. She is a spunky, sweet, sassy and silly Japanese Akita growing up in the great Pacific Northwest.”

“She even has her own Facebook fan page.”

“I think she’s puppy perfection, but I MAY be ever so slightly biased!”

Week 7-7

Headline THIS: Labradorable

[*Update 4:37p PT: Sorry for the late update here. Life got in the way. Doug’s “Will Smile For Bacon” was good, but Rhonda B. is right- “Labradorable” is tops. First time I’ve won. -B.]

Scroll down to the comments and leave your best headline- we’ll update about 1pm PT! WHO’s the happiest doggeh? WHO is? YOU are!! #NATIONALPUPPYDAY.


TGIF Featuring MISS Foxy Brown

Another TGIF has rolled around, signaling the end of the work week! “Miss Foxy Brown’s 4th birthday was Monday! We celebrated yesterday with a trip to the pet store for a new dress and hair bow. We walked around the outdoor mall so strangers could shower her with compliments and finished the day with her favorite treat, a McD’s ice cream cone. She was one pooped pup by the end of the day. Photos by me, her proud mama.” -Tonya N.



IMG_2041[*Note: See here for the story from a week ago. -Ed.]

“We just got the call from the UC Davis Oncology Surgeon that performed Beau’s surgery last Friday: he’s cancer-free!!! We’re so happy and want to thank all our C.O. fans for their comments, prayers, good wishes and positive thoughts. They worked! And of course many thanks to Brinke, for sharing our cause. Beau’s wearing his Thundershirt because it’s a better alternative than the cone. We’re looking forward to a long life with this furry guy. With much C.O. love, Deborah and Chris, his hoomins.”

“A Slice Of Pupperoni, Please.”

Can I.... Have some I'm people. - Imgur[Of course, I won’t say no to Snausage, either. Just sayin.’] (Reddit.)


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