Happy Baroo Year!

puppytooThis little guy/girl has perfected The Art Of The Baroo! Thanks to Sara D. for sending, who notes “I found this at Rachel Reilly’s Twitter; if you use it, she should get credit. Love your site and check it several times a day. Keep up the good work!”

The Return Of Biscuit

IMG_1988Lots of you are getting ready to wrap up your Christmas holiday vacation..just like ol’ Biscuit here! Cuteporter Cheryl G. fills us in. “Last summer I sent a few pictures of my cute dog Biscuit visiting Paris, France. As she is a frequent flyer coming from The Netherlands, living in Sweden now but with a French ‘dad,’ we often fly to all country’s mentioned and she comes with us, of course.”

“Our latest visit was a Christmas vacation in Tignes, France. It was ‘B’s first winter sports vacation and we had a ball!”

“She really does not want to walk in the snow without the shoes, acting a little bit like a queen, but funny nevertheless…I made a video of her first steps trying the shoes and the full outfit before we left. Happy New Year! Cheryl and Biscuit.”

This Calls For Serious Damage Control

So here’s the story in a nutshell: this fellow named C.J. Huffman comes home to find out that his roommate’s dog chewed up her brand new dog bed. He tells the puppeh that she’s gonna be in a spot o’ trouble for this transgression, and that’s when the pupster kicks into full-on “Don’t do that, see how Cute I am?” mode.

From VVV.

Kibo, What Do You Need?

Just a couple of hours ago, we saw how a kitteh gets really worked up over dinner, and has to run laps around the house. (Where else but C.O., right?) Anyway, we have another candidate that fits that bill. Presenting Kibo the Shiba Inu- and let’s just say he gets a real case of the “Hops” when it’s time to chow down.


Selby’s Hat Trick

image_4Selby wants to be Pharrell Williams,” says Cuteporter Atsuko M.





Got Any Christmas Gifts You Haven’t Opened Yet?

If you do, just give Benny a call, and he’ll be right over!


How Long Do I Have To Wear This Sweater?

image2“This is Gizmo, my 7 year-old Japanese Chin all tuckered out after Christmas,” says Jessica.

ResQte Of The Week (Friday Edition) II: Peanut

unnamedunnamed (3)“We were in Costa Rica last February and found this sick little pup. We fed her the first time we saw her just because she needed it so much. Later that night we saw her running down a mountain with a pack of dogs and when she saw us she recognized us, whined, jumped into our arms and tried to get in our car to go with us! It wasn’t quite that simple, it took a few days and working with the locals to track her down and also to make sure she didn’t have owners. In the end it was a beautiful thing where a whole community helped us find our little sick street pup again! We named her Peanut.” -Deirdre D. [Peanut on the R in these shots, with Otto. -Ed.]

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

OK, Time For A Head ‘Splosion

Watch this Mama Husky play with her little guys. And don’t say we didn’t warn ya. (About the ‘Splosion and all.)

(22 Words.)

Waffles: NOT Just For Breakfast Anymore!

Waffles-SleepyGary C. sent these photos in, and said “We wanted to submit pictures of Waffles, our new puppy. He’s a golden retriever/King Charles Cavalier mix. He’s 13 weeks right now. Hopefully he’s cute enough to be featured!” Uh, Gary – “Hopefully he’s cute enough????”

Uh……YES!!!! :)

Waffles-First Picture



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