Do I LOOK Like I Want To Go Outside?

[Man, if these hoomins don’t know what’s on my mind, they’re dumber than they LOOK.]

(Say OMG.)

Dad, Wake UP! I Have To…

A.) Go outside and do my business.

B.) Have breakfast.

C.) Watch Hoda Kotb* on the Today Show.

D.) All the above.

“Not my video, but I thought Lexi is definitely CO material so I’m submitting it,” writes Jon R.

*REALLY fun name to say out loud over and over.

Forecast Calls For 100% Chance Of Griffey

Griffey The Weather Dog doesn’t CARE if the camera red light is on. He. Wants. To. Go. Out. NOW.

(Laughing Squid.)

Happy (Late) Birthday, Tri$ha

unnamed[We just got this in on Sunday from Karly and Erik. Sorry we missed your BD, Tri$ha. -Ed.]

“We think it’s about time that you made Tri$ha’s acquaintance and helped to make her first birthday dreams come true by giving her a place in your esteemed palace of cute!
This little ball of fluff and love was born on Valentines Day and lives in Berlin Germany where she spends her days being photogenic, devouring underwear and making everyone around her fall at her feet with adoration.”

unnamed (1)
“She is a Japanese spitz who came all the way from Ireland to make us proud dog parents.”

unnamed (3)
“Being a modern lady, Tri$h also has a Facebook page that you can peruse at your leisure! I hope she makes you guys smile as much as she does to us!”

unnamed (2)

Geno & Friends

4Why have one cute critter per post, when we can just as easily squeeze three in there? Let’s do it! “Hi there! This is my boyfriend’s adorable new kitteh, Geno,” says Jessica G.

“Here is Geno with his kitteh brother Sid and his doggy sister Jasmine.”

“Prepare to explode from cuteness.”


Presidential Pets On Parade!

6461515323_daf5b7be87_o“If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

That famous quote is attributed to President Harry S. Truman. Indeed, searching the InterTubes turns up lots of First Dogs- but Socks appears to be the sole First Kitteh.


It’s President’s Day in the U.S. To celebrate, here’s a mini-selection of famous Presidential Pets!

Bill Clinton and cat n










*Feature Photo of Socks in the Oval Office from the U.S. National Archives Flickr, and thanks to Grytlappar.

Photo 2 of Socks (and President Clinton) from No Idea.
Photo 3 and 4 of Socks (and President Clinton) from the U.S. National Archives Flickr.
Photo 5 of Socks from The Washington Post.
Photo 6 of Bo and Michelle Obama from ABC
Photo 7 of Rex and President Reagan from Pupscale Grooming.
Photo 8 of Barney from
Photo 9 of Millie, President and Mrs. Bush from
Photo 10 of Checkers and Republican VP candidate Nixon from Reporter News.
Photo 11 of Fala and FDR from Animal

Oh, and PS:

OK, You’re Here, And I’m Here

[So! Place your left or right hand on the top of my head, and begin the scritching. Then you can proceed to my back or my belleh. This isn’t rocket science, you know. Begin.]

After a long day of work nothing beats coming home to a puppy - Imgur

Night Night, Everyone

Bet it’s been a busy week where you are, just like with this little guy! Time to turn in, we’d say!

“This is dog puppy “Lambaó” from Brasil falling almost into sleep by tickling him behind his ear. He was a street dog and a few days of age only, now he got a home, my 7 year old nephew in Brasil adopted him ! Best regards from Germany, Renato.”

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day…is next.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (In Australia)

Phoebe's ValentineIt’s already the Big day Down Undah, mates! Through the miracle of SAME DAY EMAIL, we got this from Cuteporter Danielle G.:

“I would like to introduce Phoebe: a West Highland Terrier/Maltese cross who joined our family last year. Her original family were returning to Ireland after years in Australia and we were privileged to be selected as her new Australian family. She has brought such joy to our lives so for her first Valentine’s Day with us we would like to share her with you as there is room in her heart for all. Yours faithfully, Danielle G.”

A Day In The Life Of Bertie

unnamed (17)These pictures are so cute they almost made my glasses jump up off my nose when I saw ’em. This is the one and only Bertie of New York City.

unnamed (1)
Kathy G. sent these in and says, “I am just so sure that my dog Bertie is the cutest.”

unnamed (2)
“(I understand all dog owners feel this way.) He is a rescue dog from Petfinder.”

unnamed (3)
“His personality is so kind and gentle. And he is a handsome man- here is the past month or two of Bert!”

unnamed (4)

unnamed (5)

unnamed (6)

unnamed (7)

unnamed (8)

unnamed (9)

unnamed (10)


unnamed (11)

unnamed (12)

unnamed (13)

unnamed (14)

unnamed (15)

unnamed (16)

unnamed (18)

unnamed (19)

unnamed (20)

unnamed (21)

unnamed (22)


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