Do NOT Watch This Video~

…without Kleenex. It’s THAT cute. OK, you’ve been warned. Go ahead and click. If you dare.

From Viral Viral Videos.

In Which Snickers Gets The Treatment

“So I’ve seen this picture of the cutest little dog floating around Facebook (L) with its fur in pigtails looking ever so scrumptious,” says Cuteporter Emily P. “We thought we would give it a go with our crazy 6 month old Maltese Shih Tzu pup Snickers (R) (or Snickerdoodle as we like to call her.)


unnamed (2)
“As you can see we NAILED IT. I also threw in a super cute pic of Snickers and her besty Bear all snuggled up in bed on the first day of winter.”

unnamed (1)
“Have a super cute day guys.” (Sent from Yahoo! Mail for iPhone.)

From Italy With Loff

Ciao, Laura from Italy. What do you have for us today? She says in her email, “This is Peppo my 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier.”

foto 1
“He loves to be Foster Dad for stray kittens waiting to be adopted.”

foto 2
“Playing with them and especially grooming and licking them like a nom mom.”

foto 3
“Hope you’ll post them…”

foto 4
“…since they’re super cute!”


IMG_1809“Winston the Basenji meets a new friend at Golden Gate Park. Both survived the encounter just fine.” -Chris H.

Smile, It’s Monday!

Most people, including this little guy, embrace the “Rats, It’s Monday” philosophy. But not THIS fellow!


(Modified) Rule Of Cuteness #44

Rule Of Cuteness #44 (quite properly) states: “Ears at 9 and 3 o’clock are cute.” We might just amend that to read “Ears between 9am/noon and 3 o’clock are cute.” These look to be around 11ish.

Any objections? Didn’t think so.


Primo Whackadoodle Eyes Action!

(And just wait for the Leetle Fleecking Tongue Action, too!)

Via Say OMG.

Kid? What Kid?

[You don't wanna play with that chubby little drool monster thing over there. You wanna play with...ME!!]


Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Someone’s Headed For The Tub

fsT0Zbz[No! I haven't been playing in the mud. Honest. I swear I don't know how it happened.]
From Imgur.

Becuz I’m Happy…

Yes, I nose we have already done the Pharrell Williams “Happy” thing, but in Suki’s case, it’s just so appropriate, right?

Submitted by Jenny N., photo by Claire.