Why can’t the dog across the street from us act like this at midnight? This one is straight from The Big J, with thanks to Annamarie R. (And we get Bonus Wacky Studio Audience Interaction, too!これはとても面白いです!)

Burn Those Carbs The Puppercize Way!!

NEW! Our workout video will MELT those pounds away. Up/down, Up/down, Up/down, Up/down!

Before you know it, you’re back down to a size…er, whatever size you were before you started working out. Call NOW, and if you’re one of the next 100 callers, we’ll toss some Jane Fonda Leg Warmers, and a copy of the 2011 Cute Overload Calendar. Perfect for keeping track of all the things you missed, er, four years ago.

[*Note: I know they won’t want a four year old calendar, but they’ve been in the C.O. basement for years now, and we gotta move ’em out. -Ed.]

Susan M.

So…We Got An Email From Westley

unnamedI’m not kidding. The email says he wrote it with help. Here’s what we got.

“Hello Cute Overload!

My name is Westley. I was named after the hero in the Princess Bride. I am a young explorer living in the Pacific Northwest. I’m still discovering all the world has to offer me. I LOVE squeaky toys, chewing on sticks, and meeting new friends- both furry and human kind. I finally conquered my biggest fear: climbing down stairs. Yahoo! Now I can focus on the fun things with my human! You can visit my Instagram page. Take care!! (Excuse any typos in the message, my human had to write for me.)


Sent from my iPhone

WESTLEY has an iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone. Grumble grumble.

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Big J ResQte Of The Week: FUMU

From the Land Of Japan comes these Instagramsters from Jordan W. “Please enjoy Fumu, the Shihtzu/Maltese mix, being a weirdo and abiding by several Rules in one video- Rules 99, 98, and 43. Lots more photos of the little gremlin here. I just got him at the end of March from Animal Rescue Kansai, a really great animal rescue nonprofit based in Osaka with a branch in Tokyo. I love his little frowny face, his snaggletooth, and the tongue that doesn’t always quite fit in his mouth.”

MMMMM, Vanilla Ice!!

IMG_9879Holy one-two combo, it’s Batman (pounding down some tasty Liquid Breakfast) and partner-in-fighting-crime Snickers, who needs a bit of a trim. Yo, Snickers! You in there?



From Emily P. (Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone.)

Eedada Tu De Opra Lurd

egzz0awFlipping through the Ewok Dictionary, that translates to “Over the top silly.” As far as this Ewok Puppeh photo goes, that would be 100% yesh. (Correct.)


I Think…..I Killed It!

image1[I didn’t MEAN to. We wuz just wrasslin’!] (This is Snoopy. Whenever I go to visit my Dad, I’m followed and watched.” -Jessica K.

The Little White Dancing Bear

IMG_8037LOOK at that face (above.) He obviously WANTS something- and he can have EVERYTHING I OWN. Right. This. Second. (Hmmm- I could make this happen. He’s local.)

Catalina writes, “I am a dog walker/sitter in the Berkeley, CA. area. I adopted Cracus from a local shelter (Crazy + Circus. I combined the 2 words together for obvious reasons) last November. He’s just over 1 year old and is full of energy. Pt. Isabel is our favorite place to go. He’s been called “Little White Dancing Bear,” “Happiest Dog,” “Little Monkey” and many other cute names!”

[*Note- Check the IMPRESSIVE ground clearance below- click the image for CRACUS ENHANCE! -Ed.]


Toesday: Has Anyone Seen Sonny?

image“Hello to everyone over there at Cute Overload!!! I can’t even begin to describe how much joy your website brings me daily! You are what I look forward to everyday!!! Here are some pictures of my little pupster, Sonny, or Schmoopy, The Schnookerkins, The Prince, The Baby, Little Boy, or Sonnster. I thought you would all appreciate the major toe beans. Love you guys!!!! Keep the cuteness coming!!!” -His Hoomin, Lauren S.


(Had another headline in mind but wanted to have a word with an Umlaut in there.)

“My friend, Autumn, just got a new puppeh and gave me permission to send her prosh photos in. Her name is Sjöfn Skye, after the Norse goddess of affection/reconciliation. She is a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd and is 7 weeks young.” -Jenn from Virginia.

P.S. “I just asked my friend how she pronounces her puppeh’s name. “Sjöfn” is pronounced “See-yo-fun”….I thought this was cute.” -Jenn.


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