Comfortable, Yoda Is

unnamed“This is Yoda, my French Bulldog. She’s been making us laugh since we adopted her five years ago. She loves car rides but hates dress up!” -Alicia I.

Just 106 Days ‘Til Nosevember!

540556_3343297215356_1789368472_n“I’d love to share some pictures of my dog. I love Cute Overload for whenever I feel down..and my dog has that same effect on me, so maybe his Cute Pictures can cheer other people up too :). He is a 7 year old Yorkshire/Chihuahua mixed breed (Chorkie) named Sputnik. I named him that because he used to orbit around me when I got him as a puppy!” -Silke B.


Maybe We Should Bring Out The Pharrell Song Again

Because if ANY video deserves the song “Happy,” this one would be it! This is Frank, everyone. Had a tough life at first, but as you can see, he’s pretty well bounced back.

UPDATE: Yup, Frankie should have the song.


Super Kasey The Mighty Maltipoo

unnamed (1)“My husband and I are huge fans of your website. It would be so fun to have our sweet dog Kasey’s photos on C.O.! Kasey is 6 years old and the most steadfast friend out there. His sweet face and gentle nature has made him a perfect companion to bring to work as a social worker….”

IMG_0135 1
…”I have often found him cuddling in the laps of my clients and I have no doubt that he is a much more effective social worker than I am!” -Ferma.


Take Us Out To The Ballgame, Hank!

Tonight’s the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. With that in mind, you might remember back in the spring, we told you about Hank, the little guy who wandered into the Milwaukee Brewers camp, and just….stayed.

Now look- he has his OWN MOBILE HOME.


From SBNation.

Cody Comin’ AT Ya

WP_20140430_14_57_34_ProImagine being a little Chocolate Lab Puppeh. All ya gotta do today is romp in the backyard, take a nap, the usual routine. Oh, and chasing a Cat would be nice.


Josh took these photos, and Melissa M. sent ‘em in.

Happy Birthday Derpday To Dobby The Ween!

I mean, good gracious. Look at that face. Happy Birthday, little guy!



Life In the Fast Lane

Not really sure how hoomin Phillip M. got all these different camera angles, but from ANY angle, Moose is clearly enjoying his spin in a Porsche Cayman S. The cheek flapping ALONE is worth the price of admission. Wait- there’s no admission here. Never mind.

Da Buzz. Music by Walsh, Frey, Henley.

Ollie Diggs

Moustache Mondays“This is Ollie Diggs! He enjoys mustaches and being naked- but on occasion he aims to fight canine nudity by wearing a bandanna every now and then.” -Nancy C.

Naked Wednesdays

Caption THIS! Labrador Takes The Lead In World Pup Competition

Lucy“Hi! Here is a picture of Lucy Lady as a baby…she’s my coworker’s dog and I think that maybe this sweet little girl deserves some internet fame! I would love to see what funny description may come. (Photo by Suzanne) -Thanks, Anne B.”

Well, there you have it. What’s a good caption for this one? Take your shot in the comments and we’ll update it around noon PT.

*Updated 12:01pm PT: Oakley FTW, like you couldn’t have guessed that.


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