Epic American Eskimo Side-Eye!

IMG_5575Keira is servin’ up some Classic Side-Eye here, folks! “This is Keira, our four year old American Eskimo! Photographed in Massachusetts (where we have had some snow this season) by Cyd and Jillian W.”


“Hello again C.O. friends! Hooray for cute gifs! I don’t know you’d be able to upload these, [No prob there- Ed.] but they were too cute not to send to you!” -Annamarie R.

Lady Sadie

IMG_0038Are Sad Basset Hound Looks the BEST? They pook up their eyebrowns with that looooong, forlorn Eeyore look? You bet! So who do we have here? “Dear Cute Overload: My friend Lee adopted this 9-week old Basset hound and named her Lady Sadie. (Or maybe…Ladie Sadie?) She came equipped with a Martha Stewart™ collar in a hounds tooth (ha!) pattern, which was apparently tasty (above.) I hope you think she’s as redonkulously Cute as we think she is. Love you every day!” -Sarah R.


[*Note* -Our all-day St. Patrick’s Extravaganza is NEXT. -Ed.]

When I Grow Up….

…I wanna be a Cowboy in the Rodeo just like THOSE guys!!!


TGIF, Boomer!

Five PM PT on Friday- traditional launch time for TGIF! And who might this be? None other than Boomer celebrating his 5th Birthday! Thanks to Photographer/Owner Cassia D.



THIS JUST IN: Get Well Soon, Beauregard

“Some years ago we sent in a picture of our Schipperke puppy, Beauregard, laying on a dust mop as I pushed it around our floor. An astute reader called him a “Swifferke” and the moniker sticks to this day. Beauregard just had a small mass, a soft-cell sarcoma, removed from his hock last week. He’s at UC Davis and is having surgery today to clean out all the margins of that mass. He’ll start radiation in 2 weeks. I hope all our C.O. fans will send prayers, karma, positive thoughts Beau’s way for a speedy recovery. His prospects are good, and we appreciate all your support.

With C.O. love,
Deborah G., Vacaville, CA.”


UPDATE 4pm PT: “We haven’t heard from the vets so he may still be in surgery. He’ll spend tonight there and we’ll pick him up tomorrow.”

I Don’t CARE If There’s Lots Of Snow

[I want to play fetch. And I want to play RIGHT NOW! Deal?]


Guess Which Rule Of Cuteness THIS Is?

She's growing so quickly - ImgurAbsolutely got some Rule #42 here. “Ears that flop over a leetle beet are cute.” (Imgur.)

Mom Dad Taxi XLIV: The Only Way To Travel

DSC_3253When you’re tuckered out after a long walk- make the hoomin do all the work! Or, as Jena J. puts it: “Step one: Go hiking! Step two: Have fun! Step three: Get carried when you’re tired! This is my Terrier Mix Pup, Sharky. She was featured on Cute Overload before, and would love to be shown off to the world again.”

[*Note- Wicked side-eye theyah, Sharky. -Ed.]

Toesday Preview: Welcome, Chief

Chief toebean floofIt’s late, time to shut ‘er down for the evening (someone’s already done that) but we wanted to tell you about Chief! Sorta a Toesday Preview. (Wait. It’s already Toesday on the East Coast. And all over Europe and stuff. OK.) “It’s exhausting being newly rescued, but I think Chief is settling in! My husband and I adopted 4yr old Chief Saturday through the wonderful folks at Southwest English Setter Rescue. Chief sprinted at least 4 miles Sunday, so he’s taking a well-deserved rest. Thanks for your consideration and for all the joy you provide daily!” -Kate R.


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