Pnut 2

The only thing Cuter than a Lhasa…is an upside-down Lhasa, like this goofball!

“I’d love to submit my Crazy Cute Lhasa Pnut. She appeared earlier on ‘Tongues Day.’ (This pic is her close-up Love Moment from last year close to the same time as the first pic.) Pic taken by her mom, Ang.”


When Pugs Escape!

Benji The Pug Pup has had ENOUGH of his prison playpen and is OUTTA there.

“This is my Pug pup Benji,” says Sender-Inner Lei D. “We have a play yard for him to stay in while we’re at work….and a couple of days ago he surprised us by showing up at the door when we came back home. Here’s his “prison-breaking” action caught on tape! It’ll make us so happy if you can feature Benji! Love Cute Overload always! Thanks for having such an amazing site! It has kept me jiggling (or roflmao) for years!”

[Ah----but we haz mor!]

“PS: I also have some of his Cute pictures attached! Hope everyone enjoys his Cuteness as much as we do!”




Updated! Almost Time For Howl ~O~ Ween!

Just got an email from Cuteporter Sian B., and this Little Cutee was included! “Hi C.O., Long-time C.O. fan here, hoping to brighten your day. Please see the attached pictures of a 3.5 week old puppy called Starfire having a little go at howling, and her inquisitive little face in the Pre-Howl picture included.”

“Starfire and her 13 siblings were orphaned at a day old and are being hand-reared by some very wonderful foster carers for Jerry Green Dog Rescue in the UK. After a rocky first couple of weeks, all 14 puppies are happy, fat little dumplings who are loving learning about life!”


“Just to clarify and reassure the concerned commenters; the puppies weren’t orphaned because mum passed away, rather she was very unwell and needed a caesarian. She wasn’t well enough to care for the puplets, so they had to go into foster care. Mum has now made a full recovery and will hopefully be finding her own new home soon!”

False Advertising!!!

Those are some truly outstanding Toe Beans–but we need to clear one thing up. They most certainly do NOT squeak! “We bought our Carley Cotton a new squeaky toy and this is where the sticker ended up! False advertising: she doesn’t squeak!!” -Taken by Shannon :).


Saturday Sadie Snorgle

IMG_7357Who wouldn’t want to?

Thanks to Kelli G.

Flashback Friday: Belgian ‘Tocks!

photoOK, we’re cheating on this one. It’s not REALLY an old photo- it just looks that way ’cause Lisa P. did some iPhoto Voodoo on it with her Mac. “Here’s a random pup I snapped in Brussels this summer, just chillin’ in the doorway of his hoomin’s shop,” she says.

‘Tocktober: Get It, Remy!

Remy_tocksNomming your own tail. A terrific way to pass a ‘Tocktober afternoon, is it not? If you, er, HAVE a tail, of course. “​This is Remy at 7 weeks and her Bebeh ‘Tocks!” -Kelly L.

‘Tocktober: U Wanna Biscuit With That?

Halfway through the Month Of ‘Tocktober and the ‘Tocks keep a-comin.’ Who do we have here?

Laika tock
“Hi! I would like to submit my dog’s ‘Tocks for ‘Tocktober- this is Laika (The Giant Schnauzer Puppy.) A good caption I thought of for the first photo is, ‘Two piece thighs. You want a biscuit with that?’ -Victoria L.

Laika nubbin tail
[*Note: ROC #32 on the second shot: “If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.” -Ed.]

‘Tocktober: “Adorable Pants”

unnamed“This is our Corgi Murphy, blending in with our hardwood floors. Just call him Camouflage dog :). Besides having adorable pants he is a Total Snuggler. Hope he makes the cut. Thanks for all the fun posts!” -Kristina C.

[*Note: Once again, we see ROC #47: Splayed haunch action is Cute. -Ed.]

We. Are. Not. Worthy.

You see this little guy sitting on the sidewalk, minding his own business. Do you…

1.) Fall to the ground and begin immediate worship.

2.) Look left and right furtively, then scoop him up and plop him in your bag.

3.) Dissolve into a puddle of goo.

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