They Say It’s Your Birthday!

picdump-1174-14Right now, there’s NOWHERE on Earth this little guy would rather be! (DP&F.)

Young Man, If You Leave Your Toys Outside…

…the Fox next door is gonna come over and play with them. That will teach you to pick up after yourself!

Don’t Think You’re Skating On THIS One, Buddy

(Pro Tip for in the future, FWIW: if you knock over a flower pot/plant, don’t hunker down right next to it. Better yet, ask The Cat to sit there in your place.)

Guilty puppy
From Nothing To Do With Arbroath.

What DOES That Sign MEAN?

10485880_838389076171237_6901263805821436519_n[Everybody NOSE doggehs can't read. Must be for something else. Maybe for cats. Whatever. I got some BIZNESS to take care of, RIGHT NOW.] From the Mike Rowe FB page, spotted by Smedley.

Make Sure You Stay Hydrated Out There!

picdump-1174-1We’ve still got over a month of summer left, so make sure you use sunscreen (um, unless you’re covered in fur) and always drink plenty of water! (DP&F.)

You Need Something, Waffle?

IMG_1229“Waffle the Corgi balances a mixing bowl on his noggin’ for treats,” says Submitter Rachael B.

The Mistake Was Lettin’ Him Back IN @ :48

This kitteh and sausage dog are battling it out to see WHO is King Of The Castle.


WHO Wants A Big ‘Ol Sloppy One???

A dollah a slobbah. Sounds like a GREAT idea.

From Kerri M.

The Forecast Today Is Partly Cloudy And Chili

photo“This is my friend’s step-puppy Chili. Everyone says he should be a star!” -Tina D. [With THAT side-eye? No doubt. -Ed.]

How To Ruin KC’s Day

[ZZZZZZZZZ.....huh? What? (Sigh.) Daytime. OK. I can do this. Get up, stretch, alienate the cat, have breakfast.]

And then let’s go check the weather…….ah, rats.

Door Bigger
“Hi Cute Overload! Thank you for all the funny captions and storeez that make every day so much brighter. You see all the “leetle things” on days when everything seems so big…keep up the uplifting work! Here is my foster doggeh KC, who absolutely detests getting her paws wet.”


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