Hellllllll-o Down There!

[They SAID if I keep digging I’ll see China! I don’t know who or what that is, but I’m willing to try!]


Presenting…The New Roomba II™!

Sleeker and more energy efficient than the original Roomba™- the New Roomba II™ cleans more of the floor than ever before!

“Saw this on Gothamist. Worthwhile, I promise.” -Carrie S.

H2Oh NO You Don’t

[I don’t want any of THAT water! It’s too cold! Can we please get some room temp water in here?]


#Tocktober: Worth A LOT More Than Just A Penny!

We’ve got ‘TOCKS UP X 2! “This is my little Penny,” writes Vicky S. “She is a rescue from a backyard breeder that I adopted 2 years ago and she will be 6 in February. She has been a real joy to have in my life. Thank you for considering her for a ‘Tocktober submission.”



“PITA And The Stare”

“Loving acronym for Pain In The A**. Dark motherly humor for the win.” 🙂 -Alex T.

#Tocktober: Those Are….‘Tocks?

I swear I must need a new glasses prescription. Or something. To me, that looks like…a hat. With a head stuck on the right side. (Need..sleep. Staying up too late watching baseball.) “Here’s our furbaby Daisy. She enjoys stealing the socks right off our feet and hoarding them, Belly Rubs, and barking at neighborhood cats. She also has some adorable ‘Tocks.” -Julia.

Presenting The New iPup™

The reviewer pretty well gives the new iPup™ a glowing review, but does caution that this new model can go into Sleep Mode™ at any time, which can be tricky. And there’s a problem with fluid leakage, too. Ah, they’ll push out a fix for that.

#TBT: 10/15/2007: Whatchoo Talkin’ ’Bout Willis

I know, I know, that was a hackneyed sitcom saying from Diff’rent Strokes. What the heck else am I supposed to say after that Bun of Death sucked the soul right out of me?

Courtney B., Scout is really sweet, and I’m sorry she had to go after that bun. Someone had to do it.

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. -Ed.]


We don’t know if this pint-sized Kramer will blast open your door and slide into your apartment- but with that look and THOSE LITTLE WHITE BOOTIES- he can darn near do anything he wants. “Our new puppy has stolen our hearts. He may steal your heart as well,” remarks Tanya K.

“Cute today, tomorrow and always to us.”

And OK, for all your Seinfeld fans out there..

Please Welcome Stogie To C.O.

There are Puppeh Faces and then there are PUPPEH FACES. The kind that make you WEAK IN THE KNEES. Or, the kind that has to have his own Trading Card, STAT! Like Stogie here, who certainly has an Ewok look about him, too! Where did he get the name, Ann R.?

Didnt like first bath
“We got our little Havanese puppy two weeks ago, just in time for Nosevember! We named him Stogie in a nod to the breed’s origin of Havana Cuba. He is 13 weeks old and is enjoying the fall here in Whitefish Bay (Milwaukee) Wisconsin.”

Stogie extreme close up
“I have wanted a dog with a pink nose forever and I can’t stop taking pictures of his little pink nose and blue eyes. Unfortunately his eyes won’t stay blue but his nose should stay pink. This is my first submission but I have been enjoying this site for a long time. It has been great stress time out when I was still working or had two small children.”