Ivy’s Side-Eye Stink-Eye Voodoo Whammy LOOK OF DOOM

2014-09-09 17.04.06This photo of Ivy The Puggle was sent in by Tom M. Whatever Tom did to deserve this, we’re pretty sure he won’t do it again.

I Wanna Come Outside And HELP!

[I does not know HOW MUCH CLEARER I CAN BE!!!!!]

Hootie Meets The Printer

hootie“Hi Cute Overload, Hootie had the pleasure of having to wear The Cone Of Shame for a while. We had fun with it and took his photo and said he was undergoing “Astronaut Training.” Thank you for considering Hootie for C.O., we love him! Everywhere we go, people say he is super Cute! Best, Karla M.”

Miss Foxy Brown, 3.0

IMG_3359MFB has been making random appearances on C.O. since 2012! Here’s her first visit, and this is her early 2013 encore. Now she’s back as 2014 heads into fall.

Hoomin Sender-Inner Tonya N. says, “Miss Foxy Brown had the honor of starring on Cute Overload a couple years back. Recently, she was the star of a dog photography class!”

“Here are some shots of her showing off her best poses. She’s a silly girl and makes me laugh everyday. Photos by Anthony H. I’ve been a C.O. fan for years. Thanks for making the work day easier to get through.”


Gotta Do What Ya Gotta Do

This little puppeh was in an accident and broke both her front legs. :( OW. Plus she has the cone of shame. BUT! Good news, she’s getting better, and has learned how to navigate that pesky sliding door thing.


Hoomin, Do My Bidding

image[I don't know what I want. But I'm so jaw-droppingly Cute, you'll get it for me anyway. Am I right?] ["My multipoo puppy Zoey!!!" -Lauren.] [Is there such a thing as a "Multipoo?" Not Maltipoo? -Ed.]

[And Now, For My Next Impersonation....]

This little pupster is a man of many voices. Speakers up for this one!

“Bruce (a Boston Terrier) is a silly dog and he makes silly noises. He loves other animals and this is how he acts when he sees one, but can’t go play with it,” says YouTuber MorbidAngela.

“This Paw Spells Like Heaven…”

photo 1“…if you believe Heaven smells like freshly buttered popcorn!” says Jody C. “Lucy is our two year old stray rescued from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia. We believe she has helped us discover a new Rule: Arm Hair Can Be Beautiful!” [No such Rule- however, if there was one, she'd be right there. -Ed.]

photo 2

photo 3

Better Luck Next Time, Keefers

If you’re gonna throw down with a kitteh, it’s best that you…not fall over backwards. From Kari C.

Just sayin’.

Frankie Says “New Rule!”

image[*Note: Headline refers to 1980s MTV one-hit wonders. Google it. -Ed.]

So what do we have here? It’s not a uni-brow- those go all the way across. It’s a…well, let’s let Cuteporter Jami G. explain.

“Hi, not sure if this is a Rule yet but it should be- animals with distinct facial features. My recent rescue, Frankie girl not only has the one eyebrow down pat but the black lipstick to go with it! She attracts cats, dogs and humans everywhere we go!”

image (1)

image (2)


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