Hola, Holly!

IMG_2670This little pupster is named “Holly.” Let’s check ‘er out from a few different angles, shall we? The second photo below is for scale. As you can see, Holly is quite the teeny lass.

And in this next one, Holly is so Fuzzular (new word) that she kinda resembles a…gold carpet sample.

And finally, we’re getting some Wicked Prosh Side-Eye (RoC #95) in this next one.

Stacey K. reports, “These photos were taken by Holly’s adoring owner, Katie S.”

Now That I’m Here, I’m STAYIN’

Chunk The English Bulldog has become a regular on C.O. and this video does nothing to change that! Last time, he had just discovered his new bed. Today, he’s settled in quite nicely and BTW check those Beans!

Chunk buddy, just for this, ya get your own tag. (PS- speakers up for this one.)

I. Want. My. BED.

[Whatta I hafta DO to get this CAT outta MY bed? Call a tow truck?]

You Wouldn’t Happen To Have A SMALLER Ball…

unnamed…..would you? (“Banjo and his oversized red ball. Hope you can post!” Photographed by John B.)

Hey There, Little Buddy!

Of course, the headline is a Gilligan reference for those of you hooked on ME-TV (like me,) but Buddy is also the name of this little critter! Oh, BTW:


Buddy was an early Christmas present to singer Demi Lovato, who posted these photos to her Instagram account. Naturally, he already has his own Instagram and Twitter accounts.



Happy Bleu Year!

image3“Bleu Steel is a rare Blue Beagle,” says Cuteporter Bridgette H. “He is full of energy and has an attitude of his own. Better watch him, he’ll steal your treat or bone in a minute!!”

“He thinks everything is a game and most of the time it’s really entertaining…until he’s running around with something he doesn’t need.”

“Trust me when I say, ‘no one can be blue when Bleu is around.’ He can make anyone happy!”

“Almost forgot to mention! If you want more Bleu fun, visit us at bleusteel_the_beagle on Instagram!”


Hard Time Gettin’ Up This Morning?

You’re not alone. Tinka says thinks, “Go AWAY. And quit YELLING.”

From Ilana B.

One Bottle Of “Meow Chased One” Champagne, Coming Up

Nanas New Year“Bananas would like to say if you tip one back to ring in 2015, don’t forget to tip your Sommelier!” -Sue A.

[*Note- that’s a dog toy, BTW- Ed.]

Happy Baroo Year!

puppytooThis little guy/girl has perfected The Art Of The Baroo! Thanks to Sara D. for sending, who notes “I found this at Rachel Reilly’s Twitter; if you use it, she should get credit. Love your site and check it several times a day. Keep up the good work!”

The Return Of Biscuit

IMG_1988Lots of you are getting ready to wrap up your Christmas holiday vacation..just like ol’ Biscuit here! Cuteporter Cheryl G. fills us in. “Last summer I sent a few pictures of my cute dog Biscuit visiting Paris, France. As she is a frequent flyer coming from The Netherlands, living in Sweden now but with a French ‘dad,’ we often fly to all country’s mentioned and she comes with us, of course.”

“Our latest visit was a Christmas vacation in Tignes, France. It was ‘B’s first winter sports vacation and we had a ball!”

“She really does not want to walk in the snow without the shoes, acting a little bit like a queen, but funny nevertheless…I made a video of her first steps trying the shoes and the full outfit before we left. Happy New Year! Cheryl and Biscuit.”


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