“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Glasses?”

“Aren’t they in the living room? I coulda sworn I saw them in there. Look again.”

Springin’ Forward With Side-Eye

shutterstock_80152774Don’t forget to Spring your clocks ahead one hour tonight before you go to bed (if this applies to where you live)- Daylight Savings Time begins at 2am Sunday. Photo from Shutterstock.

Bird Dog?

Something tells me that this little guy isn’t ready to be a bird dog. Leave the hunting to the big guys for now, fella.

One Good Cone Deserves Another

Stanley totally agrees with that. Since he’s got a cone to wear, he’d like one to SLURP, too. “This is Stanley Goobrick. He is a pure bred pug- so you know he loves his cones! He’s on Instagram, of course.” – Lily T.


Griffin’s Sleppy Beans

gianttoebeans“This is Griffin. A friend of mine brought him home Friday night and I went over to meet him and take a few pics and of course snorgle with him as much as possible! I thought everyone on C.O. might need to meet him as well!” -Tammy L.



It’s Toesday TOBY Day!

image1Sarah L. tells us, “This is Toby and his pawsies (and his extra long eyelashes!!) #WhatASnorgler

Yes, This Is Just What It Looks Like

A Cute Little Yorkie is detailing a Bun’s VW Beetle convertible. What- you’ve never seen this before?


You’ll Not See Nothing Like The Mighty Finn

IMG_3273“The Mighty Finn with Security Bunny. First time away from home and staying with Uncle Levi, who sent this photo. Thanks!” -Paula H.

Got Something On Your Mind?

SOMEone has a lot to say, and isn’t a bit shy about saying it, either.

From Barb And Paul, waiting impatiently for rain in the 925.

Rump Day

Yep, it’s the end of the workday in the middle of the week AKA Rump Day. Speaking of Rumps, who can resist the In-Tocks-icating puppeh right here? Don’t even try. (A Corgi, am I right?) As seen on Art Vandelay.com…site suggestion by Arne.



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