#Nosevember: Meet Dave

“My dog’s name is Dave (or David Justin Russell when he is really naughty!) I think his Nose is pretty cute, I hope you agree!” -Alexandra R.


#Nosevember: Need A Little Touch Up, Axel?

If ya thought Axel was born with that Prosh little white Nose—-you’d be wrong. That one is self-inflicted, it seems. “Hello friends at Cute Overload. This is Axel. He is a 3-year old Standard Wire-Haired Dachshund. He is particularly good with his nose. He frequently has a variety of items stuck to it, from fur clumps from our other dog, feathers to paint, as picture here. The photo was taken by me. Deborah W. ( Veterinarian and fan of your page to cheer me up.)

Meet Nosely Mosely

[Hi, can I help you? Mosely’s my name, and Noses are my game! I LOVE this month! It’s all about ME!] (Imgur.)

Anybody Nose What Time It Is?

Midnight PT- it’s time for NOSEVEMBER! The month where C.O. celebrates NOSES of all shapes and sizes! Snouts, muzzles, trunks, beaks, snoots, schnozzolas, sniffers, honkers- you name it, and we’re gonna have it! Like Pnut here, for example. “In preparation for Nosevember, Pnut would love to make another appearance! She’s currently too pooped to participate because her mommy (aka me) is fostering a little dude that is really sick since he is heart worm positive. He’s a hot mess but Pnut is taking good care of him! Hopefully he will feel camera ready with his foster sis soon. Thanks! Angela B.”

THIS JUST IN: Gizmo The Fruit Bat Halloween Action!

I don’t know that you’ll see Tiny Fruit Bat Puppehs swooping overhead where you are tonight- but if you do, be sure to give ’em a snorgle. (We see they are partial to booberries and watermelon.)

(The Giz c/o Jess L.)

Prosh Pup Protects Pumpkins!

Midnight PT! Annnnnnd….let’s get our Halloween Party started! Check back every hour- New And Cute Halloween Posts all day long! “Saw this little guy at a local farm stand,” says Submitter “Proper Zombie.”

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

Let’s Refresh Our Rules, Shall We?

Repeat after me: Rule of Cuteness #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.

“My brother Ricardo’s Yorkie Lucas doing his best “I didn’t do it” look against clearly unfounded accusations of digging holes in the house plant pots. No need to worry, there are no toxic plants for dogs in the house. Love love love your site. Thank you!! Mariana P., (Oporto, Portugal.)”

Ever Get The Feeling…

…that you’re being watched? The first vid has a great BAROO, BTW. (Woulda done that “I always feel like somebody’s watching me” but we’ve used that already.)

(Paul P.)

Get Back, Marty

Today is Back To The Future Day! In the 1989 hit “Back To The Future II,” Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) gets in a time machine Delorean to zoom ahead to, um, TODAY, to save his children- which had not yet been been born.

Not sure if this little fellow went along for the ride.

Another Quality Smedley Find on Imgur.

Introducing…Rule Of Cuteness #60!

Gina S. says: “I have reviewed the ROCs and find there is nary a word about bath-time, excessive hygiene, nor even re: wet animals/general wetness, bath-induced or other. Therefore, in honor of my new grand-dog Florence, I would like to recommend the following:

“If bath-time reduces your total body matter by up to 50%, that’s cute.”

Consider it DONE! BEFORE, above. AFTER, below. “Photos of Florence by her new parents, my son and his GF. Florence is a rescue Llasa-Poo. She received a bath on Day One. Just because. Florence will undoubtedly get her social media sites in order soon — as soon as g-ma gets the dresses, sweateuws (sp? couldn’t find in Glossary*!) and Halloween costume(s) ready.”



[*Note: “Sweateuws” added to Glossary. We regret the oversight. -Ed.]