24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 5:55p PT

Io The Corgi is determined to find the candy heart that says IO on it. Keep looking buddy, keep looking!




With thanks to Carol W. 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…

24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day @ 10:47a PT (Bonus Hour Post!)

“Attached are some photos of my 12-week old Yuki. Today is her first Valentine’s Day, and, as you can see, she has been a little worried about whether her crush will ask her to be her Valentine. Thanks and gave a great day!” -Jamie I.

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24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day continues…

Hund + Sjøløve = Sant (Dog + Sea Lion = True)

Border Collie Vilde meets Sea Lion Amy in Bergen, Norway. The original story is here, and this is a bit of translation c/o Google Chrome:

“The dog has a very strong herding instinct,” says Frits Martem, dog owner and zookeeper at the Bergen Aquarium. “It’s much interesting to study for the dogs. We have seen both crocodiles, seals and penguins, says the owner. But when they approach the pool where the sea lions live, it starts to tingle extra amount of dog body.”

“Sea lions Amy is a little over two years old and is considered young. She is very playful and active. I think this is a meeting between two excited animals with much profit,” says aquarium director Kees Ekeli jokingly.

“Interspecies fun from the lovely city of Bergen. :) Kind regards, Reidun, devoted fan.” Sendt fra min iPhone.

Winner For Side-Eye Of The Year (So Far)

This is Lobo. Check out the side-eye. He knows precisely what he is doing. Snuggling his way right into your heart.


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“Lobo is a 10 week old rescue puppy! Pomeranian mix. He is awesome!” -Katie T., we thank thee.

Chase, Let’s Try A Selfie, Whadya Think?

GOOD boy, Chase! Good boy!

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From DJ C.

Special Delivery!

Look what was delivered to the C.O. World Headquarters today! (No not really, but wouldn’t that be great? Megster! Can I have one?)(Grabby hands.)

Via The Big R.

Ready To Drop The Puck At Sochi

[No! Don't drop meeeeeeeee! I am the Olympic GOALIE!!)

(This is Puck, the puppeh of USA Olympic Hockey Goalie Ryan Miller. And will you please check out the little #39 jersey?)


Top photo from CBS Sports.com. Bottom photo from Ryan Miller’s Twitter.

Let The Sochi Games Begin!

These USA Olympians have already scored a Gold Medal in Interspecies Snorgling and Nomming.




Photos by NBC Olympics as seen on Elite Daily.

I Haz An Ouch

[The good part of the whole thing is we went to the 31 Flavors and I had about 10 of them.]

From Reddit.

This Will Do Nicely

It’s been kinda cold out there, I need to get all bundled up at night. Would you mind bringing me some warm milk?

Takin’ the Humor Train.