“Are You DONE With The Kittehs?”

“This my chuppy dog Blue. I hope you will consider him for a Nosevember slot on your awesome website! This is his way of telling me that he was very patient while I did the yard work and played with the kitties but it was now his turn for my undivided attention! He has a most expressive face and I just missed the Baroo shot, but he is still very cute and sweet! Thanks!” -Jeannette.



[*Note: If you couldn’t tell, these shots are by Deb Freytag. -Ed.]

“This is Ralphie, an adorkable little Yorkie I had the pleasure photographing the other day! Thought I’d share! Perfect for Nosevember!”- Deb F.


We’re In A Real Pickle With THIS One

“This is my Pomapoo, Pickles. Pickles has been on C.O. before, but her Nose is probably her best side, so obviously you should post her here in the illustrious Cute Overload Nosevember Collection.”

Yes. Yes we shall. Thanks be to JDAC.

Sweden Celebrates Nosevember, Too

From the land of ABBA, Björn Borg and Volvo comes….Rufus! “This is Rufus our minature poodle playing in the snow! The cutest nose in our family :). Best wishes from Michaela and Rufus in Sweden.”


[*Note: Tried to work up something tricky and Swedish for the headline, but Google Translate just won’t make “Nosevember” Swedish. -Ed.]


This could go on all night.

Ever Met A St. Berdoodle Before?

You have now! This is Mabel The St. Berdoodle. Amber A. of Hamilton, OH. says “My little Beanie Baby, at 12 weeks old.”

(“And some other fall photos!”)



Photos by amber rieder. Thank you!

Congratulations, Harper!

[OK, now…which side do I flip the tassle to? Left or right? Wait—WHERE’S MY TASSLE????]

“This is Harper graduating from her puppy class with her PHD(og). A proud moment for Mama & Pup!” -Breana A.

Shouldn’t Have Peed In The House, Howard

Don’t worry, though- you’re gonna get a treat anyway. But it’s a treat you DON’T much care for……CELERY!

Nosevember: Jake Likes To “Help” In the Garden

“HI! For Nosevember I humbly submit my dog, Jake. He’s my helper in the garden. Likes to make small holes bigger. He’s a hard worker. And you can see the result. I took the pics. Sincerely, Valerie H.”

“PS: I’m good with the Terms and Conditions.”

Jimmy From Germany

Here’s a totally outrageous puppeh from Across The Big Pond! We thank Nicole A. for sending us his photo!