The Non-Adventures Of Libby

15146164749_b2486e5c31_oWhat’s that you say, Libby? You DON’T want to go kayaking with your pal Lottie the black pug? We would not EVER have guessed!

[Double Rules here---#95 and #99. -Ed.]

Photo by Chris K., sent in by Emma K.

Belle? DO U Wanna Go Outside?

“No? Is that what you’re saying? Not today? OK, dear.”

“These are photos are of our Cavalier/Maltese Belle. She is allowed on the couch (sofa) on her blanket but not on the cushions. The cushions ended up on the floor, so Belle took full opportunity to make use of the technicality that if they are on the floor they are surely intended for her. But the side-eye look of guilt says it all.” Cheers, Sharon B-C (Western Australia.)

Rule #50 With Extra Toy Action

SavedImage_0“Greetings Cute Overlords! This is our Lab/Chow mix Sorsha (Von Wigglebutt to give her her full title) demonstrating her take on Rule #50. She finds it most effective in making sure her pesky pet skunk doesn’t escape.” -Fiona.

You Told Me To “Fetch”

Happy first day of fall! - Imgur[So I went and got you one of these. There's lots more where this came from. Didja know Fall starts right now? (7:29pm PT in the USA.) Somethin' called the Autumnal Equinox, like I know what that is. So...will you make me a big pile of these and then I can belly-flop into 'em?]

[*Note: ROC #42: Ears that flop over a leetle beet are cute. -Ed.]


“I’ve Been Going Through Your Quarterly Taxes…”

[...and they're a mess! I mean, who does your books? An office full of drunken lemurs? You're gonna need an extension. Good grief, man!]

Rosie the Puppeh, from Cora.

Rule Of Cuteness Spotted In San Jose!

10645009_10152847661211756_4021282578640460051_nLook verrrrry closely.

The Bark In The Park event was held Saturday in San Jose, CA. More photos on their FB page!

You Win, Buddy

With those eyes, THAT look? We’ll go anywhere, do anything, or give you whatever you want. Guaranteed.

From @CuteEmergency.

Doug The Pug

As you stagger through your Rats, It’s Monday- take a moment to gaze into the Cute Little Face of Doug The Pug.











As seen on Mashable.

I WONDER What’s Back Here?

They usually have that cargo lid in place. I’ve never looked back there…maybe I can juuuuusssst…..OOOMPH. OK, I’m done with THAT.

Say OMG!

Bed Head

IMG_2691“Meet Zara, all the way from New Zealand. My brother sent me this photo of her snuggling down in a place where she is not allowed. Looks like she knows it, too.” -Colleen R.
(VERY Rare Rule #32 Cited Thusly: “If You’re Caught Doing Something Bad, It’s Cute.”


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