Whatever Maru Can Do…

[I can do better! Well, at least I think I can. Let’s see, I remember how I got IN here…can’t I just go backwards in order to get out?]

The Incredible Cuteness Of Chloe

Chloe 6wks (9)Now THIS is the way to start a Monday morning, everyone. Meet Chloe, who is all of seven weeks old as of this past Friday!

Chloe 6wks (2)
“I hope you enjoy these pictures of my adorable puppy,” writes Jennifer L. “Chloe is a Maltichon, half Maltese, half Bichon Frise.”

Chloe 6wks (4)
“I hope there’s at least one good photo!” [*Note: NO problem. We count SIX!-Ed.]

Chloe 6wks (5a)

Chloe 6wks (6)

Chloe 6wks (8)

Only Four Months To Go

peggy“I have no idea what Peggy wants when she makes this face. Maybe…she’s just wondering what kind of trouble she can stir up.” -Mary H.

“I’ll Have A Chocolate Lab, Please.”

[Wait a minute. I AM a Chocolate Lab! OK, never mind- just a bowl of water.]

Meet Milo the 16 week old chocolate Labrador - Imgur
Milo, four months old and lookin’ for trouble, from Imgur.

The Many Two Modes Of Giroud

IMG_3567It’s really quite simple. Little G-Man here has two operating modes. Nighttime (above) and daytime (below.)

“Giroud the Mini Aussie, loving life in San Diego,” writes Tristan W.

Meet Charlie The Chorkie

IMG_1140Can. You. Even. Believe. This. Face. People, meet Charlie The Chorkie, who is all of 1 and a half years old! (Cross between a Wah Wah and a Yorkie, natch.)

From Jennifer B.

Begging For A Boop!

IMG_9521“Sharky, the one year old terrier mix, showing off her adorably scruffy snout. Picture taken by my pinned down husband.” – Jena J.

Misa Minnie Congratulates The Warriors

Misa Minnie’s proudly wearing her NBA Champion Golden State Warriors jersey as she takes the ball TO THE HOOP! The Cavaliers puppeh doesn’t look so happy.

Prosh Puppeh POWER

unnamed (1)Folks, please take a look at the one and only Strider, frolicking in the garden with a little help from his hoomin. #PERFECT.

Sent in by Rusty & Jen, photos by Penny.

Auto Privacy Tailio

“This is how Poncho sleeps – on his back, butt exposed, no manners at all,” reports Julie H.

(*Note: It seems Instagrams must be viewed with either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome– they will not display properly in Internet Explorer.)


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