Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez’s Frenchie Stitch salutes Yankees star Derek Jeter on his final game today.


From Carol H.

I’m Passing On Stanford & Yale- It’s DePaw For Me

image1“After some hard research, Sasha thinks she has found just the right school. She likes DePa(u)w.” -Pary.

Eet Ees A Forbeeden Loff

[Frawnsch accent: "Mon cherie, they all said noooooooo, eet weel neverrr work. But we said it WOULD. Let us demonstrate our loff to the world with lots of leecking!"]

I Just Found This

IMG_0933[I...I thought you were in here. And I thought...I'd come in to say hi, and, well, it looked just like this. Promise. It was The Cat. Have I ever lied before? Wait. Don't answer that.]
“This is Nillie Sue, born December 5, 2013, New Braunfels, Texas. I hope you think she’s as cute as we do!” -Lyndsey F.

[*Note: ROC #32. -Ed.]

#TGIF, And I Need A Drink….

MIulLmS….or a nap. Either one. Or both. I’m flexible. (Reddit.)

Friday Haiku: Little Man

photo 1You are so teeny
Very worried and nervous
We loff you lotz

photo 3

photo 2
“This is my 7 month old son, Dredd. His full name is Dredd Pirate Roberts from the movie “The Princess Bride.” He is so special and SO cute, I just had to share with you. Featured picture and second picture are taken by Studio81 in Auckland, New Zealand. Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy him as much as we do! :D “-Kristy H.

Thirsty? Or Need To Take A Quick Shower?

This puppeh will show you how to do BOTH at the very same time.

Boing! Boing!!!!

Sorry, I Used Your iTunes™ Account Again-

[But I heard about Cat Fishing 2 and...I just hadda have it. It's even better after a couple of Red Bulls. Now 'scuse me while I pound the blazes outta your iPad.]

Laughing Squid.

If You Lose Your Luggage At LAX Or SFO…

…you might be outta luck. However, if you’re at the Amsterdam airport Schiphol, you have a shot thanks to this intrepid little fellow. Update: Well, well, well.

From Anne M.

The Non-Adventures Of Libby

15146164749_b2486e5c31_oWhat’s that you say, Libby? You DON’T want to go kayaking with your pal Lottie the black pug? We would not EVER have guessed!

[Double Rules here---#95 and #99. -Ed.]

Photo by Chris K., sent in by Emma K.


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