The REAL World Cup Pup

Gotta be Pug Puppehs vs. Bichon Frises, right? None of this “country” stuff!

The Pet Collective via T.O.

Wanna Be Pals?

Ruuxa the cheetah cub was rejected by his mum :( so the guys at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park paired him with Raina, a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy. The puppeh will be raised alongside the cheetah and serve as his lifelong BFF!

From Thanx to Nora B.

Pommy VS. Digital Camera

This wacky little Pomster goes bouncing all over the room, but what he/she really wants IS THAT CAMERA.

As seen on Boing Boing.

Will The Real MyFi Please Raise Your Paw?

unnamed“This is our Welsh Terrier (a breed that is quite rare) trying to pretend that she is a plushy! As such she is allowed on the bed.” -Carol Anne.

Whadya Know, Roscoe?

unnamed“I have been perusing C.O. every day for a good long time and have never been a pet owner! This here is my newly adopted Beagle Pupster Roscoe and a look that will melt your soul. Photo credit: Winosseur.” -Julie C.

What Looks Good To You Tonight, Buttercup?


“Buttercup wants one of everything, but she’s watching her girlish figure and will settle for 3 bites of whatever you’re having.” -From “Me.”

So Who’s Photobombing Who?

Can’t be too sure from this photo, but everyone involved is having a good time!

“Logan, our smiling Sammy (aka Samoyed) and Kerri. Photo by Lynn.”

Now That Is One Hungry Dog!

photo[Memo to copy edit department: The header should read "Hungary" dog, not "Hungry." This pup is a "Vizsla," which originated in that country. Can we get this updated? LMK. -Ed.]

“This is Maci the Vizsla with her Princess Diana eyes. Taken 6/14 in Somerset , WI.” -Megan S.

WFH Is The Best

Biscuit_1-X2And THIS is why!! (“Biscuit,”) who was adopted from SF Animal Care & Control a couple of months back…from The Furrtographer.

How Thoughtful Son, Thank-You!

12618900534_a24a17114a_b“Here is a pic I took of Tucker on his fifth birthday in February. We had a chat about how he was going to get more serious now that he’s getting older. I’d love to see him on C.O.!” -Lisa L.