Watch Coco Gogo

Coco had some serious surgery around a month ago, but as you can tell, it has NOT slowed her down at all. Zoom Zoom!

“This is my dog Coco, she’s a two-year old Cairn Terrier, just under a month ago she had an operation to remove her womb to prevent cancer. We were really worried about the operation and how it would affect her personality, but it was for the health of the dog. This is her a few weeks after her operation. I hope you enjoy, she’s super cute!” -Andrew M.

Roger, Rampart!

Dispatch: “Station 51, Station 51. Respond to report of a cat stuck in a tree. Corner of Gage & DeSoto. Time out 10:32.”
Ace The Puppeh: “Do we have to?”

photo 2
“Ace is a miniature dachshund who loves to play and be outside in this Texas weather. My father is a fireman, so I took him to visit the fire station when he was on duty, and took a few pics of him with the trucks and my dad’s helmet!” -Camaron C.

THIS JUST IN: Hammerin’ Hank

Subscribers to @cuteoverload know we mentioned this little puppeh Hank a week ago. Hank is a little guy who wandered into the spring training camp of the Milwaukee Brewers. (He was named after baseball legend Hank Aaron.) The players love him, and now Hank is taking part in the team Sausage Races. (It’s a Brewers thing.) Hank’s all over Twitter, too.


Photo via Brewers as seen on Uproxx.

Oh C’MON, Play Wit’ Me, K? C’MON C’MON!

The Puppeh in this video is clearly WOUND UP and wants to play. However, the kitteh is not quite sure what to make of all this.

As seen on Viral Viral Videos.

Oh, Shea Can U See?

[Is it just me, or does everyone like the smell of fresh paint? GOLLY do I love the Home Depot."] (Mad Bonus Point Props to Shea’s Hoomins for what looks like a Patagonia zip-front fleece for Shea, am I right?)

Home Depot Shea
“We were lucky enough to have you guys use our 6 year Pekingese Shea around Christmas time. It was such a thrill! Well, now he’s spending time in Home Depot picking out color swatches. He looks really happy here, but my husband had to keep the cart moving or he wasn’t having any of it. Thank you again for your wonderful site.” – Suzanne A., Brooklyn, NY.

PS: “The coat costs like 50 bucks. It’s time this dog got a job.

We Won The Hockey Gold Medal…Eh?

[I think we just won the Men's Hockey Gold Medal- it wuz hard to watch the TV with this dang helmet, it kept slipping!]

Photo of Harry from Nikki Yanofsky’s FB.

Kiwi In Sloooooo-Moooooo

You have to give this little guy credit. He just won’t give up!

And here’s Kiwi blasting through the snow, clearly enjoying himself!

Slo-Mo video seen on The Daily Dot.

No, I Do Not Want To Go On A Walk

I thought my body language would have made that clear by now.

Seen on Imgur.

Headin’ Back To The ‘Stan

dsc_00441Last summer, we met Scruffy Nellie, the Diplomatic Dog. Nellie was rescued from a tough set of circumstances: the streets of Astana, Kazakhstan, one of the coldest spots on the planet. Wendy Q. sent us these new photos! (U can send Nellie a Sniff & a Woof here.)

Fast forward to nine months later, and Nellie the Skye Terrier now has a wonderful life in a warm and loving home.

With temperatures hitting minus 40C recently, Nellie has been wrapping up warmly in her polo-neck fleece and woollen coats for daily walkies in the snow.


Yo Fudge, Save Some For The Rest Of Us!

Man, that doggeh eats like a PIGGEH.

From Rachel P.