Night Night There, Humphrey

Humphrey just…can’t…hang…anymore. It’s OK, little man- it’s late! Time to shut ‘er down. We’re back Thursday morning with more of The QTE, including Throwback Thursday, the C.O. Cat Café World Tour‘s final Kyoto stop, ResQte Of The Week, and more! (Like….HERMIT CRABS??)

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Puck?”

FullSizeRender“I know he needs to go outside but since it’s been so cold out, he’s not really happy about that. Did you check the bedroom?”

(It’s cold here in Arkansas. Our 12 week old ResQte pup, Puck the Boxer, found a way to stay warm under the covers and still be able to breathe!” -Liz M.)

Sammy The Snow Angel

Last post took us to Tiverton, Devon in England for Mango the cat, and now we head over just a weeee bit to Scotland. Cuteporter Emma writes, “We haven’t had decent snow in Scotland for quite some time. But today it happened! My Golden Retriever Sam rolled around like the crazy puppy, and then had a SQUIRREL! moment at the end. I took this video in the Alva Glen.”

Here’s An Eclipse You CAN Look At

Well, we’ve probably seen it all at this point, everyone. Meet Eclipse. She rides the Seattle bus line!

By herself.

As seen on Digg Video.

OMG What Kinda Puppeh IS This?

941661_4275400382196_1862058251_nNO idea. Those little Bat-Ears are just….Clunk, Ded.

Krys C. says, “Hi there!! I absolutely love your website!! It’s the perfect “make you happy” site :)”

“I just thought I’d send in a few pics of my sweet little Elle.. boating…and some non-boating. She’s my little Ewok. All these pictures were shot by me, her mommy.”

“Thanks for your consideration :)”

UPDATE! We just got the word. “She’s a pomapoo. She melts hearts everywhere she goes :)”

A Batch O’ Bailey For Ya

10660232_10155185114025294_1151213550005449467_nI can’t speak for anyone else on this issue- but as far as I’m concerned, if a puppeh comes up to me wearing this face, I turn into a tub of goo. Right then and there.

Deirdre F. says “You featured my beautiful schnauzer/border terrier Bailey last year, and I wanted to give you a Cute-Update!”

“She’s still smiling! Best facial hair on the block, too!”

“Love the site, always my first place to check in the morning! Have an adorable 2015!”


Epic Monday Night Baroo Action!

IMG_0175LOOK at that face WILL YOU. GREAT way to end the day here at C.O. (But we’ll have more tomorrow, promise!) In the meantime, just take me, Scarlett, I’m all yours. “You have featured my puppeh a couple of times to my great delight,” says Rebecca S. “Scarlett O’Hara has gone from 6 lbs. to 45 lbs, but is still Cute. Here, she is doing a pretty good ‘Baroo’ for me.”

Have A Coke™ And A Smile

picdump-1277-29And that’s a wrap for a busy week here at Cute Overload, we hope you have enjoyed the show. More coming up tomorrow morning, ’cause Rats, It’s Monday already! So kick back, get ready for beddy, and maybe have a Coke™ and a smile with this little fellow, eh? (DP&F.)

So, How Does The Puppeh Get To The Other Side?

He takes the raft, of course.


When One Just Isn’t Enough

People, meet Baby Jakey. He pretty well has his hoomin under his thumb paw. We can easily see who really runs that house.

(Say OMG.)


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