TGIF, Boomer!

Five PM PT on Friday- traditional launch time for TGIF! And who might this be? None other than Boomer celebrating his 5th Birthday! Thanks to Photographer/Owner Cassia D.



THIS JUST IN: Get Well Soon, Beauregard

“Some years ago we sent in a picture of our Schipperke puppy, Beauregard, laying on a dust mop as I pushed it around our floor. An astute reader called him a “Swifferke” and the moniker sticks to this day. Beauregard just had a small mass, a soft-cell sarcoma, removed from his hock last week. He’s at UC Davis and is having surgery today to clean out all the margins of that mass. He’ll start radiation in 2 weeks. I hope all our C.O. fans will send prayers, karma, positive thoughts Beau’s way for a speedy recovery. His prospects are good, and we appreciate all your support.

With C.O. love,
Deborah G., Vacaville, CA.”


UPDATE 4pm PT: “We haven’t heard from the vets so he may still be in surgery. He’ll spend tonight there and we’ll pick him up tomorrow.”

I Don’t CARE If There’s Lots Of Snow

[I want to play fetch. And I want to play RIGHT NOW! Deal?]


Guess Which Rule Of Cuteness THIS Is?

She's growing so quickly - ImgurAbsolutely got some Rule #42 here. “Ears that flop over a leetle beet are cute.” (Imgur.)

Mom Dad Taxi XLIV: The Only Way To Travel

DSC_3253When you’re tuckered out after a long walk- make the hoomin do all the work! Or, as Jena J. puts it: “Step one: Go hiking! Step two: Have fun! Step three: Get carried when you’re tired! This is my Terrier Mix Pup, Sharky. She was featured on Cute Overload before, and would love to be shown off to the world again.”

[*Note- Wicked side-eye theyah, Sharky. -Ed.]

Toesday Preview: Welcome, Chief

Chief toebean floofIt’s late, time to shut ‘er down for the evening (someone’s already done that) but we wanted to tell you about Chief! Sorta a Toesday Preview. (Wait. It’s already Toesday on the East Coast. And all over Europe and stuff. OK.) “It’s exhausting being newly rescued, but I think Chief is settling in! My husband and I adopted 4yr old Chief Saturday through the wonderful folks at Southwest English Setter Rescue. Chief sprinted at least 4 miles Sunday, so he’s taking a well-deserved rest. Thanks for your consideration and for all the joy you provide daily!” -Kate R.

PITA (Puppeh Is Totally Awesome)

Well, that’s his name and it makes total sense, don’t you think?



Oh, C’mon Hoomin! Pucker UP!

[And why does everyone say I look ‘Derpy?’ I always look this way!!]


“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Glasses?”

“Aren’t they in the living room? I coulda sworn I saw them in there. Look again.”

Springin’ Forward With Side-Eye

shutterstock_80152774Don’t forget to Spring your clocks ahead one hour tonight before you go to bed (if this applies to where you live)- Daylight Savings Time begins at 2am Sunday. Photo from Shutterstock.


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