The Adventures Of Mr. Felix

image (1)Just sorta sounds like the title to a 1970s sitcom, doesn’t it? Anyway, this IS Mr. Felix, shown above in the office where he puts in a full day being Cute, and then below at the local A&W, where he’s hoping to score a bit of his hoomin’s burger. Or fries. Or chicken sandwich. Or anything that drops onto the floor.

From Audi C.


Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez’s Frenchie Stitch salutes Yankees star Derek Jeter on his final game today.


From Carol H.

I’m Passing On Stanford & Yale- It’s DePaw For Me

image1“After some hard research, Sasha thinks she has found just the right school. She likes DePa(u)w.” -Pary.

Eet Ees A Forbeeden Loff

[Frawnsch accent: "Mon cherie, they all said noooooooo, eet weel neverrr work. But we said it WOULD. Let us demonstrate our loff to the world with lots of leecking!"]

I Just Found This

IMG_0933[I...I thought you were in here. And I thought...I'd come in to say hi, and, well, it looked just like this. Promise. It was The Cat. Have I ever lied before? Wait. Don't answer that.]
“This is Nillie Sue, born December 5, 2013, New Braunfels, Texas. I hope you think she’s as cute as we do!” -Lyndsey F.

[*Note: ROC #32. -Ed.]

#TGIF, And I Need A Drink….

MIulLmS….or a nap. Either one. Or both. I’m flexible. (Reddit.)

Friday Haiku: Little Man

photo 1You are so teeny
Very worried and nervous
We loff you lotz

photo 3

photo 2
“This is my 7 month old son, Dredd. His full name is Dredd Pirate Roberts from the movie “The Princess Bride.” He is so special and SO cute, I just had to share with you. Featured picture and second picture are taken by Studio81 in Auckland, New Zealand. Thank you!!! I hope you enjoy him as much as we do! :D “-Kristy H.

Thirsty? Or Need To Take A Quick Shower?

This puppeh will show you how to do BOTH at the very same time.

Boing! Boing!!!!

Sorry, I Used Your iTunes™ Account Again-

[But I heard about Cat Fishing 2 and...I just hadda have it. It's even better after a couple of Red Bulls. Now 'scuse me while I pound the blazes outta your iPad.]

Laughing Squid.

If You Lose Your Luggage At LAX Or SFO…

…you might be outta luck. However, if you’re at the Amsterdam airport Schiphol, you have a shot thanks to this intrepid little fellow. Update: Well, well, well.

From Anne M.


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