The Return Of Mari The Shiba Inu

You might recall Mari, The Shiba Inu who simply wears her hoomin OUT.

Well, Mari is back and she hasn’t changed one bit.

*BONUS Freee Translaysh: Someone in the YT comments did a translation of sorts. At least, I think that’s what it is:

Scene 1: Ok, let’s take a measurement of this panel, hey, newbie, hold this! OK (look at his hand, that means give it to me) Ouch! No, not that. I meant the saw!
Scene 2: Hey, newbie, hold it tight, if you don’t, my design will go wrong and I have to do it again, hold it tight, tight!
Scene 3: Chew well and eat your food. Are you chewing well? The chewing is your job,too
Scene 4: It’s gonna be a hard job in the small space, get nervous. Ok, let’s do it( hide). Newbie, newbie, it is my granddauter Meg’s birthday today. I will invite you for the party. Let’s work again( hide) Are you OK there? If you are OK, put your hand out (you can see her hand) well, it seems you are OK.
Scene 5:I guess you can understand.
Scene 6: If I die, turn the spotlights on me at the end PLEASE,Pl,,,,,but, in retrospect of my life (he glances back){puns}( furikaeru- same pronunciation)tut! Mari is a really good actress. Hope you can enjoy her acting.

From Andrew Y.

Are You Trying To Tell Us Something, Frank?

imageOh….you want to PLAY, is that it? (Photo c/o Celia P.)

Mom Taxi XL: Tilly On Double Duty

What we have here is…a puppeh, WITH SMALLER PUPPEHS IN SADDLEBAGS. GAAAAAAAAAA. “Hi guys my name is Daniel P. and I work in a veterinary practice in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland. This video I shot is of the receptionist Suzi and her dog Tilly helping out with the two Foster Puppies Suzi is looking after :) -it would be great if you could use it on Cute Overload.”

[*Note: “XL” in this case is ’40,’ not ‘Extra Large.’ Mom Taxi format uses roman numerals.- Ed.]

[*Note: Yes, this is the second Mom Taxi of the day. There is no rule against this. -Ed.]

Yes, I See What You Mean

IMG_1655“This is our dog Olive… My fiancée found her stray in a bad part of Los Angeles eight years ago. Now she lives a life of leisure and…squirrel watching. She is getting a bit older though, hence the glasses. Photo taken by Dr. Jeff.”

‘Scuse Me…You Gonna Eat That?

[You are? Oh. Well. I’m gonna take it from you anyway.]


CH-CH-CH Chia!

Chia Pets are usually something to run into CVS late on Christmas Eve to buy, for someone you guess you have to give a present to. (Either a CP or…a Whitman Sampler.) But I tell you what- I will take one of THESE Chia Pets any day of the week!

Dave Irene
“A close friend’s new Shih Tzu puppy. The puppy is a little girl and her name is Dave Irene.” -Gloria R.

Pinball Wizard

Most doggehs like to go on walks, or flop over for belleh rubs, stuff like that. Chubs, however, has something BETTER in mind.

Pup Holder

If this isn’t a standard feature on ALL cars EVERYWHERE- it SHOULD be.

(Thanks for the headline, Reddit.)

“The Perfect Little Cinnamon Bun”

Frankie bun2That name works for us! Tell us about this photo, Molly M. “Here’s Frankie. He always likes to find the softest place available. In this case, it was a round pillow, so he made himself perfectly round to fit on it. He is a perfect little cinnamon bun!”

That’s a wrap for C.O. tonight- back tomorrow with great stuff like Flashback Friday..TGIF..Vinny The Wandering Wombat…and…KOALAS!!!

P.S. And maybe even Stoats. Totally possible. Wouldn’t bet against it.

Eye Cannot Handle This

Artist Andrei C. drew these sketches for his puppeh Juno on a rainy day when Juno couldn’t go outside.

See more on his FB.






(Bored Panda.)


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