No, My Name Is NOT “Eeyore!”

[Why does everybody always call me that???]

Arne saw this one here.

Seemed Like A Sincere Pumpkin Patch To ME

[I waited ALL NIGHT for The Great Pumpkin. Froze to death. What did I get? NOTHING. Not even a rock.]

“This is Maizy – 10 wk. old Basset Hound. Fall depresses her.” -Jason R.

Nosevember: 10SNE1?

CAM00620Nothin’ better (if you’re a puppeh) than hunkering down on the carpet with a Big Ol’ Slobbery Tennis Ball! “I respectfully submeeet to you a Nosevember shot that will satisfy the Schnozzle Needs of your many readers. Princess Leia is the trusty adventure dog and study buddy to many Caltech graduate students.” -Katie S.

It’s Midnight, Right On The Nose

20141101_114229 (1)Susan T. says “Happy Nosevember! This is my puppeh Midnight.” (Which is why this post went up at 12 Midnight PT, yo.)

Triple Nosevember Rule ACTION!

photoGot a Triple Rule spectacular here, People! (Almost said Spec-‘tock-ular- whew, that was last month. Now, we got the noses.) But let’s check this out.

#32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s Cute.

#43: Protruding bottom lips are Cute.

#95: Throwing off a little Side-Eye is Cute.

And who might we thank for this? None other than Katharine K. “This is India showing off her schnozz! Photographed by our son, Leo. India would love being featured in Nosevember! Visit with you every day, love it, thanks!”

Kiko NOSE What Month It Is!

IMG_9165 - Version 2And who’s happy to see the month of Nosevember? Kiko is! “This is Kiko. My 11 month old rescue Formosan Mountain Dog from Taiwan. He’s a spritely and happy little fella, living with me in Venice Beach, CA.” -Eileen M.

Hey Bandit? It’s Halftime, Pal!

The two magic words of the day? “I’m parched.”

We’re gonna assume El Bandito got his treat off-camera, right? From Mashable.

Hi Morgan! Or..Morgan vonPuppyface..Or Mrs. Roper. (?)

All of you who have puppehs or kittehs and have multiple cutesy-poo nicknames for your pet…raise your hands! Get ‘em up, there in the back row.


“I wanted to share a photo of our two year old husky, Morgan, or Morgan vonPuppyface but has recently been dubbed the name “Mrs. Roper” (as in, Mrs Roper from Three’s Company.) She is the nosiest neighborhood busybody. And when she’s not all up in their business, she’s in ours. She’s a 60 lb. lapdog so she is frequently sticking her nose into our business to see if she can climb into our laps and get ear skritches. Thanks for letting me share!” -Stacy S.

Nosevember First & The Return Of The Noodle!

Noodle Man presented perfect ‘Tock Splayage about two and a half weeks ago, for ‘Tocktober.

Well, it’s a new month and a new schtick gimmick concept- it’s Nosevember Uno and look what we have here.



From Zlata and Don.

11:59pm PT: The Final ‘Tocktober Post

WP_20140426_003[Wanted to sneak this one in just under the wire. A fitting conclusion to ‘Tocktober 2014, eh? -Ed.]

“This is our 2 year old Korean Jindo puppy, Lucas von Kookus getting caught on the couch. He is the biggest nosey-pants ever! Thanks for years of Cuteness and many hover-text laughs!” -Monica B.


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