“Primo Nosevember Material!”

20141102_132327There’s just somethin’ ’bout a Little White Scruffster than makes ya wanna Snorgle him or her, right? Take Cassie, for example!

“Here is a series of attached pics I took of my Maltipoo, Cassie,” Liz L. tells us. “She also answers to Cass-Cass, Cassiepoo, and (my favorite) Cassipillar, among others.”

“She has yet to catch up with her brother (Lucky) and sister (Sweetie,) both of whom are C.O. alums. As you can see, she basically a sea of white fluff punctuated by a black nose and, when you can see them, two black eyes. She thought this combo was Primo Nosevember material, so I obliged. Enjoy!”


Allayloo! It’s Gonna Be Called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

image1 (1)Foxy Roxy thought you’d like to know that. She’s ready for 12/18/15.

From Abby B.

PS: And just because we can:

(From The Fur Force FB.)

Which One Is The Stuffie?

2014 november mitzi (9)It’s hard to tell, isn’t it! “Can you see Mitzi she has been mistaken for a soft toy!! I wonder why!!! Picture taken by Gina C., proud owner of a Real Live Cutie Pie!”

Proof Positive That They’re Smarter Than We Are

I mean, who’s getting who to do their bidding here?

A Smedley find.

Snow. In Early NOSEVEMBER?*

P1330539[*Note- This is actually December snowfall from last year. -Ed.]

“Having a new puppy during one of the longest, coldest winters I can remember here in Northern Minnesota was quite a circus,” says Cassie N.
“We picked up Phoebe the German Wirehaired Pointer last Nosevember and she needed lots of exercise! Phoebe was just under 4 months old in this photo. She had lots of fun in the snow this day, despite it being -24F! She outgrew her coat just in time for spring! Taken on 12-16-13.”

The Adventures Of Harvey

imageI absolutely admit to having a supreme soft spot for Frenchies. But wait! Harv isn’t 100% Frenchie. Right, Kelsey? (Harvey’s mom.)

“Trust me, he’s Cute. He is a Frenchton (half French Bulldog and half Boston Terrier) -about 9 months old.”

“He has his own Instagram, too. (‘Farty all the time. Bellingham, WA.’)”






Hey Kya, (Over Here!) U Need A Trim Down There?

IMG_4607“In celebration of Nosevember, Kya’s hair has gotten so long that the only thing we can see anymore is her nose!” -Emily.

No, My Name Is NOT “Eeyore!”

[Why does everybody always call me that???]

Arne saw this one here.

Seemed Like A Sincere Pumpkin Patch To ME

[I waited ALL NIGHT for The Great Pumpkin. Froze to death. What did I get? NOTHING. Not even a rock.]

“This is Maizy – 10 wk. old Basset Hound. Fall depresses her.” -Jason R.

Nosevember: 10SNE1?

CAM00620Nothin’ better (if you’re a puppeh) than hunkering down on the carpet with a Big Ol’ Slobbery Tennis Ball! “I respectfully submeeet to you a Nosevember shot that will satisfy the Schnozzle Needs of your many readers. Princess Leia is the trusty adventure dog and study buddy to many Caltech graduate students.” -Katie S.


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