Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m Adorabuhl

IMG_20150411_124744063“Hello Cute Overload! This is Cassiopeia Constellation (Cassie aka Cassipillar/Cass Cass) with a mixed example of Rules 95 and 98. She seems to be saying, “I know I’m adorabuhls, but I need my sleepies, ok?” -Liz L.


Oliver“This is a photo of Oliver, my Wheaten Doodle from Seattle. Sometimes he goes without a haircut for too long and needs a little ponytail! I love your website–thank you for spreading the joy of adorable animals!” Thea B.

A Dog And Her Faithful Hoomin

1509966_1078295428851514_3561751181368066038_nUsually, it’s “A Hoomin and his/her faithful dog,” right? But judging from this photo, we know WHO is the boss of WHO. (Photo of Coco and personal can opener Mike C. from Kim F.C.)

The Cutest Dog You’ve EVER SEEN.

yrRWVBKI bet most people are gonna nod their head (after they’ve regained consciousness) and go “Yes, he’s right.” (Imgur.)

Third Time Is A Charm, Tessie!

photo 2 (2)Tory M. writes: “This is Tess The Queen of Manhattan on the dining room table, clearly exhibiting Rule #50: ‘If your paws fold over one another, that’s cute,‘ and I believe also Rule #19, ‘Dainty paws are cute’, as Tess looks very much the lady in this picture. I’m not sure what “juicy” means here, but could this also be Rule #13, ‘Juicy eyes and noses are cute?‘”

(PS- “I’ve submitted her twice before and she never gets in, which is crazy because she’s so insanely adorbs! Please make us all very happy at Chez Tess and affirm her cuteness!”)

Good Monday Morning, Junior!

output_zsSXtUIan P. was kind enough to send us these great photos of Junior The Puppeh!











image1“Meet Tod! Tod is my recently-adopted 7-year-old fox (okay, he’s a Pomeranian mix). He’s deaf and was an unclaimed stray found wandering the streets. His rough start doesn’t stop him from loving to sleep on the couch and have his belly rubbed!” -Darcy F.




“Hey Honey? Have You Seen Pip?”

IMG_0258“I think I saw him hiding in the garden. BTW, aren’t you late for his vet checkup?” From Martha Q.

Burn Those Carbs The Puppercize Way!! (Volume 2)

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about the Proven C.O. method to burning carbs, or melting pounds, or all that weight loss stuff. SO many of you have taken advantage of our offer, we’re extending it another week month year. Our operators are standing by to steal your money help you with your order- call now!


Why U Toss Ball At My Face?

[You’re supposed to be a highly intelligent life form, so it should be fairly OBVY that I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. PLAY. “FETCH.”]



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