Christmas Helpers: Lil’ Bear

OK, the term “Christmas Helpers” is officially getting its own header and tag. And is this little maniac a great example, or what! “This is L.B. (Lil’ Bear) helping me put up Christmas decor. I had to wait until he was good and done with his nap before I was able to put up the garlands he was sleeping on (below)!” -Jenn from Virginia.



If He Ain’t An Ewok…

….I’m not sure what is. We just put out our call for Star Wars-themed photos, and here we are with Paxton! “Paxton aged: 4 1/2 months. Photo by Cherri from Armidale NSW Australia.”

Jingle Bear

“Hello! This is Bear. He’s on his way to do a little shopping for Santa!” -Lisa C.

They ASKED Me If I Wanted A Doughnut

[This ISN’T from Krispy Kreme. You can’t fool me. This is a PILLOW. Now go get me a couple of Glazed. And be snappy about it.] (Imgur/Reddit.)

OK, FREEZE, Mister Murph!

Talk about being Caught In The Act! “This is my Maltipoo, Murphy, who was caught destroying a package of cotton manicure pads with zero remorse. (Photo by me.) We love C.O.! Thanks for your consideration!” -Susan H.

[*Note: BOOM. RoC #32. -Ed.]

Kermit The Frog Dog

Little K is rockin’ the “Two Flaps Down” look, and there’s the beginning of a quality Baroo in the bottom photo. Good job, Kermit! “Hello! I wanted to get my dog Kermit’s pictures in before ‘Nosevember’ was over. He has a very prominent schnoz. Thanks for checking him out!” -Tiffany B., Kermit’s mom and the photographer.


Rudy Dual Floor Floppage

Rudy can do a mean Floor Flop—he can go THIS way (above) or THAT way. (Below.) “And he shows no mercy with cuteness that could kill. He has no control of his floppy puppy body…his landing is like a jelly hitting the floor! And the tail never stops wagging.” -Natalie W.

image (1)

Meet Tully

SOMEone wants a treat. Or a scritch on the head. Or to go on a walk. Probably all three of those. “Hi C.O. Here is a pic of 9 week old Tully, my Welsh Springer Spaniel pup. She is totes adorbz! Pic taken by me, Emma :).”

I Haz Candy Cane For You?

“This is my Lucy at Christmas last year. She had no idea what to do with her candy cane. Hope you can still use it.” -Judy B.

First Jack Klugman Reference Ever On C.O.

Without a doubt. If you’re not a fan of 1970s TV or are just a young whippersnapper, you might not get the reference, so we’ve provided a helpful Wikipedia link!!

“This is Quincy M.E., my Imperial Shih Tzu taken in Humboldt Park, Milwaukee, WI. Don’t you just want to boop that nose of his? ❤️🐶 (Photo by Q’s Uncle and my brother in law Chris R.) Thanks for all the *squeees* – love your site!” -Noel.