Pom -N- Lop

Biggie & Harvey 10In the first photo (above) Biggie (the Pom) decides to go in for some Classic Interspecies Snorgling with Harvey (the Lop)! Below, he decides to get his Leecks in!

Biggie & Harvey 3
“I’d like to submit these photos of two little buddies, Biggie and Harvey. We had Biggie first and then we got Harvey. Biggie loved Harvey so much he licked his head constantly, until he created a bald spot and we had to put a stop to it!” -Alison P.


These guys are an absolute LOCK in the next Summer Olympics.

The Player

[What? Jack's playing hardball on his salary? Look, we had a deal. This part was written just for him. ACTORS! Look, is he still up on Mullholland? OK, I'll go up there and close this deal myself- I'm in Topanga now. Give me a couple hours to figure this out. And I gotta adjust my shades."]

photo 1

photo 2
“Max ready for some fun in the sun.” -Tracey M.

RIP 2 Squee Bear

Squee 8[Sorry for the posting issues- it seems WordPress is throwing a bit of a wobbly at the moment. -Ed.]

“I want to thank all the folks at C.O. for a website that helps us all get through our days with smiles, laughs and sometimes tears. This is my little Squee Bear who passed yesterday after many years with me. He was my best friend, companion and the best pup a gal could wish for! He was also posted on C.O with his amazing Beach Smile Picture; so this makes him my little celebrity. This site is a community of positive support and happiness and I know I can get through this thanks to you all.” -Adrianne M.

Oh Yeah? Oh Yeah? OH YEAH?

925933_770173179672263_1152658866_nYeah! Show us what ya GOT, Little Man! (As seen here, and sent in by Arne.)

OK Mirror: Who’s The Furriest Of ‘Em All?

Linus the puppeh clearly has a problem with WHOEVER THAT IS IN THE MIRROR.

Via BuzzFeed.

I’d Give Up At This Point

Like Kenny always says, “Ya gotta know when to hold ‘em, and know when to fold ‘em. Know when to walk away, and know when to run.”

From I Can Has Cheezburger.

Lucy In The Sky…With Milk-Bones™?

IMG_1784“This is Lucy, a 3 year old my boyfriend and I adopted two weeks ago from the D.C. area Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW Rescue.) She came “pre-programmed” with the whole repertoire of Cute Rules and adheres *strictly* to C.O. Rules like “head down, eyes look up” religiously. She was nervous at first but quickly warmed up and is now up to all sorts of insanely cute antics.” -Caitlin R.

[Caitlin gave us the header, too. And Happy late Birthday. -Ed.]

Let’s Visit A Rarely Used Rule: (#46)

boxer puppiesThe Rules Of Cuteness exist for the sole purpose of trying to maintain some semblance of order in an otherwise Cute Chaos. It is with that in mind that we present these photos from J.P.S.

“My wife and I took some photos of our friends’ puppies and I think we hit on a few of the rules. Here’s the one for #46: ‘A yin-yang position for two animals is cute.’ My wife and I took ‘em, so they’re all ours (The pictures, not the puppies. Sadly, we’re allergic.) Thanks for all the smiles!”

Totally on the mark there, J.P. Let’s see some of your other photos too:




Dinner, $30.00. The Look On That Face? PRICELESS.

IMG_2007[So, let's see, what to eat...what to eat. OK. I'll have the Filet Mignon, medium-rare. Hmmm...what looks good, ah! Some home fries with that...a tossed salad with Ranch, ah...and a huge dish of vanilla ice cream I can smash my face down into! And don't forget the sprinkles.]

“This is Fenway, my 2 year old Pomeranian-Bijon mix (Pomachon.) He may very well be a Muppet. He loves cheese, boys, running into things when he’s excited, and watching Nick Jr. His big Googly eyes are almost as big as his heart.” -Shira H.


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