“Hey Honey? Have You Seen The Puppeh?”

“Yeah, I think he’s in the backyard, in the baby wading pool. We might have trouble getting him out of it, too.”

Mobile Treat Disposal Unit #1

output_179yEW“Belle doing what Belle does best. Happy Treat Tuesday Wednesday. Submitted by Ron and Carol P. in Phoenix, Arizona.”

New Guard Dog

Soo my sister got a new puppy, everyone say hi to Taz. - Imgur[If I see any bad guys I will let you know with a very tiny ‘woof.’] (Imgur/Reddit.)

Kodak™ Moments

Yeah, I know no one uses film anymore, but this fellow is named Kodak™! Can you EVEN stand it.



From Tara S.

Paisley: ResQte Of The Week

IMG_9598One Flap Up (above) isn’t a Rule..but maybe it should be? Hmmmm. Let’s hear from Meaghan S.

“Hello Cute Animal Lovers,” she writes. “My dog Paisley would LOVE to be featured on Cute Overload!”

“She is my Cute Vizsla Mix Rescue who is impossibly Cute.”



The Shichon Phenomenon Continues

oscarIt’s been a day or two since we’ve had a new Shichon photo, right? No prob, Kimberly O. to the rescue.

“I’ve actually never heard of a Shichon either…typically the Shih-tzu/Bichons are called “Teddy Bears,” she writes. “This is a birthday cake I made for my husband John….he said he wanted a cake that looked like Oscar, so…that’s what he got.”

“He is ball obsessed and pretty much always has one in his mouth.”


Buddy The Therapy Dog!

imageClipboard01From Alana F.: “Buddy is a therapy dog for the geriatric patients at Baycrest Health Sciences Centre. He thinks his stubborn hanging-out tongue and big brown eyes are his most handsome features. He’s also a fundraiser on the side, and will be strutting his stuff on the catwalk October 20th during Baycrest’s “Dogs on the Catwalk” event, hosted by Jeanne Beker of Canada’s Fashion TV. Anyone who donates to Buddy will be sent a print-out of the children’s book his artist father created called “Little Buddy, Big Heart!”

I Don’t See Anything Different

dog-looking-out-window[I heard that there were some new Windows™ out today. Looks the same to me. Maybe need some Windex™. I’m gonna go have an Apple™ now.]


FullSizeRenderWe saw a couple of these little guys on Friday, (Mimzy and Gus Gus) and here’s another one! “Here’s my dog, Marshall The Shichon,” says Spencer W.

FullSizeRender (2)
“He’s an awesome (and cute!) little Shichon puppy.”

[*Note: Pretty sure we’re gonna see a Marshall Trading Card. We’re holding onto another awesome photo. -Ed.]

Road Trip!

Quincy and his hoomin are goin’ on a ROAD TRIP. Both of ’em are pretty excited, too.

(As spotted by Kristin on Student Edge FB.)

P.S.- Not everyone is as into it as Q is.

Spotted by Smedley.

[*Note- The 2016 C.O. Calendars are coming up next. You’ll be able to WIN a pair today, too. Free is good. -Ed.]


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