“Found In Toy Coma”

That was the comment on singer Kathy Trocolli’s FB page about her little guy. “Baby Buddy’s 2nd birthday. Found the next morning in a toy coma!”

Now that there is some prime snorgling material, youuuuu betcha.

A Quality Find by Smedley.

Ya Get A Little Zack Attack

This is Zack, he belongs to the lady who rents the workshop above me. He's just the happiest little thing - Imgur (1)With apologies to Olivia Newton-John for the headline, Zach The Puppeh is so outrageously Cute that I…I…I don’t quite know what to do. (Imgur.)

It’s #NationalHamburgerDay!

It is, indeed. (Planning an In-And-Out trip right now.) This fact did not escape Pug Puppeh Mia. Go, Mia, go!!

Wanted To Save This For “Frodo Friday”

IMG_20150522_183657232..but since we just introduced Ferret Friday, Frodo’s, er, Foto is gonna have to go up today! Not that there’s ANYthing wrong with that! From Robin W.

Ready For A Memorial Day Road Trip

max goggles“This is a picture of my dog Max. New hair cut. New Doggles. Ready to roll.” -Tracey M.

TGIF: Oooomph

output_lwP0GWWe’ve all stumbled a time or two this week- but pick yourself up offa the ground and cheer up- it’s not ONLY a holiday weekend (in the US,) it’s time for TGIF! (From Tumblr as seen on BuzzFeed.)

Help The Puppehs, They’re Stuck In The ‘Puter!

[My friends are INSIDE there! How can we get them out???]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Is That My Mom On The Phone?

[I think it is. First, I’d better get this Super-Sized Baroo out of the way- OK, here we go…]

(Boing Boing!!!)

Dear Santa Claus:

It's so fluffy - ImgurI know it’s seven months or so until Christmas, but if you would be so kind as to leave this guy in my stocking, I’d be appreciative. Now, he may not FIT seven months from now- LMK and we can make some type of alternate arrangement. (Imgur.)

I’ve Been A Good Puppeh All Day

Can I please swim now - Imgur[Can I please jump into the big pond now?] (Imgur.)


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