Two Guesses Who This Looks Like:

And the first one doesn’t count. CHEWIE GET US OUTTTTTTA HERE! “Cherie Alexander; Wookiee pic shot by his mama Erin H.”


May The Fireplace Be With You

Of course we’re going to have an Ewok in front of the fireplace. Why? Well….because we are. May The Furr-ce be with you. (This is Eric the Brussels Griffon, FYI.) Want him on an endless loop? Problem, is not.

Always Knew He Was A Softie At Heart

“(Darth Vader breathing sounds) WHO’S a little Wookiee! WHO is! YOU are!”

“Some people may have seen this on one of those other funny-pictures-of-animal sites, but I promise this is an original and I took it! That’s my very tall husband, Mike, in the Darth Vader costume. He’s with the Great Lakes Garrison of the 501st Legion — a group of Star Wars costumers who volunteer at various fundraisers. This picture was taken at an event for the Humane Society of Monroe County (MI) in August of 2008. Besides being close to seven feet tall in his getup, my husband also has the Vader “breathing” sound coming out of his helmet, and takes great pride in making small children cower and/or cry in his presence. This little biscuit, however, was not fooled. He obviously eats evil Sith Lords for breakfast.” -Jennie M.


We think we have a winner in the Understatement Of The Year competition. OK, there was never any such thing. But if there had been, the following quote would have won, paws down. Here we go: “This is a photo of our puppy Coco, hope you think she is cute.” -Dean F.

Samson & Ginny

“Cutest little brother and sister,” says Christine K. But which is which? Gonna go out on a limb and say that’s Ginny on the left.


Bear Is BACK

Don’t know which is cuter, the orange hat thingy on top, or the fact he’s using his tongue to hold his nose in place! (Bear previously seen here!) “Bear is enjoying the crumbs I left over from lunch! Haha!” –Lisa C.

Bella Boo: Ready For Santa

Bella Boo is a three year old Cocker Spaniel who is QUITE capable of celebrating the holidays in style. OK, so maybe she doesn’t set out Santa’s cookies quite right.

(P.S. Don’t miss the other puppeh’s look of bewilderment at :33.)

Sparkles On The Move!

The Cutest Beach Bum alive, without question. “Hello cute people, This is Sparkles. He loves the beach a lot. I was lucky enough to catch him leaping in the air. The happiest dog in America! You can find more pictures of my little buddy on Instagram.” Best, Amy.”


Dis Full Of Wet?

Madeline is a nine week old Havenese Poodle Puppeh, who has just discovered her first garden hose. Ah, to be a kid again…

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Food Coloring?”

“You mean for the Christmas cookies? Uh….hold on…..yeah, I think I found it. Green, am I right?”