Mom Taxi XXXV: Zoey’s Hoodie

photo1“Check out Zoey chillin’ in Meg’s hood!” -Dak (correct spelling) S. took the photo.

A :68 Second Nonstop Baroo

Just the thing for a quiet Thursday evening, am I right?

From T.O.

Hey Cat! They Got Me, Too!

10358136_10153397094349546_6280539685653331057_n[Saw you in that redonk snowsuit—look what they got for ME! Think it might be L.L. Bean.]

From’s FB.

Lunch? Oh Well, Since You INSIST~

[Every day, the same ol’ dog food. Just once, I’d like a CHOICE, y’know. Like hoomins! Maybe a PB&J..or a Hot Dog..or a Chef Salad..or- HELLO, DOMINOS!]

From @CuteEmergency.

TurboRoo Update Too Two!

‘Member TurboRoo, the little Wah-wah who needed a little cart to get around? Unfortunately, TR was born without front legs, and has to have a cart to go from point A to..anywhere. The first cart designs were pretty basic- but look what TR’s got now! I mean, this first one is waaaay cool. Like “Transformers” or something.

Here’s his website



And Instagram.

My Modern Met.

Remember Munchkin The Shih Tzu?

The Ewok from yesterday? She’s back, and right in the swing of things.

C.O. Salutes Our Veterans

Including this little girl! This is Smoky. According to the website, “Smoky was credited with twelve combat missions and awarded eight battle stars. YANK magazine named Smoky, “Champion Mascot of the Southwest Pacific Area in 1944.” Read more about Smoky’s amazing story!


And we can’t forget Stubby, a true World War I hero!

Dog Wearing Military Medals
Inspiration from Smedley.


Abbie McFlooferson’s got her Remembrance Day beret on, too. From Sharon D.


“My Body Is My Canvas. I’ll Never Stop Expressing Myself.”

image1Rootbeer The Frenchie makes a return visit, and after C.O., his next stop is likely the bathtub. “We live in Alabama where the dirt is red and stains everything,” says Brittany E. “You better believe Rootbeer loves to cake his nice white fur with it. But he is pretty Cute even when he looks like he dove face first into a bag of Cheetos™. Rootbeer says “My body is my canvas. I’ll never stop expressing myself.”

Chico IS The Man 2.0

photo“This is Chico enjoying a sunbeam. I think his nose looks like a delectable pink berry. I took this photo.” -Julie H.

So, U Thought Ewoks Weren’t Real, Eh?

Think again. This is Munchkin The Shih Tzu.


FF c/o HuffPo.


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