Oh, U Want 2 Get On The Couch?

Just wait. He kicks it into gear and really wants to get up on the couch.

And the whackadoodle eyes are just a flat-out bonus.

From PetFlow Blog by way of Ted M. and Groovy 94.1 in Beckley, West Virginia, everybody.

Not Pismo Beach, GIZMO Beach!

unnamed Gizmo’s first beach trip to Oak Island, North Carolina. Photo by Etchy, sent in by Cornee Y.

In-Tocks-I-Cating, No?

unnamed (1)“This is Banff, I think she has a cute little tail!” Photo credit: Jenny Mc.

Hi, R U New Here?

The Cute-O-Meter goes allllllll the way to eleven with this one. A playful little puppeh says hi to a mellow bebeh monkeh. WHAT.

But then, “Baby Monkeh” gives us an excuse to roll out this classic for another spin.

CAREFUL: U will have this song in your head the rest of the day. Guaranteed.

How About A Mini-Pupcake?

With some white frosting, yeah! They go GREAT with a glass o’ meelk.

unnamed (1)
“Attached is a few pictures of a two-week old puppy (named Bane) on a piano with a mini-cupcake.” -Eden B.

Kellar Has A Ball

You won’t find a puppeh that enjoys a game of fetch more than Kellar! He was born blind but that doesn’t slow this three year old English Springer spaniel one bit!

From Miss Cellania.

It’s A Dog’s Life, And We Like It

Kita doesn’t have a care in the world except where the next tennis ball is going to come from after she slobbers this one to death.

She’s what you might call….happy. Yeah, that’s it.

“I work in a warehouse and she gets to come to work with me. Every now and then she stops in the middle of chasing the tennis ball to flop around in the grass with joy. I love C.O.- I check in at least twice a day for my happy breaks!” -Julie S.

The Legend O’ Buksnort

Every puppeh name has SOME sort of history behind it. Take…Buksnort for example! Cuteporter Chelsea R. explains:

“He was named on a road trip when I was first told I could get a puppy and somewhere in Nebraska we passed a sign that said “Visit the Historical Pub Bucksnort.”

“His favorite activities include chewing on sticks, following other cute puppies on Instagram, chewing on boots and assisting his daddy in the photo studio.”

Photo May 07, 3 09 14 PM
Photos by Mommy and Daddy!

There Are Great Names…And THEN There’s….

“Baron Ludwig von Schnorflehausen.”

(aka The TurtleBatPig.)

And he sent us this email, too.

“Wanted to share some of my derpy, walleyed, Kitty-Ninja Battle Antics. I’m just about to reach 4,500 followers on Instagram @turtlebatpig, and I bet U can help me reach 5,000. More importantly, I might just help your readers get a grin on. They might also enjoy following a gentlemanly, if slightly global domination-oriented Frenchie, as I gallivant across Europe this summer on a 2-month car trip.” -TBP.




Colleen K.-might- have helped with this email. Maybe.

Now Harry, What Have U Been INTO?

Harry The Puppeh has a guilty look. He’s also got plenty of guilty-looking paw prints in the tub. Has SOMEone been digging in the backyard garden AGAIN?


Dirty Harry tweeted to C.O. by Nikki Y; merci beaucoup!


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