Stand By For Slobberknocker In 3…2…

1! At this point, you don’t really have any choice. You’re gonna get a wet one.

Via Big R.

And It’s Just January 2!

[Sheesh! I hate winter!]

(The USA Midwest and Northeast are getting pounded by severe winter weather–stay safe out there! Here are some tips for caring for your pet in winter weather.)


Soccer, Football, Call It What Ya Like

Doesn’t matter what ya call it. I’m the man, and I got next.

@Trotterpup as seen on Mashable.

Tiny Peke With Epic Baroo

“This is Herbert hanging on the patio with my three other little dogs. He is from a rescue in Southern Missouri. He is the sweetest little dog, and a very good Baroo-er. Hope you love him as much as I do!” -Pugs4me.

[Oh, we do. We do! -Ed]


Roscoe Shoots—He Scores!

Andre Drummond plays hoops for the NBA Detroit Pistons. When he isn’t on the court, he’s hanging out with his PROSH FLUFF BALL named ROSCOE.

From Ashley M. at the Pistons.

Remember Your First Time?

You had never seen snow before, yet there it was. A frozen field of white. Time to…DIVE IN!

Seen on The Huffster.

I Dunno ‘Bout U…

[..but I is pooped from all the excitement yesterday. Gonna sleep right here!]

11242344306_efed9ebef7_c (1)
Via Reddit.

Merry Christmas (Woody Is Grumpy)

This is Woody. He works at Tumblr. Woody is grumpy.

This is why Woody is grumpy.


C.O. Reveals…The TENTH Reindeer!

Conventional wisdom has long held that Santa has nine reindeer. However, new evidence has been brought to light that may refute this belief.

Meet Monty- Reindeer Number Ten!

photo 1

photo 2
Monty The Reindeer takes his Christmas duties very seriously so he’s resting up for the big day tomorrow. Merry Christmas!” -Megan & Monty.

Rendeer Boots, People! Reindeer Boots!!!

“This is our 6 year Pekingese Shea who just loves Christmas! This year I bought him a new holiday sweater and fancy collar, but my co-worker bought him some nifty Rudolph boots and thank goodness she did. Thank you for your wonderful site.” -Suzanne L.



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