HooRay 4 #NationalPizzaDay!

You might be tempted to make a call tonight for pizza delivery. Word of advice: make sure you keep an eye on the pizza while you’re tipping the driver. If you’re not watching it…chances are someone else is.

From Dogshaming.com.


TGIF: Jaxon

“My Shih Tzu Jaxon stole his big brother’s toy and then teased him with it from his nice soft spot on the couch.” -Angela H.


Normally, I cannot tolerate olives. Not. At. All. However, for this Olive, I’ll gladly make an exception!

The face the face the face.

And the smile. Well, get outta here.

From Rebecca Z.: “Here are some photos of my dog, Olive the Shihpoo. She has a world-class underbite, complete with snaggletooth…”

“…and looks like a cross between a Wookiee, an Ewok, and a Luckdragon. I think she’s adorable, and I thought you might think so, too.”

“All photos by yours truly. Thanks for your consideration! We’ve been big fans of your site for many years.”


Double Trouble

[I’d SWEAR I’ve seen you somewhere before. Maybe the park last Saturday afternoon? You never hang around, though. If it gets sunny outside, you tend to disappear.]


Behold: Boomer

Ever see a photo on Cute Overload and go, “I don’t care where he/she is, I am getting in a car/on a plane to go see him/her NOW!” That’s what I just decided with Boomer. (Oh, and before I forget, nice Side-Eye up there, too.)

“I just wanted to submit Boomer, our Labradoodle Puppeh. He’s just over a year old right now.”

“We’ve been wanting to submit him ever since his brother-in-law (Nermal, the British short-hair) got featured on your website… twice!

“Hope he makes the cut!”

“Photos were taken by my fiance (‘Izzie’) and I.” -John W.





If Looks Could Kill…

….none of us would be reading this post right now. Clunk, [ded.]

“My 10-month old English bulldog Hamlet (AKA Hamsquad, Hami, the Most Hamulent One) presents his best snow-stache from all the snow accumulation we’ve been getting in Boston. We love your site! All credits for photos go to me, his human-mum, Michaela D.”

Toesday Late-Breaking Bonus Post!!!

Had to get this one in here, JUST in from Jennifer M. Get a load of those BEANS! “Rudy says all the cool kids are on Cute Overload. He promised to stop chasing the cat if he got on the site. At least for a day. Which by the way- he is not naughty. He has spirit. Lots of spirit.” Rudy, time to give the break, starting right now.

We Direct Your Attention To The Ear Floppage

If that isn’t enough, don’t you like how the paws seem to just….kinda curl over? Kinda just…fold? You know if you pick one up and rub it against your cheek, it’ll me all MMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Are we right? Of course we are.

“This is Olivia, America’s Next Puppy Top Model,” says Erynn W.

Does SOMEone Need A Bath?

Ever got one of those “I didn’t REALLY do anything bad but I haz a feeling they’re gonna think I did so I am gonna get in trouble” looks?

This is one of those.

“This is Augie The Happy Jack Russell. He likes to help out with the gardening. Augie would love to be apart of Cute Overload! Ruff!” -Michelle J.

That’s a Rats, It’s Monday wrap. Toesday’s gonna be big on Cute Overload- we’ve got…Dancing Bebeh Pygmy Goats (honest,) and Part II of our visit to the Living Free Animal Sanctuary. (Here’s Part I.) Plus….Ferrets. Tune in!

Should I Deflate My Helmet?

[‘Course, then it wouldn’t fit so well and all.] (Reddit.)