And Just Who IS In Charge Here?

Benny The Pupster has (correctly) figured it out.

HE is.

“Gentle desperation to be schnuggled,” from Nina P.

Elmo RULES Over Jess & Buster

Watch what little Elmo The Wa Wa does when given the all-clear to get the snack. #ELMOFTW.

Update: The original video was taken down, guess they didn’t wanna share, waaah. No problem, we found one with BONUS GERMAN NARRATION! Yay!

Quincy Bean Demonstrates Pure Snuggle Mode

If you were tucked in the covers like this, you wouldn’t want to get up either, correct?

“Our pup Quincy Bean is the queen of snuggles!” -Bryn N.

Just When You Thought All the Great Rock Band Names Were Taken

Peeps! Let’s hear it for, SCREAMING PUG ROCKET! (wild applause!)

That’s our favorite song, youmongrel!

Happy 1st Birthday, Ruby Cuddles!

Let’s get down to bizness! Do U want your cuddles now, or later? Your choice! (Heck, you’re SO cute, you can have ‘em now AND later!)

From Karina C.

Thought Superdog Was Named “Krypto?”

Guess NOT. This happens to be Superdog JRT Maxwell Smart at his house’s afternoon Cinco De Mayo party. Nice tag, Max!



“Photos taken by me- love your website!” -Ilona M., Albuquerque, NM.

Just A Couple O’ Mates Hangin’ Out

Sqwark The Magpie: “We’re not supposed to be friends, you know.”

Whiskey The Puppeh: “Why?”

Sqwark: “I’m a bird. You’re a dog.”

Whiskey: “Your powers of observation do you credit.”

Sqwark: “You stole that line from ‘Moonraker.'”

Whiskey: “Yeah, I did. C’mon, this is Australia. Let’s go grab a beah.”

Great FB find by Josh N.

Not Terribly Motivated, Are We, Bran?

If U want Bran The Puppeh to go for a walk, you’re gonna do it on HIS terms.

Sometimes Bran likes to hang out with friends.

Oh, NOW you’re ready for a walk.

From David U.

Your Monitor Screen Needs Cleaning

pug-puppy-937-1920x1080This guy can help. Click here.
From Ray H.

Fritz (Who Is NOT A Cat)

We’ve had a lot of Rules Of Cute Action going on lately. (Here, here, and here.) Just sorta fell together like that, ya know?

With that in mind, get a load o’ Fritz here, with the classic Rule of Cuteness #44: Ears at 9 and 3 are cute. And also Rule Of Cuteness #48: Tiny Tongues are cute.

From Marissa I.


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