Which Side’s Gonna Blink First?

IMG_0595Think this is what is called a classic stalemate or staredown. “My name is Anastasia and I’ve been a fan of your site for awhile now. Meet my dog Willy, he is a 11 months old and a real bundle of joy. Since your theme for November is Nosember, I thought you may enjoy Willy’s pink and brown nose.”

Badder Than Ol’ King Kong…

DSC_0072Soon as I saw his name, I started hummin’ that song. You know, “big, bad, Leroy Brown..”


Nothing big OR bad about this little man. Please welcome Leroy to the pages of Cute Overload, from his hoomin Krystal B. Nice ear flop BTW.



Muffin Madness

Twitterer @Renzo_Soprano asks The Eternal Question: “Is it wrong to eat a blueberry muffin that looks like my dog?”

Nope! Little low-fat margarine spread on there, and you’re all set! (Your dog might need a little puppeh tranquilizer, tho.)

Saturday Night Side-Eye

20140716_164005[Right, right, officially it’s #Caturday night on C.O. But then if we used that, we wouldn’t have the alliteration necessary for the headline…..would we? -Ed.]

“Belle wondering what am I up to,” says Carol P.

Ivan The Terrible, High Prince Of Moscow

Got two things goin’ on here of note. First and foremost, one of the best names for a puppeh…ever. Then of course, the devastating Side-Eye AKA Rule Of Cuteness #95.

“This is an update on my daughter’s Wiener Dog, Ivan the Terrible, High Prince of Moscow. (Yes, that is his real, legal, and full name.) This is a little beanie she knit him herself. She even caught him “Throwing off a little side-eye.” He is not a fan of his little hat, but it was just too Cute to not send it in before taking it off him!”- Michelle T.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[Been a long week and I’m goin’ to sleep. Right on this dinner plate. Git yer own.]
“My dog Mika taking a nap…on a plate.” -Lorna L.

Mom Taxi XXXV: Zoey’s Hoodie

photo1“Check out Zoey chillin’ in Meg’s hood!” -Dak (correct spelling) S. took the photo.

A :68 Second Nonstop Baroo

Just the thing for a quiet Thursday evening, am I right?

From T.O.

Hey Cat! They Got Me, Too!

10358136_10153397094349546_6280539685653331057_n[Saw you in that redonk snowsuit—look what they got for ME! Think it might be L.L. Bean.]

From Ask.com’s FB.

Lunch? Oh Well, Since You INSIST~

[Every day, the same ol’ dog food. Just once, I’d like a CHOICE, y’know. Like hoomins! Maybe a PB&J..or a Hot Dog..or a Chef Salad..or- HELLO, DOMINOS!]

From @CuteEmergency.


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