I Will Flat Do Anything This Puppeh Wants

Want to go for a long walk? Chase some squirrels and cats? How about a thick juicy steak? I mean, I’ll do whatever you want.

“This is Scrappy Doo. She’s my cuddlebug and her nose knows when there’s food because she quickly gets into begging mode. I’m in nursing school so I don’t get to see her during the week and I really miss her. Your website helps me get my cute-fix in when I’m away from her. Thank you.” -Sandra L.

Dear Santa:

Can I have this lil’ West Highland Terrier in my stocking? (Plus an iPad™?)

From The Interwebs.

Anybody Want A Few Snausages?


From Reddit.

This HAS To Be A Rule Of Cuteness

Am I right? When the HEAD is EXPONENTIALLY bigger than the rest of the body? (This is Rocko, BTW.)

“Rocko is my one year old Pomeranian!” -Lydia__xo

In A Tug O’ War…

Someone’s gotta WIN..
and someone’s gotta LOSE.

From Cuteporter Brandy D.

The Stare Of Death

[Listen hoomin. After this thing comes off, you and me are gonna dance. U current with your life insurance? Just sayin'.]

Via Reddit.

Tacobutt Photobomb!

Intrepid Chihuahua mix Chuckie Tacobutt is cagily eyeing his next victim snack. If Chuckie goes for the food, it will not end well, one imagines.

“This hopeful ‘Cat Food Bandit’ is waiting patiently for his hoomin to turn around and look the other way so he can steal his 19 year-old cat/brother’s breakfast.” -Erin C.

Oh Those, “sketchy guys”

They’ll get ya every time.

“So this is our puppy, Ivy. My roommates and I bought her off the side of the road from a sketchy-looking guy who wasn’t taking good care of her. We’ve fallen in love with her and are so happy to have given her a better home!”


Thank cute-goodness to you, Carrie E. & Co.

Forgot The Conditioner This Mornin’

[I can't do a THING with it. Today is definitely a WFH day.]

From Chief Sister Officer!

(Say Like Kirk:) “Al..most..THERE!”

Max wants his biscuit. And what Maxie wants, Maxie gets.

photo 2
From Mike S., who that hand on the right presumably belongs to.