The Adventures Of Argo

According to his Facebook page- which will overwhelm you with The QTE- he likes:

“Rolling in dirt, sniffing dog AND cat butts, hiding cookies in mama’s clothes (before laundry,) destroying the garden plants that took the longest to grow, stealing mama’s socks, and making you happy.”



The Littlest Giraffe

So you thought that all bebeh giraffes were born kinda tall and knobbular, right?

Au contraire mes amies!

Via Imgur.


[Look, C.O. is a West Coast-based blog, so it's 6:15. But back East, it's already 9:15! WAY late for breakfast! I am not gonna stop 'til you get your sorry hoomin butt outta the sack. U KNOW where my food dish is. HOP TO IT!]

From Tastefully Offensive.

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

shutterstock_166356989It’s time to Spring Forward overnight in most U.S. locations. Wake this little man up before ya go-go, OK? Lab Puppeh from Shutterstock.

Molly, There’s Some Beach On Your Schnozz

12754134805_7c34463e83_b“This is Molly ;) our little adopted Furbaby. She is adorable and Cute Overload material! ❤️Love the page. Keep the good work!” -Karito.

A (VERY Good) Day In The Life Of Herbie

Ever had one of those days? Then you need to have one of these days. Like Herbie here!

This is a video my dad made of Herbie (a popular name amongst pugs..”Herbie The Love Pug”) and his hygiene routine. He is also known as “Herbster,” and “Herbicide.” -Laura J.

Why Do I Have A Feather Duster On My Head?

[Oh, it's for "Mardi Gras?" Well, that would explain the mask on my face, too. Please, no beads, though.]

White West Highland Terrier from Shutterstock.

THIS One Is A Real Head Scratcher

I don’t think the manufacturer of this item meant for it to be used this way. The Puppeh doesn’t seem to mind, though.

Friday Haiku: Lazy Day

Want a good sunbeam?
The best sunbeams are the ones
With no cat in them.

Photo of Schatze from Megan M.

Watch Coco Gogo

Coco had some serious surgery around a month ago, but as you can tell, it has NOT slowed her down at all. Zoom Zoom!

“This is my dog Coco, she’s a two-year old Cairn Terrier, just under a month ago she had an operation to remove her womb to prevent cancer. We were really worried about the operation and how it would affect her personality, but it was for the health of the dog. This is her a few weeks after her operation. I hope you enjoy, she’s super cute!” -Andrew M.


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