So Cute, They Named Him Twice

image5Meet Gus Gus.

“This is my Gus Gus, he is a ten month old Shichon,” explains Kathleen H.

[*Note: Same type of puppeh as Mimzy from this morning. -Ed.]


The Feet! Look At The Little White Feet, People!

IMG_20150722_204211I swear when I first saw this photo, I thought this was a Stuffy of some type. But no! “Ten week old Mimzy living on the marsh in Saint Mary’s, GA. Picture taken by momma Donna M.”

Happy (Late*) Third B-Day, Huckleberry!

IMG_1602This just in from Charlotte A.: “You guys posted some fun photos of Huckleberry’s photobombs earlier this year, and I’m writing to submit another set of fun photos! That shot of him holding a teddy bear is ridiculous. Enjoy!”

“Thanks for all the great work you guys do! Your website makes me smile every day.”
[*Note: June 7th. -Ed.]

Long, Long Ago….

….in a backyard far, far away…Munchkin The Teddy Bear Ewok does his screen test for a Star Wars movie. Sorry Munchie, the next Star Wars movie is in the can and ready for December. Maybe the next one!)

[*Note to all Star Wars fans- wait ’til tomorrow afternoon. Epic. -Ed.]

WHO Wants A Swirly Cone? WHO Does?

It’s #NationalIceCreamDay! Time to make a drive-thru run, Willie!

Chief Little Butt (Of The Pee-Pee-Foot Tribe)

Lincoln on table“This is my studly pooch, Lincoln (aka Chief Little Butt of the Pee-pee-foot Tribe.) He has appeared on your Facebook page before and would love to be featured again. I just set this picture as the desktop background on my computer and now cannot concentrate on work because every time I close a folder I see his giant head and am distracted by the Cuteness.” -Caroline T.


Grab your favorite green sleppy towel- in no time, you’ll be just like this little guy here. Well, prolly without the fur and paws and stuff.

Rule #57, Absolutely!

IMG_0495“This is Cooky- however, this particular cookie is very, very sweet and non-fattening, provided you don’t spend all your time sitting on the couch cuddling her! Submitted by her mom, me–Evie.”

“Hey Honey? Did You Rake The Dog Yet?”

“Yeah! We’re out here on the porch- we’ll be right in!”

(From Vlad S.)

Charles In Charge

Charles is really workin’ that Side-Eye. Snorgles and many treats are imminent, I say again: IMMINENT. Sent in by Raelin S. Photo by Jordan L.


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