Life’s A Beach

It is for THIS Puppeh. Now let’s go chase some of those pesky little Sand Crabs! (Imgur/Reddit.)


The Return Of Biscuit

Lots of you are getting ready to wrap up your Christmas holiday vacation..just like ol’ Biscuit here! Cuteporter Cheryl G. fills us in. “Last summer I sent a few pictures of my cute dog Biscuit visiting Paris, France. As she is a frequent flyer coming from The Netherlands, living in Sweden now but with a French ‘dad,’ we often fly to all country’s mentioned and she comes with us, of course.”

“Our latest visit was a Christmas vacation in Tignes, France. It was ‘B’s first winter sports vacation and we had a ball!”

“She really does not want to walk in the snow without the shoes, acting a little bit like a queen, but funny nevertheless…I made a video of her first steps trying the shoes and the full outfit before we left. Happy New Year! Cheryl and Biscuit.”

Happy Late Birthday, Toto!

Toto’s Birthday Pawtay was yesterday! Now, did he get all his birthday presents lumped in with Christmas? Hope you had a good one Toto!* From Jessica H.

[*Note: Now we’ll have “Rosanna” in our heads all day long. -Ed.]

Lookit! A Bebeh Snowball!

No sound on this one, but that hardly matters, right? Favorite comment on the original source post: “WHAT KIND OF FLOOF IS THIS I NEED 10 OF THEM.” (Imgur/Reddit.)

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Second Jack Klugman Reference Ever On C.O.

Prosh Little SnuggleBomb Quincy M.E. made his site debut just before Thanksgiving, and now he’s back to spread a little post-Christmas cheer. “Happy Holidays from Quincy ME,” writes Noel R.

I’m The King Of The World!!

[Oh, well, maybe just….the king of this rock.]

~ ~ ~

“This is our 3 month old Shih Tzu Lhasa Apso Cross named Barry on a walk at the beach, looking picture perfect.” -Hannah S.

This Is What’s Known As…

…a “Yogurt Baroo.” “Olive loves her yogurt,” reports Robin S.

Christmas Greetings From Selby

And Selby has CLEARLY been a good doggeh this year! Photo c/o Atsuko M.

Almost There, Tink!

“Tink wonders “Is Cwissmas EVER going to get here?” Tink, the answer is YES! Tonight at midnight, little friend! Now get over here and give us a snorgle! Photo from Kathryn F.

Ewok, I Presume?

I recognize THAT underbite!

“Hi there! You featured my dog, Olive the Shihpoo, back on February 6, 2015 (which was so cool of you,)” writes Rebecca Z. “I just saw your call for Star Wars photos and thought you might enjoy this pic of Olive as an Ewok. Thanks so much for all the joy you bring to my life! At the end of stressful meetings at the office, I like to announce that no one should bother me for at least 30 minutes, because I’m going back to my desk to look at Cute Overload.”