A Batch O’ Bailey For Ya

10660232_10155185114025294_1151213550005449467_nI can’t speak for anyone else on this issue- but as far as I’m concerned, if a puppeh comes up to me wearing this face, I turn into a tub of goo. Right then and there.

Deirdre F. says “You featured my beautiful schnauzer/border terrier Bailey last year, and I wanted to give you a Cute-Update!”

“She’s still smiling! Best facial hair on the block, too!”

“Love the site, always my first place to check in the morning! Have an adorable 2015!”


Epic Monday Night Baroo Action!

IMG_0175LOOK at that face WILL YOU. GREAT way to end the day here at C.O. (But we’ll have more tomorrow, promise!) In the meantime, just take me, Scarlett, I’m all yours. “You have featured my puppeh a couple of times to my great delight,” says Rebecca S. “Scarlett O’Hara has gone from 6 lbs. to 45 lbs, but is still Cute. Here, she is doing a pretty good ‘Baroo’ for me.”

Have A Coke™ And A Smile

picdump-1277-29And that’s a wrap for a busy week here at Cute Overload, we hope you have enjoyed the show. More coming up tomorrow morning, ’cause Rats, It’s Monday already! So kick back, get ready for beddy, and maybe have a Coke™ and a smile with this little fellow, eh? (DP&F.)

So, How Does The Puppeh Get To The Other Side?

He takes the raft, of course.


When One Just Isn’t Enough

People, meet Baby Jakey. He pretty well has his hoomin under his thumb paw. We can easily see who really runs that house.

(Say OMG.)

“Chunky Nugget”

That’s about as good a description as we could come up with! This photo is from Vanessa C., who says “This chunky nugget is my Boston Terrier, Oliver at about 3 or 4 months old. This is the face that stole every heart in our family, and he continues his Reign Of Cuteness 5 years later.”

unnamed (1)

All Is Right With The World

After years of obsession, I finally got the puppy I wanted. My handsome little boy! - ImgurAt least it is in this guy’s little corner of it. Sigh. The paws. The earflop. Sigh again. (Reddit.)

A Puppucino To Go, If U Please

IMG_1056“Wallace had his first trip to Starbucks. Whipped cream everywhere. Everywhere.” -Marci M.

I Hafe Somefing In My Mouf

SONY DSCQuinn C. writes in: “Long time reader, first time err… sub-mee-tor. Can you please consider and post? This is part of my new year’s resolution to be more, err… social, with my media :). Photographer: Me. Dog’s name: Unknown (see description) from the Surry Hills Festival 2014 Dog Show. Dog breed: unknown, some sort of Doodle I presume…perhaps the Icanexplodeyourheadwithmycutenessdoodle?

Munchkin Is Back!

The Littlest Ewok Teddy Bear is on the beach and in your face.


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