I AM Ready For Some Football!

Cincy3The tiny but very mighty Cincy is waiting for his beloved Bengals to tackle the Ravens today at 1pm ET, as the NFL season gets fully underway!

Thanks go to Catherine S.

Dancin’ On The Deck

Now, little hoomin Charlotte hasn’t yet shifted into Language Mode, so we’re going to have to interpret her squealing and body language. It SEEMS like she’s having a good time. And Zoe The Basset Hound doesn’t mind, either.

From Concord Paul & Barb, gearing up for Fall in the 925.

Have A Ball, Grover!

Remember the first time you jumped in a box-like kinda thing full of little plastic balls?


Well, if you HAD done that- it woulda gone down a little something like this.

Sent in by several Cuteporters, TY to all!

Walter, Wanna Go For A Swim?

I think he does.

From Jennifer A. and Wendy M.

Road Trippin’ With Maggie -N- Mia

photo 2“This is Mia (above), one of my two three-year-old Shih-Tzus. She was pretending to sleep on a long drive, and I thought she was sleeping in a funny position. She popped her head up and looked right at me! Note that there is another dog – Maggie, Mia’s litter mate – also in the back seat, but she has been relegated to a small corner of one of the beds. Mia may have been the runt of the litter, but she (all 8 pounds of her) makes the rules.” -Megan H.

[*NOTE: Check hovers for puppeh deets. We THINK we matched the right text with the right puppeh. Maybe not. -Ed.]




BONUS! Got some more in at the last minute!



EXTRA BONUS! (Redundant much?) We have Squeaky Video. Speakers and Paws UP!

ResQte Of The Week II: Minnie

Will you look at that Super Baroo WITH Bonus Slobber Tongue Action? People, who wouldn’t love a face like that!! This is Minnie from Cincinnati, and let’s hear what she has to say:

“Hi, I’m Minnie. Can you please help me find my fur-ever family? I know they are out there. Who wouldn’t love me? I am just as happy as can be and I love to play ball (I even bring it back.) I think kids are great too! Just look at my face…even though I only have one eye, I’m still just as Cute as it gets! Please tell your friends about me, maybe they need me just as much as I need them. PS, I would even love to find a foster home until my fur-ever family comes along.” -XXOO, Minnie.


In the area? Minnie is at Kyle’s New Hope Animal Rescue, right now. Here’s how to get there. Thanks to Jill LD for the FB tip.

Morris Vs. The Tiny Tire

Morris the Japanese Spitz has had JUST about enough of that little tire, thank you very much!

Even more MO:


You Will Not Believe This Puppeh’s Name

She’s a Chocolate Shar Pei named……ready?

Princess Potato from the Kingdom of Tater Tots.


Bet They Teach ‘Em Some New Tricks, Too

A lot of C.O. readers have kids who went back to school starting yesterday- or even a couple of weeks before that. These puppehs are off to school too!

From Susan M.

What Cat Wants, Cat Gets

This Poor Lil’ Puppeh nevah had a chance.


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