I’ve Been A Good Puppeh All Day

Can I please swim now - Imgur[Can I please jump into the big pond now?] (Imgur.)


[What is this clear magical thing? It rises up out of nowhere and I can’t stop it! MUST…HOLD…ON….]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Ever Seen A Non-Stop Baroo Before?

You have now! Is that a teddy bear…or a puppeh? YOU make the call!

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Puppy Talks in Sleep, Hearts Captured

Well, that’s adorabuhls.

Via TeddyHilton.com

TGIF: SOMEONE Got Their Learner’s Permit…

The end of the week is here! Maybe a weekend road trip in your plans? Make sure ya buckle UP, Rocket! It’s time for TGIF!

From Mike S.

Friday Haiku: Love-Sponge

NCP_5497Rupert The Love-Sponge
Likes to flop down on the bed
Want to join him there?

“Hello CO! Looooooove your website. I hope you feature my 8-month-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Seaborne Prince Rupert of the Rhine a.k.a. “Rupert.” Please note the Muzzlepowsche with the Cindy Crawford-style beauty mark and the long silky ears. He is a total love-sponge and my husband and I adore him.” Andrea in Houston.

Munchkin’s Big Apple Adventure

Not Munchkin’s first visit to C.O.- but this does look like her first ever trip to NYC, so start spreadin’ the news! Munchkin’s here to stay!


11127727_847798771976234_5559288395918759414_nFrom Norbert’s FB page, which says “I’m just gonna leave this photo right here for you, in case you need some Norbaliciousness.” And who doesn’t need some Norb once in awhile? No one, that’s who.

Oh—You Want To Play With Your Toy?

Can’t really be sure. He might want to order a take-out pizza for all we know.

RECRUIT! You Will SIT At Attention When Addressed!

Seven week old CJ is the newest member of the Fairfax County (Va.) K9 unit. Just up from ‘Bama, she’ll join fellow K-Niners Bolt and Silas in ferreting out crime and corruption, once she’s big enough.

(From Colleen B. as seen on WTOP.com.)


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