Game Faces

The Giants play the Nationals in the playoffs, and here’s one determined doggeh that’s showing her true colors. “‘Tocktober is great, but around here we’re all about Orange October,” says Giants fan Jo Bluestein. “I took this photo of my Mini-Doxie, Kit, who watches every game with the dedication of a true fan (Kit made her CO debut during Nosevember 2013, and we were SO proud!) We LOVE C.O. and hope you’ll love Kit’s team spirit!”

After that, the Cards play the Dodgers tonight, and Jack has his Game Face on, too. BRING IT, Dodgers. “Here’s Jack..ready for the Cardinals game! Taken by his Dad, Spencer.”


Sorry, Sammy

The couch is just for Hoomins. Grumble grumble grumble.


‘Tocktober: Pixel’s Friday Night Frivolity

PixelToctoberTooCute1“Happy ‘Tocktober! Here is my pup Pixel enjoying her fave Friday night activities- chewing her bone and watching ‘Too Cute‘ on Animal Planet.” -Amy F. from Brooklyn Park, MN.

[*Note: Can’t overlook ROC #47: Splayed haunch action is Cute. -Ed.]

Some QST (Quality Sink Time) Right Heah

There are some cats and dogs- especially cats- who won’t go within a COUNTRY MILE of a sink or tub. And then there’s THIS long-haired Doxie, who thinks differently.

The translated text from the video comes out as “High-kicking you are very beautiful.” We’re not quite sure what “High-kicking” means. T.O.

Now THIS Is A Sticky Situation

Skippy, Smuckers, JIF, Peter Pan, heck it don’t matter- BRING IT ON!!


We Have An Open Door Policy Here

It’s just that a certain little someone can’t seem to get with the program.

The Adventures Of Mr. Felix

image (1)Just sorta sounds like the title to a 1970s sitcom, doesn’t it? Anyway, this IS Mr. Felix, shown above in the office where he puts in a full day being Cute, and then below at the local A&W, where he’s hoping to score a bit of his hoomin’s burger. Or fries. Or chicken sandwich. Or anything that drops onto the floor.

From Audi C.


Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez’s Frenchie Stitch salutes Yankees star Derek Jeter on his final game today.


From Carol H.

I’m Passing On Stanford & Yale- It’s DePaw For Me

image1“After some hard research, Sasha thinks she has found just the right school. She likes DePa(u)w.” -Pary.

Eet Ees A Forbeeden Loff

[Frawnsch accent: "Mon cherie, they all said noooooooo, eet weel neverrr work. But we said it WOULD. Let us demonstrate our loff to the world with lots of leecking!"]


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