Puckerman The Puppeh shows us why all that snow in Boston isn’t so bad after all. From his POV, anyway.


I Am Feeling FROZEN In Here!

[Glad I got my little jacket on. I guess I’ll just nom on Olaf here for awhile!]

At The End Of A Long Day….

….sometimes all ya wanna do is veg out. In the baby swing.

New C.O. Office Intern

To: MF
Fr: B
Dt: 2/10/15
Re: New C.O. Office Intern

I’ve explained to Manitou the new intern that we’d like him to do some, y’know, actual work. Answer the phones, get the mail, fix lunch, detail my Honda FIT- you know, stuff ‘terns normally do. THIS guy- he’s nice & furry and all- but all he ever does is sleep under my chair. He shows up on time, immediately heads under the desk, bang, out like a light. Maybe too much clubbing overnight?

I needed new headphones (See: Monthly Expenses-January Attachment A) to cancel out the snoring. And the Snausages cost is not insignificant. Not sure what direction to take at this point. He came highly rated from Lars P., too. Please see video link below, with speakers up. Thoughts?

Sometimes The Simple Pleasures Are The Best II

Earlier, we saw a Big Ol’ Bear tossin’ around a hay bale. This Puppeh downsizes things a bit, but still has the same idea. Why have all those fancy toys when a simple ice cube does the trick?

HooRay 4 #NationalPizzaDay!

You might be tempted to make a call tonight for pizza delivery. Word of advice: make sure you keep an eye on the pizza while you’re tipping the driver. If you’re not watching it…chances are someone else is.

From Dogshaming.com.

TGIF: Jaxon

output_javXO6“My Shih Tzu Jaxon stole his big brother’s toy and then teased him with it from his nice soft spot on the couch.” -Angela H.


IMG_20140608_111357Normally, I cannot tolerate olives. Not. At. All. However, for this Olive, I’ll gladly make an exception!

The face the face the face.

And the smile. Well, get outta here.

From Rebecca Z.: “Here are some photos of my dog, Olive the Shihpoo. She has a world-class underbite, complete with snaggletooth…”

“…and looks like a cross between a Wookiee, an Ewok, and a Luckdragon. I think she’s adorable, and I thought you might think so, too.”

“All photos by yours truly. Thanks for your consideration! We’ve been big fans of your site for many years.”


Double Trouble

[I’d SWEAR I’ve seen you somewhere before. Maybe the park last Saturday afternoon? You never hang around, though. If it gets sunny outside, you tend to disappear.]


Behold: Boomer

LCRekJFEver see a photo on Cute Overload and go, “I don’t care where he/she is, I am getting in a car/on a plane to go see him/her NOW!” That’s what I just decided with Boomer. (Oh, and before I forget, nice Side-Eye up there, too.)

“I just wanted to submit Boomer, our Labradoodle Puppeh. He’s just over a year old right now.”

“We’ve been wanting to submit him ever since his brother-in-law (Nermal, the British short-hair) got featured on your website… twice!

“Hope he makes the cut!”

“Photos were taken by my fiance (‘Izzie’) and I.” -John W.






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