Ya have to admit, this is one Prosh Perfect Pitch Puppeh!

“A golden retriever using a vocal wah wah pedal.” -Barb and Paul. (Crazy from The QTE in Concord.)

[Disclaimer: To be fair, also spotted this one on The Buzz right before their email came in. -Ed]

Gonna Need Some Wrinkle Remover…

…the next time we give you a bath, little man!

From the Puppies Nation Statigram.

Not Sure Why We’re In Here, Duck

[Could be cause we're in trouble. Or it could be cause we're dirty. Guess we're about to find out.]

Bacci the baby Italian greyhound taking a bath with a pal. Photo by by Sanjin Z.


It’s cold and snowy just about everywhere in the US. (Well, maybe not in LA or Miami.) How are your critters holding up? Send us a photo or video! (And be sure to include your location and current temp!)


Puppy Playing In Snow via Shutterstock. Video spotted on ViralViral.


“This is Trixie, The Puglet. It may be snowing here in New Hampsha, but she’s put on her winter boots and is ready for her walk.” -From Alfonso F.


The Tundra Is Frozen, Alright!

[My hoomin sez it's like -50 wind chill for the Niners at Packers game- I believe him! It's cold here too!]

Photo from Mashable.

HOW Long ‘Til July?

[I like my little jacket and all, but I really could use some 80 degree action at this point.]

Little Yorkshire Terrier from Shutterstock.

Happiness IS A Warm Puppeh

Is THIS one of THE PROSHEST faces EVER? Yes. Yes, it is.

Spotted this little maniac on Arbroath. Their headline is “Groucho Barx.” I really wanted to swipe use their headline- sometimes you just can’t improve on that kinda greatness.


Stand By For Slobberknocker In 3…2…

1! At this point, you don’t really have any choice. You’re gonna get a wet one.

Via Big R.

And It’s Just January 2!

[Sheesh! I hate winter!]

(The USA Midwest and Northeast are getting pounded by severe winter weather–stay safe out there! Here are some tips for caring for your pet in winter weather.)