You Want Fries With That, Pip?

Pip thinks he’s getting the Super-Sized Quarter Pounder Meal, or..something. But no! “My friend Vicky and I co-parent a perfectly precious pup named Pip. He is perfect and is very much aware of that fact. Above, he thinks he is getting fries and a coke. Below, he realizes it’s going be just a cup of water.” -Ann C.



Fourteen Years

Somebody’s Got His Hands Paws Full!

Purin The Beagle has set the Guinness Book of World Records mark for most balls caught in one minute! (Fourteen.) Here we go…

“From The Big J. This Beagle SMASHES the world record for catching balls with dog paws. A record set by….the same dog, a few years ago. I didn’t know Guinness gave out records for dogs-catching-balls-with-their-paws.” -Anna S.

“Hey Honey? Did You Vacuum The Living Room?

“Yeah, I took care of it- just sent the Roomba in there. BTW, where’s the puppeh, do you know?”


He doesn’t LOOK quite like an Asgardian prince; and where the heck is Mjölnir? Ah, just details. “This is our new Shih Tzu puppy Thor, and he is mighty cute. Thanks for considering our sub-mee-shon, Rebecca F.”



What Would You Like For Breakfast Today?

Maybe some…”Waffles?” (That’s her name, BTW. Imgur/Reddit.)

I’m Sorry, What Was That You Said?

I have to agree with what Boing Boing said: “I think he might be telling the person holding the phone to rotate his phone.” (Maybe one day they’ll come with a beep-beep alarm if you’re holding it this way?)

Big Rufe (Bonus Trading Card Day!)

(Click to enlarge. REALLY. BIG. ENLARGING.)

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From Jasmine F.: “This is my 5 Month old Samoyed puppy Rufus – and I may be biased, but I think he’s the cutest ever.” No argument here. And what ABOUT that Side-Eye. Textbook.



Gotta Watch OUT For Those Minions!

They’ll getcha EVERY time.

The Simple Joy Of Being Toby

“This is Toby enjoying the boat ride,” explains Sarah L. Yep, we’d pretty much picked up on THAT.