Amazon Can Guarantee Delivery In Two Days..

..but what happens to it once it gets inside your house, well, that’s on you.


Behold, The Bacon Realization Face

“This is my dog Lulu. We were at a cafe and she was eyeing what everybody had. This was taken as she realized my friend had bacon on her plate- Lulu did a double take and you can really see her wonky eye, which makes this even more adorable. I call this her Bacon Realization Face.” -Max.



Stella has decided to go for a walk on her farm, and she’d like you to join her. Have the Dramamine™ ready, and we’re off!

From The Daily Dot.

Seppy At Birth?

These little fellows could be brothers, couldn’t they? But one was on Facebook, and the other on Twitter! How can this be???


First pic from Paw Nation FB. Second swiggity swoogity photo by @CuteEmergency.

Crumpet Auditioning For New Star Wars Movie

It seems that the Crumpster heard there was a new Star Wars movie in production, and wanted to be cast as an Ewok. Well, make it so!

[That's Star Trek, you dope. Star Wars is "May The Force Be With You." -Ed.]

unnamed (2)
From C. Byrne

Poppy, Check In The Mirror For Your Answer

“My rescue greyhound, Poppy, doesn’t understand why I find her napping so funny.” -Liz M.


Winston The Adventure Pup!

“Winston is our adventure puppy and the love of our lives. He loves going everywhere with us, even in a backpack for a ride! Below are a few photos of his adventures in (and out) of a backpack, plus a few others. Thanks, Claire, Phil (and Winston.)”








(Most of these were taken by Claire.)

R U Boo?

“Hello Cute Overload Staff, I have attached pictures of my Pomeranian, Lily, meeting Boo (well, a doll.) -Angela N.



Wednesdays R Now Called “Rump Day”

1502240_287896248045417_7746031032049604234_oWe have Wally the Welsh Corgi to thank for naming it so, posting this to the C.O. FB. Here’s Wallace engaging in some “Synchronized Flying Floofy Pants” with another Corgi by the name of Hazel Bear. (We think that’s Wally on the left.)

Wally, just for this, U get your very own tag. Congrats. (And nice ground clearance, too.) #Corgibutts.


maru-the-most-popular-and-possibly-cutest-dog-in-the-world-24The always dependable RocketNews 24 stalker fan Andrew Y. shot us an email about a contest that looks a lot like something we would have invented. [If we'd, cough cough, thought of it. -Ed.]

Puri-Ketsu. Quoting RN24, “(It) is a combination of the Japanese words “puri-puri,” an expression which describes something juicy and plump, and “ketsu,” which is an informal way to say “buttocks.”

So what we here is a contest for, literally, juicy plump butts. OK.

It’s all to commemorate the release of a book by Maru The Shiba Inu.

(Two things. First, isn’t the name MARU already famous? And secondly, ya missed that story, Andy pal.)

Here’s the official contest site (in English)- it runs ’til May 25.