Dawn Of The Planet Of The Pugs (With Outtakes!)

There’s a certain Angry Monkey Movie opening in theaters today. I’d rather go see this one.

Get It, Luca! U Can Do It!

There’s…something on that bench. Luca wants it, but Luca is also scared of it or something. What to do….what to do???

“I’m attaching a brief video of my pug niece, Luca. I literally cannot stop watching it, as her reactions to her mom’s voice are adorabuhls. Luca is the smallest and most energetic pug I know!! Proud aunt, Christina.”

[Does the narrator sound like Teddy Bear's hoomin to you? -Ed.]

It’s Pug Rodeo Barbie!

Yee-haw! It’s rodeo time, so saddle up and help Rodeo Queen Barbie™ win the blue ribbon! Barbie’s Pug Rodeo Playset comes with everything you need!*

* Batteries, Rodeo Queen Barbie™ and pug not included. Rodeo Clown Ken™ sold separately. Some assembly and willingness to strip a dog of its dignity required.

“Dora the Explorer, our almost-ten year old pug,” exclaims Lorna M. from Canada.

Only You…

can remove this tiny hat from my head.

Olive, you would look fetching in anything! Right, Elizabeth K.?

Unsuccessful Provocation


Very mature.

Phineas Finn the kitten sent in by Eloise R. and photographed by Michael V. and Margot the pug by Caitlin C.

Pugses Wear Red

Their eyes look blue,

but, really, they are just glad to be near you.

Winston via Ebba B.’s tumbler

Chugga Chugga




And just because you asked for it, Cute Overload Extreme Tongue Close Up!

Honey the pug via PBH2

The Pug Drawing Contest Results R Een!

Remember the contest where you could have your little Pugster Puppeh drawn by drawn by New Yorker cartoonist Victoria Roberts? Well, the results are een!

First Winner: Mila

Second Winner: Ester

Third Winner: Professor Penelope Glottis

Fourth Winner: Sled Pugs

Fifth Winner: Zoon

Attention All Hoomins That Are Owned By Pugs

Want to have your little Pugster drawn by New Yorker cartoonist Victoria Roberts?

Book publisher W. W. Norton is hosting a “Pug-lication Party” for Robert’s new book “After The Fall.”  It’s about three anerable pugs living in Central Park. You can submit your Pug Pix so that she can draw the New Yorker version of them. Details are here. It’ be cool if some Cute Overloader won…

Smooshed Pug Tongue via Pinterwebs.

Oh, Brother

That kid better not mess with my kibble.

Popeye the Pug reacts to your his soon-to-be-borned younger brother. Mazel tov to Sender-Inners Dave and Pam A.


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