Subj: Office Parties Tonight

DT: 12.23.25


Reminder: Christmas Party tonight beginning promptly at five pm in the bullpen. Dean Martin on the Hi-Fi, Hot Toddys for all (everything in moderation!) and we’ll do the annual gag gift exchange, too. Oh, and Pugg Pugsby gets his Employee Of The Month Award, too. Be there!

PS: “The Wah Wahs down the hall are having their party at the same time and have invited us to stop by- so let’s mix & mingle, people!”

Second video c/o Krista L.


“♬ Off To Nevah Nevah Land ♫”

This little Pug Puppeh is bringin’ some serious heat, covering Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” Speakers UP, man.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Who’s Reddy For Beddy?

I’d say these guys are!

There’s A Big Ol’ Action Movie Opening Today

Anyone know what it’s about?

Take Another Little Pizza My Heart

O pizza, I am your slave. Though your cheesy aroma fills my senses, my search for you remains fruitless (which is fine because I don’t like fruit).


Torment me no longer, pepperoni-encrusted temptress! For you, I would journey across desolate deserts, majestic mountains, and decorative driftwood!


AT LAST! THOU ART MINE! Now to catch up with the rest of you, om nom nom…


From “Pizza in the Wild,” a photo collection from Jonpaul Douglass.



From the BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW THAT department comes this one: throughout history, when a momentous event has taken place–a PUGSTER has been there too.

And now you know…the rest of the story.

Pizza Pie See You

Now, ordinarily, I’d just eat this pizza. Three bites, gone, nice to know ya. But there’s just something about this slice that… I just can’t. It’s got those big, soulful eyes, just like me. It would just feel… wrong.


Via Reddit.

Why Can’t There Be An Easter Puggy?

Why do bunnies get all the attention on Easter, huh? I’m just as cute, I have the wrinkly nose, I have the permanent look of disapproval (OK, more like bewildered concern), I look great in bunny ears, and I love to hide things in the backyard!


Via DaPuglet, again.

Our Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon continues…

Can It Be St. Puggy’s Day?

Can it? Because I’ve got my little hat and my light-up bow tie and I’ve had two beers already and I can say Irish things like “Top o’the shillelagh, Mother Mockery” and okay more like four beers and I know how to riverdance…


Via DaPuglet.

Little Deuce Cute

“Well, hello there! Would any of you fine ladies like a ride in my custom-tuned, four-on-the-floor, fuel-infected, five-stroke-penalty, precision-spamulated, drag-queen racer?


“Buddy, the famous pug, is catching rays in his ’35 Auburn Speedster!” says Flickrer iamazeyou.