Somebody Wanna Tummy Nuzzle? Hmmmm?

Well, just hop over here and lemme pick you up over that little fence and let’s GO! (Speakers up for the Prosh Whimper Sounds.)

Ozzy (Bonus ResQte Of The Week)

ozzy[*Note: UPDATE 10:21pm PT for Tara who requested a Trading Card for Oz- can DO! -Ed.]

Really wanted to hold that feature photo for Halloween but couldn’t hold out. So folks, check out Ozzy, willya?

Get this: some CREEP owner took Ozzy to the groomer, and then LEFT her there. Bad for Ozzy, but good for E.J and Jennah Coughlin from Hollywood, who scooped her up STAT from Central Coast Pug Rescue in Pismo Beach.



Playtime With Muggle The Puggle

[Yes, I DO have another front leg, it’s just all stuffed up in this swing. And speaking of this swing- is this all it does? BORING.]

Taken by Emily at Congress Park, Denver, Co.

Captain REALLY Loves Petsmart™

First of all, “Captain” is a MOST excellent name for this little guy. Second, watch how revved up he gets once he realizes where they are. WooHoo!


Full disclosure: the headline (as well as the image) are from The header is so obvious and so perfect, we can’t improve on that one. (Well, we did add an extra G onto “Pug” so the header would be..symmetrical. Or something.)

(Andrew Y.)

Do You…Baroo?

Remember that Yahoo! slogan from back in the day? OK, so it wasn’t quite like that. But this little guy certainly does know how to…Baroo!

A Pug’s Life

Brandy The Pug gets in a couple of more runs before the snowboarding season comes to a close in California! Go big or go home, Brandy!

Hey! U Guys Here For The Easter Egg Hunt?

[Didn’t you bring your little baskets? Gee, I hope there are some of those Marshmallow Peeps for us! Ooo, um, sorry about that. Guess I struck a nerve there, huh.]

Our Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon continues…

What D’ya Do When The Hoomin Forgets Your Treats?

Well, you just darn well get in the car and DRIVE BACK THERE YOURSELF. A Pug has got to DO what a Pug has got to DO.


Bedtime For Doug The Pug




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