You May HATE Raking Leaves~

~but Penny The Pug has a totally different approach! BRING. ‘EM. ON. BABY.

From SayOMG.

Up And At ‘Em, Wesley!

[ZZZZZZZ…ZZZZZZhuhwhat? Sniff? Sniiiiiif? Bacon. BACON. Coffee? Ooooo. OK, OK, I am UP.]

“Filmed my sister’s pug-mix Wesley while I was down visiting them,” explains William M.

Poll: Who’s Got The Best Schnozzle?

In this corner, we’ve got Scooting Bebeh Trunkster. And in THAT corner, we’ve got Little Aardvark Nozzle Nose. And heck, we’ve also got a Prosh Puggle, too! Who’s got the Nicest Noisicle? Time for a Poll!




Heffalump via FB thanks to Robin L. Aardvark from Puggle from Zooborns.

Anybody Up For Some Pi?

Today is the bestest day of the week for a big honkin’ slice o’ Pi!


Pug photo from The Daily Puglet.

A (VERY Good) Day In The Life Of Herbie

Ever had one of those days? Then you need to have one of these days. Like Herbie here!

This is a video my dad made of Herbie (a popular name amongst pugs..”Herbie The Love Pug”) and his hygiene routine. He is also known as “Herbster,” and “Herbicide.” -Laura J.

Wait Til The TSA Screeners Get A Load Of ME

I mean, I don’t have a sweet gig like Boo has with Virgin- but I like to think I travel in style!

Meet Homer Jay Pug, people.

Spiny Stocking Stuffers

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer! Fits right in!

Deb K. reports from Down Undah: “I saw some really cute photos on the internet of some gorgeous ‘puggles’ at Perth Zoo. I think the Australian native echidnas give hedgehogs a run for their money!”

“The photo where the puggle Babbin has his little tongue out is so so cute I had to share!”

More on Perth Puggles from


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