Full disclosure: the headline (as well as the image) are from 9gag.com. The header is so obvious and so perfect, we can’t improve on that one. (Well, we did add an extra G onto “Pug” so the header would be..symmetrical. Or something.)

(Andrew Y.)

Do You…Baroo?

Remember that Yahoo! slogan from back in the day? OK, so it wasn’t quite like that. But this little guy certainly does know how to…Baroo!

A Pug’s Life

Brandy The Pug gets in a couple of more runs before the snowboarding season comes to a close in California! Go big or go home, Brandy!

Hey! U Guys Here For The Easter Egg Hunt?

[Didn’t you bring your little baskets? Gee, I hope there are some of those Marshmallow Peeps for us! Ooo, um, sorry about that. Guess I struck a nerve there, huh.]

Our Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon continues…

What D’ya Do When The Hoomin Forgets Your Treats?

Well, you just darn well get in the car and DRIVE BACK THERE YOURSELF. A Pug has got to DO what a Pug has got to DO.


Bedtime For Doug The Pug



Man, We’re Out Of Broccoli AGAIN

[Of course, this is the only drawer I’m big enough to look into. They say there’s steak and peanut butter and toll house cookies and orange juice up there. Sigh.]

(Bunnyfood Tumblr.)

Sorry, Mariah

After that epic performance of yours on NBC, Doug The Pug CLEARLY has you beat with his “All I Want For Christmas Is Food.”


Gettin’ Kinda Puggy In Cardiff

Straight from the You Kay comes this email from Stephen C. “Please take a look at the video I shot of Pugfest Christmas 2014! It features pugs dressed up in Christmas sweaters, as Santa, Elves and much more. There is also a pug in a wheelchair named Vince who was the star of the show. The event took place this past Sunday in Cardiff, UK and it was in aid of several animal charities.”

You May HATE Raking Leaves~

~but Penny The Pug has a totally different approach! BRING. ‘EM. ON. BABY.

From SayOMG.


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