‘Dis How U Do It, Ma?

[I’m doin’ it just like you, Ma! Lookit over here! Lookit! Lookit! Lookit!]

(Boing Boing.)


“Hey Honey, What Happened To My Favorite Christmas Ornament?”

“You mean the blue one with your initial on it? The one from your mom? We hung it in the special spot just like we do every year. Why- what happened? Is it gone?”

Another Quality Smedley Find.

Is This An Encore Presentayshe? (AKA “The Boing-Boing Dance.”)

It might be. I don’t know. Can’t locate. Doesn’t matter. Easily one of the top ten greatest videos EVER.

Deb N. found it here.

I’m Sorry, What Was That You Said?

I have to agree with what Boing Boing said: “I think he might be telling the person holding the phone to rotate his phone.” (Maybe one day they’ll come with a beep-beep alarm if you’re holding it this way?)

When Bebeh Bear Cubs ATTACK!!

WARNING: U may not be able to handle this. Viewer discretion is advised.

Happy Ferret Friday!

Let’s have Clipper The Ferret start your day off with a bit of a piano recital, shall we? [*Note: I’d swear this is an Encore Presentayshe, but no way can I find it. If someone does, leave it in the comments and we’ll update the tag. -Ed.]

Memorial Day 2015

Today’s a holiday for many of us in the U.S., a day to remember the many brave men and women who died while serving in the country’s armed forces.

It also happens to be the traditional day the pool opens.

And…a trip to the lake is nice, too.

(First video spotted on 22Words: fourth video is Jet the Portuguese Water Dog blasting into Lake Anza in Berkeley, c/o Pam M.)

I’m Gonna Put MY Money On Tank

This HAS to be an Encore Presentayshe but doggone it, I can’t find it..which is not surprising. We got a nice email from Efrat A. of Tel Aviv, Israel that included a link to this video. “Visiting Cute Overload is one of the first things I do every morning, and always brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. Thank you for this!”

Well, you can thank TANK, too. #Busted #Grounded

WHO’S The Best Lizard? WHO Is?

YOU ARE! So git ovah heah this instance and I’ll give ya some head pats! Whadya’ SAY big fella? Come on, shake yer groove thing! An’ you want some dinner now?

(Boing! once more.)

Our Christmas Present To You~

We’ve got 24 Hours Of Christmas Cute coming up for you, starting tonight at midnight PT! Sorry for the late notice, but we, er, just thought of it.

[*Note- How can that be? It’s not like the date snuck up on you. It’s the 24th every-single-year. Remember, New Year’s Eve is the 31st, right? -Ed.]

Photo of VOKRA ResQte Miss Abbie McFlooferson from Sharon D.