WHO’S The Best Lizard? WHO Is?

YOU ARE! So git ovah heah this instance and I’ll give ya some head pats! Whadya’ SAY big fella? Come on, shake yer groove thing! An’ you want some dinner now?

(Boing! once more.)

Our Christmas Present To You~

11655398805_d77e37a020_oWe’ve got 24 Hours Of Christmas Cute coming up for you, starting tonight at midnight PT! Sorry for the late notice, but we, er, just thought of it.

[*Note- How can that be? It’s not like the date snuck up on you. It’s the 24th every-single-year. Remember, New Year’s Eve is the 31st, right? -Ed.]

Photo of VOKRA ResQte Miss Abbie McFlooferson from Sharon D.

Caturday: Cat In Is The Hat

An oldie but a goodie, sent in by a Mr. Richard Feder from Fort Lee, NJ Mr. William D. of Fairfield, NJ.

Kitteh On The Cob

I love a kitteh who KNOWS what he likes. Speakers UP for this one!

The Squid.

Corgi Double Tox™

Double Stubbs.
Double ‘Tocks.
Double Beans.

Double Nirvana. (No, not that band.)

Bored Panda.

Lights Out In 71 Seconds

Mr. Man here has no intention of going to bed at the beginning of this clip, and is quite vocal about it. At the 1:11 mark, he’s toast.

As seen on the @CuteEmergency Twitter.

Shake Yer Body Down To the Ground

This may or may not be an is an Encore Presentaysh, even though the C.O. database returned zero hits on the name “Chiro.” Doesn’t really matter- one of the greatest videos in history. Right here.

From RN24 via Andrew Y., who we are convinced must be a cyborg due to being online 24/7.

Close Encounters Of The Grilla Kind

So whadya do when you meet up with an ENTIRE FAMILY OF MOUNTAIN GRILLAS? You sit still and let ‘em play with your hair, of course.

Video taken near Bwindi National Park, Uganda. From Jennifer A., who adds quite accurately, “Luckiest. Guy. EVER.”

Celebrate Good Times, Come ON!

There’s a party goin’ on RIGHT HERE!

Header and deck by Kool & The Gang.

Leave It To Australia~

..to come up with those new animated Traffic Lights we’ve been hearing about. No more boring RED..YELLOW..GREEN.

Just LEFT…or RIGHT. (Oh, and have a G’day!)



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