Hello, WTF!?

Fantastic advancements have been made over at the Sanrio factory. First, this toasted imprint of Hello Kitty on your sandwich is a delight, followed by the H.K. Fender Stratocaster, which is beyond fabulous.



Cute and toasty

The fabulous Super FunFun site sports the latest in SuperCute plush toys. As evidence, please see “Toast” below. Is this guy great or what?


Oh, it’s ON

It’s has *just* come to my attention that “Cute Overload” is not the ONLY blog of major cuteness around. Major props goes to the team of experts over at “Adorablog“. (They even a better name, sheeshe!)

We suggest you visit both sites to see what makes your brain melt more; us or them. As we discover more competition, we will add them to our link list. May the mostest cutest site win! 😉

An Ice Cream Stick Shower Sponge, People!

Look—this is getting ridiculous. We know the Japanese simply kill us when it comes to Cuteness. But do they have to MASH it in our faces like this? I supposed so. I submit to you, the Ice cream stick shower sponge. Up against which you are powerless. Just try and avoid clicking on this link. I dare you.