Paku! Paku!

Apparently, there is a tradition in Japan of photographing this particular toy Panda—and sharing the photos online here. Of course we had to share too.Aoi1051E0015195_0292248_2Ishirozaki051_1Nikki06711_1Shimoyama0211_1Sora0062_1Tokoshimoyama0061_1Tokoshimoyama1211_1Tokosuyama0112



Adorable designs in plush dolls, purses and animals from LoobyLu 😉44917736_628695fbf7

39 cent Stizzamps

Over here in Ye Olde USA, stamp prices were just hiked up 2 more cents to 39 cents for first class mail. I took this picture of “Rocket” the travel-by-purse wonder Dachshund, and made a stamp of heem! With PhotoStamps you can turn your own digital photos into real US postage. Sweet!

Check it out 😉


Everybody needs a mushroom…

…especially if they also double as fridge magnets.MushroomsThese little ‘shrooms will get you high on cuteness without all the unpleasant chemical aftereffects.Mad props to alert reader Raeanne Pollard, who found these treasures at Fuzzy Town.

Odd fellows

Knitter extraordinaire Jess Hutch makes the cutest lil’ knitted objets. How cool are these “Odd Fellows,” below? They’d be a nice suprise in your roommate’s shoe as he hurries to get ready for work.
Oddfellows_jess_hutch_1Oh, and check out these knitted robots (Just like Grandma used to make.) ***12/27/05 Addendum: Jess Hutch’s fabulousness originally pointed out by alert reader Charley Darbo.***

Baby head phones

I hope you all had this in your stocking today… Because you *need* a baby chicken wearing iPod headphones.Relax_bear_hifiHuge kudos to Spiral and Circle

Crochet Morsels

Delectable yarned morsels, lovingly sewn by M. Patrizio, as seen on Flickr and her delightful online store. Click on ‘Sold’ to see more options.


Can you say “iCute”?

Alertly pointed out by Karen Anderson, some genius over at Neiman Marcus got out their Beddazzler for some ridiculously fantastic ear buds for your iPod.


God love the Japanese

Once again, the Japanese make us want to commit hari kiri in the battle of who can deliver the CUTEST items to market. I bow before you. Audience, may I submit the following evidence; “Wanroom Phone”, “Strawberry Cat-cake” and the pièce de résistance; Wan Wan bed (whatever that means but it comes with slippers!).Please have mercy on us, for we can never compete! These fine items are products of the “Spiral and Circle” website. You can also find the bed and slippers here!



Your flu shot can’t save you now

The flu season really doesn’t seem so bad, with adorable plush microbes from Think Who wouldn’t want a festive Ebola or Gonnorhea microbe infecting their Christmas stocking this year?